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Monday, September 23, 2013

SIL in Bali: Where we're staying - Part One

Gluten Free Travel Reviews - Bali, Indonesia

If you've been reading Southern In-Law for a while, you might know that after our wedding, we're heading off to beautiful Bali for our Honeymoon! We're getting super excited so we thought it was high time we showed you where we're staying!

Villa Sungai Gold - Cepaka Bali

Both Jesse and I love exploring new places so when it came to choosing where we'd be staying on our honeymoon, we knew we wanted to stay somewhere that was totally different from where we've ever been before. 

We did, however, have another thing to consider - my food allergies and intolerances. With some research, we found that Bali was both totally different from anywhere we've ever been before and also incredibly allergy friendly - so we were sold. 

When we first arrive in Bali, we'll be staying at Sungai Gold in Tabanan, Cepaka. Honeymoons and special occasions deserve a trip that's extra special - and Sungai Gold definitely offers that. We love that they offer personalised service and can cater for couples or larger groups Villa Sungai has been the location for many weddings and would be perfect for a group trip with your family or girlfriends (and this also reduces the cost as you can split the fees!)

Villa Sungai Gold - Cepaka Bali

We've been so busy lately that we cannot wait to relax and enjoy Bali and I think Sungai Gold is really going to allow us to do that. I know what you're thinking, but it's going to cost a lot - and yes, you're right - but the service and inclusions offered are worth so much more than what you pay. Sungai offer twice daily housekeeping, a butler, house manager, a personal chauffeur, guide and car all in the cost of accommodation - and you have a chef on call 24/7 to cook whatever you desire. Guests are charged for ingredients for their meals at cost and tropical and cooked breakfasts are included in the accommodation fee. 

For someone like me with an incredible amount of food allergies and intolerances, this personalised service is priceless as it means I'll be able to relax and enjoy our vacation.

Villa Sungai Gold - Cepaka Bali

One of the things that grabbed our attention was the location of Sungai. It's set within the traditional village of Cepaka Bali, nestled amongst the tropical rainforest, overlooking a stream of the Ayang River.

For a nature lover, the pictures I have seen look absolutely heavenly and I cannot wait to experience all that Sungai has to offer. I love that they include a driver/tour guide in their accommodation fee so that guests can explore the area with someone who knows it like the back of their hand. Included in the fee is up to 8 hours of travel with the driver/tour guide per day, with guests paying only $USD30 for every 4 hours thereafter.

Gluten Free in Bali - Sungai Gold

I'm a girly girl who loves a good massage, so I was also incredibly pleased to find out that Sungai Gold offers in house and incredibly affordable massage and spa services, starting from $USD30 per hour and including treatments like body scrubs, Balinese and aromatherapy massages, warm stone massages, reflexology, manicures, body masks, facials and more. When I don't want to come home, don't be surprised, my friends.

Villa Sungai Gold - Cepaka Bali
Being the healthy living addicts we are, it's really important to us that we stay active on vacation - and what better way to take in the local sights than with walks/bike riding etc. 

For some reason, I really really want to do Yoga in Bali (I guess in my head in seems legit) so I may have to rope Jesse into this as Sungai Gold will arrange for the yoga lesson to come to you! - and they can also organise bike hire and guided tours and hikes. 

Needless to say we are so excited to get there and share our entire experience with you - so keep your eyes peeled!

But tell me, what place is on the top of your travel bucket list? 
I have a huge travel bucket list so no doubt you'll be seeing a lot of our travels - just think of SIL as your personal travel advisory website ;P 

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