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Saturday, September 14, 2013

#Shoeggestions: Jelly Shoe Loving

Amelia Jelly Shoe Wendy Holly Shoes

There's one thing that has always remained the same from when I was five. My blonde hair turned brown, my extreme curls became waves, my fear of dogs turned into a love - but I will always be a pink girl. 

These days, there's another thing that's come back into my life that was around when I was five - Jelly Shoes! Though these days, I'm rocking far more stylist jellied footwear. 

Amelia Jelly Shoe Wendy Holly Shoes

The gorgeous pink shoes you see above are the Wendy Holly Fuschia Amelia Shoes and they are ridiculously comfy. I'll be honest - they arrived and I looked at them thinking how on earth will these be comfortable? But they totally changed my mind when I put them on my feet. 

The cushioned inner sole is probably feet heaven - they're cushioned and supportive and my feet never hurt or ache when wearing them - even if I'm walking around all day long. They are a small fit, so you'll want to go up a size - but know that they're so so so comfortable. I love that you can get them wet and not worry about them - and the holes in the design mean your feet can breathe so you're not melting in summer.

Now, you might be thinking, as I was - that these shoes will certainly give you blisters - but let me tell you, they may just be the only shoes that haven't given me blisters. My feet are dreadful when it comes to new shoes, so I was so relieved to find I could wear these comfortably from day one!

The Amelia Jelly Shoe is available online from Wendy Holly Shoes for $49.95 and they can be shipped anywhere in the world! I'm now addicted so I want ALL THE SHOES - and I'm sure you will be too. I already know one SIL reader who purchased them after seeing them on my IG account and she's in love!

But tell me, what did you love when you were five?
I was a Disney Princess girl who couldn't have anything unless it was pink - and I was addicted to the strawberry yogurt frogs my Pa would buy me from the health food shop. I also had an evil cat called Jasper who I absolutely despised.

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