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Friday, September 13, 2013

What Life is Like: When Food Hates You

As you may know, if you've been reading Southern In-Law for some time, I have many, many, many food allergies and intolerances - and I know that dozens of Southern In-Law readers also have the same issues. But the biggest issue of all? Lack of awareness of others so I'm going to tell you what it's like... in the funniest way I know how.. 

Let's take a walk in someone elses shoes - someone who food hates....

Well this has been sufficiently awkward GIF
When everyone else is eating at a restaurant and you just sit there.... eating air...

Baby reading GIF
You, reading ingredients lists at the grocery store

Zac Efron Can't Explain GIF
When someone asks you how you cannot possibly eat so many foods

Honey Boo Boo Not a normal person GIF
When your doctor doesn't even know how it's possible

ELF eating GIF
When you find a food that you can actually eat (and it tastes good!)

I won't hear it and i won't respond to it GIF
What you should do when someone says your food issues are ridiculous

You a rude ass bitch yo GIF
What you want to do when someone says your food issues are ridiculous

I will kill you in your sleep GIF
What you really do when someone says your food issues are ridiculous

I want to punch you in the face GIF
When someone moans and groans about their delicious food that you can't eat

I feel stupid GIF
When people drag on and on about how weird it is that you can't eat anything

Joey doesn't share food GIF
When you have delicious food that you can eat... and someone asks for a bite.

Zac Efron crying GIF
When you discover you have yet another allergy/intolerance

Dancing GIF
When you create a new combination of foods you can eat - and it tastes good!

Spent all my money GIF
When you go and buy "your" food at the grocery store

Outcast GIF
When you meet someone else food hates

But tell me, does food hate you too?
All GIFs from GIFsee

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  1. heheh best post ever!
    Sums it all up to a T!
    Those who are fortunate enough jsut do not understand and I think some times just closed to the idea of someone not being able to eat something!

    Did I tell you about our grilled onion incident at the Fete the other day! OMGosh! a few of the above comments went through my head!

    1. Haha, I dudn't hear about your grilled onion incident!?

    2. i just asked at the free sausage sizzle for only onion in a napkin(no sausage or bread obviously). The lady smiled then laughed a little!
      this confused me a tad as eating onion is not funny! so our conversation went a little something like this....
      I said: whats funny?
      staff: you only want onion?
      me: YES!! its for my son he cant eat the meat or bread
      staff: still laughing says to co-worker just some onion for the lady
      other co-worker: you sure you dont want anything else
      me: NO! i told the other lady my son cant eat it and we only want onion
      me: I didn't think allergies were funny?
      staff: awkward smile back and not another word out of her - then handed me onion- smiling again
      staff: (laughing) did you want sauce with that?
      me: no he can not eat that either. I dont know what in the products and i know onion is just onion, unless youve added stuff to it!
      staff: right
      me: if he ate anything else it reacts with his body
      (BAG FALLING OFF TABLE AT THIS POINT) staff: let me get the bag for you
      me: i've got it, and just so you know allergies aren't funny and some foods can actually kill people.

      My friend also thought it was a little weird! at this point T had scoffed down his onion and asked for more. So i sent friend over to get some onion while she got her son a sausage!
      Again the lady was confused as to why my friend just wanted onion!!!

      Some people are fortunate enough to be able to eat anything! There are those that cannot, whether its a visible skin reaction, belly aches or even behaviour issues (my son)! And then there are people that don't know they have allergies and keep eating the foods without knowing that their body is trying to reject it!

      Allergies and intolerances are not funny and this lady really had no idea how much a simple sausage or bread could harm someone! They are full of unknown meat and other yucky items, preservatives, flours, thickeners, etc and it really upset and angered me that she laughed at it like I had a hidden camera and was pulling a joke on her!

  2. Haha this is so cute! You know I have tons of food issues. Celiac, soy allergy, sensitive to oats, can't eat dairy (don't eat eggs) I also shouldn't eat tomatoes, peppers, acidic foods or broccoli brussel sprouts, cauliflower. But I can't help my self with some of these foods and suffer the consequences once in awhile!

    1. Oh I wish I could eat the foods I can't have without dying of the consequences haha. It only takes cross contamination to leave me sick for days so I stay wellllll away.

  3. Love this post! So funny, but a great message!

  4. True. Definitely guilty of not wanting to share my gluten, dairy, and soy free food (and currently all nuts and baker's yeast)!

  5. As someone allergic to corn, dairy, soy, and with Celiac Disease...this is the story of my life! lol thanks for sharing, kristy

  6. I'm in bed at the moment after getting inadvertently "glutened".
    I feel your pain.

  7. Love this post... and yes... I have a ton of food allergies and intolerances. I feel ya!

    1. Hey Brittany, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Food allergies and intolerances suck - but at least there's others that understand! xx

  8. I'm so glad I found other people that food hates too...or is it wrong to say that...either way, thank you for making me feel less alone with my many allergies xox

    1. Don't worry, I totally agree - it makes you feel like less of an alien!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this post.we share the same pain of food allergies :(

    1. I'm sorry to hear you share the same issues, but glad you liked the post! xx


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