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Friday, September 13, 2013

Accepting your wedding isn't going to be perfect

There is a term that was coined a long time ago that is known all around the world.... bridezilla. If you ask me, I'd say that term was coined by a wedding vendor - someone who deals with brides everyday who strive for perfection and won't let anyone or anything stand in their way of it. 

These days, there's a lot of pressure to have the perfect wedding. With unbelievable Pinterest weddings, hundreds of wedding TV shows, gorgeous glossy wedding magazines, wedding vendors telling you that you have to have this - but what is perfection? 

Your wedding day should be about the love, the commitment, the promises, the vows - not what shoes you're wearing, how much your dress cost and how much you'll be in debt for your "big day". 

I knew I chose the right church to be married in when Father James said to Jesse and I "Don't focus on the fussy things - don't try to show off. You don't need ceremony programs and accessories because they're silly expenses. No one reads them because they're too busy focusing on you and your love - and that's what you should be doing too". 

So I want to tell you something. Your wedding is not going to be perfect. Harsh? No, I'm being honest. 

Things are going to go wrong - things aren't going to go as according to plan - but you know what, at the end of the day, none of that matters. Are you getting married for Jimmy Choo Shoes? I hope not. Are you getting married to be better than your cousin Sarah? No, I'd hope not. 

You're getting married because you love the person you're marrying and you want to make a lifelong commitment to them. 

So put down your glossy magazines and your Pinterest boards and start focusing on you, your partner and your love - because you can have the most incredible wedding in the world - but your marriage lasts for much much longer than a day.

Stop the comparison trap. That pinterest wedding you're lusting over? Forget it. Your day should be one that's unique and perfect for you - not what's going to impress others.

In 29 days, I'm going to be walking down the aisle - but you know what? My wedding is not going to be perfect. Jesse's family won't be here, we don't have a ridiculous budget to spend, not everything has worked according to plan - but none of that matters.

Regardless of all of that, it's going to be the most incredible day. It's going to be an incredible day because of the love. I finally get to marry the guy I fell in love with so so long ago. Our family and friends will be there who we love so very much and who love us too - even if some of those family and friends will only be there in our thoughts. 

We're not going to have the perfect wedding - and neither are you - but what is perfect anyway? 

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