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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sunglasses, Summer and Stomp

Phew! this week is go go go. I do have a couple of posts and giveaways planned, but I'm just waiting to hear back on a couple of things, so I thought I'd drop in with a recap of yesterday's busy day! Jesse had the day off and I had a day that was jam packed with stuff, so he tagged along! 

We were headed to the Alex Perry Prescription Sunglasses Launch for Specsavers and they organised a driver to pick us up from home. 

We got there way, way, way, way, waaaayyy early - so we decided to go for a little walk. Totally not a good idea. It was so ridiculously windy that we were having trouble standing up right. My hair was blowing everywhere and Jesse's looked like the nutty professor - but we were laughing so much we didn't even care. Is it odd that the highlight of our day was probably laughing with eachother whilst trying not to get blown into the harbour? 

Now, it was a lunch event and I knew I wouldn't be able to eat anything - so here's where the supeeeeeeeeeeeeer glamorous part comes in. Whilst trying to avoid getting swept into the harbour, I quickly ate my lunch out of containers in my handbag. Glamorous? No. Necessary? Yes.

Jesse, on the other hand, totally owns media lunch events - unlike his intolerant to everything wife-to-be. Whilst I'm the chatty social one, Jesse's the eater :P

The restaurant was absolutely gorgeous - and styled to the nines by Megan Morton with huge bespoke balloons, summery pineapple centrepieces, fresh carnation leis for each guest and the incredible view to top everything off.

It was so so nice to spend the day with Jesse and we got chatting to the lovely Joelyne from The Sydney Girl and Bahar from Rescu who were also on our table.

I am loving yellow at the moment, so I thought the place settings were absolutely gorgeous. We each had a card which said "This summer I'm going to....." 

What did mine say? Enjoy spending time with my new husband! (Just 31 days to go - eek!)

So, what was on our table?
Entrees: Pan seared scallops with rhubarb, orange and rosemary risotto. and Orecchiette with bangalow pork ragu, basil and parmesan.
Mains: Junee lamb rack with jerusalem artichoke puree, balsamic onions, sicilian olives and pine nuts and 300 day grain fed angus beef with congo potatoes, roast fennel and jus served with (unpictured) sides of roasted potatoes and green beans with sliced almonds.
Dessert: (unpictured) Chocolate, Ricotta or Cream Cannolis, Strawberry Mascarpone Tartlets and Limoncello mousse cups.

Jesse was in food heaven. He had the scallops (but didn't like the risotto) and the steak (but I think you know that's what he'd go for anyway) and said they were both delicious. I just tried to not cry at the glorious smelling bread rolls.

I swear, when you're a coeliac or can't eat gluten, you develop what we call "a gluten nose". I can smell bread from miles away :P

Then we plated around with some glasses. Jesse desperately wants the pair in this photo. I wasn't a fan of these sunnies (I'm a huge ginormous sunnies girl - much to Jesse's dislike - I think this shape makes my head look odd ;P) but there were so many different shapes that I loved. Thank you to Joelyne for this photo! 

Then we spent the rest of the afternoon at home before heading out to the opening night of Stomp at Sydney's Theatre Royal. Luckily we befriended a nice man at the train station who was also heading to the show and showed us the way to the theatre. I actually avoided texting my Mum "don't worry, a nice stranger is going to show us the way to the theatre" as I thought she might think he was leading us to a death trap - but all was well!

The show was incredible. I don't want to spoil it for anyone as it's a must see but you will be amazed with what and how they can make music with the simplest of things. For a show with no talking or singing, it's incredibly powerful - and incredibly funny. Jesse didn't think he was going to be a fan after watching a couple of youtube videos - but he loved it! 

Stomp is on at the Sydney Theatre Royal from now until Sunday and tickets are available from Ticketmaster between $59-99. It's one of those shows that people of all ages and genders will love - so you don't have to worry about whether your mum/dad/grandpa/partner/sister/child will love it or not. 

After the show we made a mad dash to the train station where we literally jumped onto the last train as the doors closed. If you're catching the train into the city for Stomp - be sure to check for trackwork as they're closing off certain areas from 10pm. 

But tell me,
Do you have a certain preference for sunglasses?
What's the last show you saw at a theatre?
(Or perhaps one you're desperate to go to!)

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  1. I'm a RayBan girl, all the way :) I find I play it a bit safer with glasses, as the trends rarely fit my face properly.
    Looks like you guys had a fun time!!!

    1. Oh I'm with you, I have this weird idea that I don't like my eyebrows showing above my sunglasses so some of the "trendy" glasses totally don't do it for me haha

  2. i too dont like eyebrows over the top! i am a fan of big ones but not too wide they sit over my face. So i guess rounded ones but not to round! gee isnt that picky.
    I stopped wearing glasses when I lost them just over a year ago. they either fell off or i lost them somewhere. my only pair i really liked that suited my face.

    1. Oh no, that sucks! I hate when my favourite pair of glasses (or favourite anything) breaks as I can never find anything the same!

  3. I have to say i am very impressed with the way you efficiently blog and your posts are so informative. You have really have managed to catch the attention of many it seems keep it up!
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  4. Am so jealous of attending that Alex Perry event! Stomp looks amazing, a friend went to it here in Melbourne and said how cool it was. The last show i went to was Hairspray, that was very cool. Plus P!nk in concert!

    Victoria :)

    1. It was really cool!

      How lucky are you to see P!nk! Everyone is raving about her at the moment!


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