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Sunday, August 25, 2013

SIL August Giveaways!

Hi lovelies! You all know I love to give back so today, I have two giveaways for Southern In-Law Readers! 

One giveaway is only open to Sydney and Melbourne readers but the other is open to all Australian Residents - so make sure you read all of the instructions so your entry is valid! But let's get onto the giveaway!

Note: Are you joining in on our #SILgivethanks project? Make sure you share what you're thankful for each day with the hashtag - and take a look at everyone else's posts too!

Dari's Table make delicious hummus - all of which are gluten free, dairy free, animal-fat free, egg free, vegan and kosher! We recently served the Olive and Pine Nut Hummus at our Wedding Shower and everyone loved them! 

I have one pack of the entire Dari's Table Hummus Range up for grabs, however, you must be a Melbourne or Sydney Resident. 

To Enter:

Step ONE: Like Southern In-Law on Facebook 

Step TWO: Like Dari's Table on Facebook 

STEP THREE: Leave a comment on both pages' Facebook Wall, copying and pasting and filling in the blanks for this question: 
"I'm entering 's Dari's Table Competition: My favourite way to enjoy hummus is _________________________ I'm a _______ resident" 

It's important that you let us know whether you're from Sydney or Melbourne - and please make sure you fill in your answer - I can't enter you into the competition without an answer.

Recently I featured Brauer's Paw Paw Lip Shimmers in my Monthly Favourites Post and I received lots of emails with questions about them - now, I'm giving 3 packs of 4 lip shimmers away! This giveaway is open to ALL Australian Residents, so make sure you follow the instructions to win!

To Enter:

Step ONE: Like Southern In-Law on Facebook 

Step TWO: Like Brauer on Facebook 

Step THREE: Leave a comment on both pages' Facebook Wall, copying and pasting and filling in the blanks to this question:
"I'm entering 's Brauer Competition: My beauty secret is _____________________________" 

The Rules: 
In order to have a valid entry, you must: 
  • Be an Australian Resident (for the Brauer Comp) or a Sydney/Melbourne Resident (for the Dari's Table Comp) 
  • Be a valid liker of both pages when the competition is drawn
  • Answer the competition question, filling in all of the blanks. 
  • Leave a comment on both pages with the question and your answer
  • Enter by Wednesday September 25th at 11:59PM EST. 
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