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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to De-stress and Live Young!

Well hello there! Tell me that doesn't look like fun... 

As you may already know, I was selected as an evian Live Young Blogger Advocate for their launch here in Australia. One of the things I was most excited about this was that they're building a giant backyard for adults to play like kids - and that giant backyard was a HUGE hit in Martin Place today.

I wish I had time to stop by there today - and you're probably wishing you did too - but don't worry! The evian Giant Backyard will be at Bondi Beach from 8am to 5pm this Saturday and Sunday (opposite Roscoe St Mall on Campbell Parade) so make sure you head out there to have a swing on the giant hills hoist!

But don't worry! If you can't make it to the evian backyard, Dr Adam Fraser has some tips to live young in your own backyard (and a few extra tips from yours truly!) 

Dr Adam Fraser's Live Young Tips:

  1. Get some friends together, go to a toy store, buy some toys and have a play date
  2. Turn your favourite song up loud in the kitchen and dance to it
  3. Have a tickle fight
  4. Jump up and down until you're out of breath
  5. Build a cushion fort in your living room 
  6. Play in the mud and don't stress about the dirt 
  7. Have a pillow fight
  8. Draw a picture and don't worry how good it is 
  9. Race a colleague up the stairs
  10. Go to the park at lunch time and play on the swings 
Whilst I do like Dr Fraser's tips, I know what a lot of you are thinking "but they're a bit immature" and I totally get you - I know way too many adults who wouldn't be caught dead doing those kinds of things, so I want you to think of living young a bit differently. 

Kristy and Jesse's Live Young Tips: 
  1. Spend a night in playing board games - round up the family, invite some friends over - add in a glass of wine, theme it up and make it your own - stop thinking about the mundane happenings of your day to day life and enjoy yourself! 
  2. Spend time with kids - the easiest way to live young is to be with the young. I love kids and I love spending time with them - they won't let you stop to think about your worries for a second and instead you'll be dragged around to play cars, barbies and play with playdoh - and you know what, you'll make their day!
  3. Recreate a childhood favourite - we all have our nostalgic foods. It might be something like our healthy honey joys that will remind you of the birthday parties of your younger years - or it may be fairy bread or your Mum's vegetable soup. Reminisce and enjoy the memories.
  4. Look through family photos and watch old home movies - nothing puts a smile on my face like reminiscing with my family over old family photos. It's also something that's really fun to do with your partner - especially if they haven't known you since you were a kid - they'll get to know more about you and you'll get to know more about them. 
  5. Go bowling! It's a fun day out for a couple, with your family or with your friends and brings out the competitive kid in everyone. 
  6. Take off your shoes and walk in the grass - for some reason, this always reminds me of being a kid and it's also so relaxing and grounding - the same goes for sand!

But tell me, what are your live young tips?

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