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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Being Active with Your Partner

How to enjoy working out with your partner - Exercises for couples
Well excussssseeee me! Get your mind out of the gutter - I'm talking about fitness... not.... you know. You dirty birds!

As you might already know, Jesse and I have been working out for the last couple of months. It started simply as me supporting him, however, it's turned into something we both absolutely love. We do a mix of strength/cardio/ab workouts each day, usually for under half an hour, combined with walks/jogs when we can and we're having so much fun. 

Working Out with a Disability 
Jesse is wanting to lose weight and tone up, whilst my biggest motivation is to gain strength. I have Erb's Palsy and that means I have incredibly limited movement, strength and rotational ability in my right arm. My shoulder blade sticks out and pops up in the wrong place and it's driven me mad since I was really little. I remember being 2 or 3 and frustrated at the fact I couldn't dance like the other girls in my jazz classes - but the movement and ability of my arm does increase when I work at it - but I have to work damn hard. I may grunt, have tears in my eyes and feel extraordinary pain - but it's working. 

Even two days ago, I couldn't do a body weight dip to save my life - I'd fall on my elbows when trying to do a plank row just a week ago - yesterday, I did 50 body weight/floor dips in a row, simply because I had to show my whole family what I could do. I can do plank rows like a boss and little by little the movement is increasing. 

So when you're making excuses that you can't do this or you can't do that - I want you to think about this. When I was born, I couldn't move my right side at all until I was 3 months old - and then it took years for me to have any real movement in my arm. Doctors told my parents that I would never be able to use my arm and I'd have to cope using one arm. I had physiotherapy multiple times a week from the time I was born and being the stubborn person I am, I pushed myself - for years I have dragged bags in the house when we've been shopping even though it hurt because I desperately wanted the same movement in my right arm as my left. 

Now, I think I'm getting there. 

Upper body strengthening interval workout for couples
Here is the Upper Body Strengthening workout we came up with - both for strengthening my arm and toning Jesse's! To make it work for each of us, we use different weights of dumbells - for me, I use teeny tiny 1.5kg weights which are super easy for my left arm, but just heavy enough to workout my right arm without popping it out of place. Jesse uses 4kg weights (I think) at the moment, but is about to buy bigger ones as he doesn't think they're doing enough. 

Just incase you aren't sure of the exercises in the above workout plan, here are some video demonstrations: 
  1. 10 Floor Dips/Tricep Dips 
  2. 10 Plank Rows (5 on each side left/right/left/right etc - if these don't feel like they're doing enough, do a full plank row in a plank/push up position)
  3. 30 Second Plank 
  4. 10 Bicep Curls
  5. 10 Lying Chest Press 
  6. 30 Second Plank
  7. 10 Shoulder Presses
  8. 10 Hammer Curls 
  9. 30 Second Plank
  10. 10 Upright Rows 
  11. 10 Front Raises 
  12. 30 Second Plank 
Repeat this times 3 (or more if you feel you need it!) and adjust the weight of the dumbbells to suit you. If you want to make sure your form is right, first try it without any weight - and if you don't have dumbbells, grab some cans or bottles from your kitchen!

The Number One Tip for Working Out with Your Partner
One of the most important things when working out with your partner is to realise that you're two different people - as is the same case when working out with anybody. Jesse is stronger than I am and has a full range of movement in both arms but I'm also a HIIT/cardio queen and a speed demon when we're walking. Adapt your workouts to suit both of your individual needs and know that they may not exactly love what you do.

Mylo-dee Review - Licorice Dreams Custom Designed ActivewearMylo-dee Review - Licorice Dreams Custom Designed Activewear

What I'm Wearing whilst Working Out 
As for workout clothes (one of the best parts, if you ask me) - I'm currently in love with my Mylo-dee Top! I custom designed it to be exactly what I wanted - and that is SO good for workouts as you can tailor it to be perfect for whatever you do. 

I chose the Licorice Dreams top ($89) and then selected Rose Garden Block Colour Fabric for the bust (220 gsm, quick dry, UV protection, 4 way stretch), Black Cat Mesh for the stomach and back panels (160 gsm, 4 way stretch) and Bridal White Mesh for the side panels. 

It is so comfortable and light and perfect for hardcore workouts where you don't want to be sticky and sweaty - but also great for any summer workout - from walking to kayaking and more. The only thing I'd change is that I'd love for them to have padded inserts inside their in-built mesh bras. When it comes to workout tops - I'll either layer a sports bra with an unlined singlet or tshirt or I'll wear a completely built in top. That said, if you're not a big busty girl like me, you'll be able to wear the top as it is. 

I kind of want ALL THE THINGS on the Mylo-dee website as I've fallen in love with this top. As I keep telling Jesse, you can never have enough activewear in your wardrobe ;P (we'll just keep my overflowing activewear drawers our little secret - right?)

But tell me, what workouts are you loving at the moment?
What do you love when it comes to activewear? Any particular style/materials etc?
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  1. I am very jealous of your sports top! It is super cute and fits you like a glove! And good on you and Jessy still being active despite all the wedding happenings (which i can imagine are getting very hectic right about now!) :)

    1. Thank you, lovely! Things are VERY hectic at the moment - but exercise endorphins totally extinguish stress haha


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