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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Where To Buy Single Serve Baking Dishes - Kristy's Baking Essentials

As I am the breakfast bake queen - and also feature a lot of single serve recipes such as my quiches - I am often asked where to buy single serve baking dishes. 

For me, single serve dishes make it so much easier as I can have gluten free baking tins and non-gluten free baking tins. Generally when I'm baking gluten free baked goods, I'm baking for myself - so it's super easy! 

I have a wide variety of different dishes that I use for single serve baked goods and dishes - so here are some of those!

Where to buy Mini Springform Tins
Mini Springform Tins: 
These are my favourite for making breakfast bakes and mini quiches as they're the easiest to get out - as well as the easiest to clean. 

What I do to make it even easier is take out the bottom piece, flip it upside down (so the edge lip is on your palm), lay on a piece of baking paper, pull tightly and then secure into the pan. Here's my post on how to line a springform tin.

These ones you see in the picture are the Baker's Secret Mini Springform tin from Kitchenware Direct ($6.95 each) but you can also buy them at any Kitchenware store, Kmart, Target or Big W. 
Where to buy Ramekins
I have ramekins in all different sizes, colours and shapes. These standard shape ramekins work for so many different types of baked goods - and you can also use them for serving dishes! 

When baking using ramekins, be sure to either grease them well or line them with baking paper. Super simple tip: when lining ramekins with baking paper, scrunch the paper up into a ball and run it under the tap. Squeeze out all of the water and then put the baking paper inside your ramekin/tin - this makes the baking paper fit to the shape of the ramekin and still keeps your food from sticking! 

I buy ramekins from all over the place - Kmart has brilliant prices, Kitchenware Direct have lots of variety and you can find them at any kitchen store or Target, Big W, Myer etc.

Where to buy Single Serve Baking Dishes
Single Serve Baking Dishes 
Sometimes ramekins are a bit too small - and Jesse and I often have dinners which need to be baked in single serve dishes (like the Spinach and Feta Bake and the Chicken Parmesan Rice Bake)

This Heart Shaped Le Creuset Mini Dish is one of my favourites at the moment - and when baking in it I don't even need to grease or line as nothing sticks.

I buy my single serve baking dishes from all over the place - but lately I've found quite a few cute ones at Spotlight and small kitchen stores. You want to buy good quality ones that will last a while or they'll ruin after a few bakes!

Where to buy Silicone Muffin Cups
Silicone Muffin Cups 
I love my silicone muffin cups. As I'm a coeliac, I have my own set of silicone muffin cups, whilst my family uses muffin tins. This saves cross contamination and makes it easy if I just one to make half a batch of something. 

You can buy silicone baking equipment from so many places - but the cheapest and most durable I have found are actually from Kmart - I think they're $2-4 per pack and they have 12 regular cupcake sized cups or 6 texas size muffin cups. 

I have both and use them for different muffins and baked goods (they're perfect for making mini Quinoa Quiches too!)

But tell me, what are your baking essentials? 
Anything I missed? 

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  1. This is actually really helpful! I never know where to get single serve bakeware and I currently own NONE.

    1. Definitely get some - it makes baking for one so much easier - and it also gets you creative in the kitchen as all of a sudden you can make delicious breakfast and dinner bakes!

  2. Ohh, great idea! I especially love the tip for lining the mini ramekins!

  3. I love those tiny springforms- just adorable!
    Also, ps- finally managed to add you on feedly! For some reason it was hard to find your feed, but I'm glad I managed to figure it out :)

    1. Oh that's so odd! Did you try the link on the blog and that's what didn't work?


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