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Monday, September 2, 2013

Wedding: The Invitations

Custom Designed Tea Towel Invitations I teased you all with pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - so now that they're pretty much all sent out, it's time that I shared all of the details.

We didn't want your ordinary invitations - and we didn't want fussy invitations either. We wanted something that was unique, special and something we could keep - and that's when we found Invitation Tea Towels.

It was very "us" - something cute, memorable and Jesse thought it fitted this "kitchen goddess" perfectly. 

I'd come up with a heart design which we're using throughout the wedding (you saw it in our DIY Wedding Mad-Libs Post) so of course we included it.

Custom Designed Tea Towel Invitations

I've blanked out the details, obviously, but as you can see - Invitation Tea Towels allowed us to develop our own design, using one of their designs as the inspiration. We used the Kaleidoscope Heart Design as inspiration - adding our own heart and wording and using the same colour as found in our original heart design.

The invitation reads; 
Because you have shared in our friendship and love, we Kristy Sayer and Jesse Jones along with our parents, invite you to share the beginning of our new life together as husband and wife. 

This was a message we came up with early on as we wanted something that was more personal than your usual "Mr and Mrs xxx and Mr and Mrs xxx invite you to the wedding of their children...." etc. Each and every one of the guests at our wedding are important people in our lives - they've supported us, the big move, the visa process, our careers, this blog - they're true friends and family members who mean the world to us. 

Custom Designed RSVP and Wishing Well Cards

We paired the invitation with an RSVP and Wishing Well Postcard. All our guests have to do to RSVP is cut the postcard on the line, attach a stamp on the back and send it away. The back of the RSVP section has our address pre-printed for easy send off. I designed them all myself (as that's what I do for KISS Freelance Designs) and had them printed on Matte Postcards at Vistaprint.

Wishing Wells are becoming more and more popular, however, in a previous post I realised that it's still a little bit of a controversial choice. We discussed this choice with our friends and family who told us that this is what they thought would be the best option - and what they'd be happiest with considering our circumstances. 

Many of our friends and family members told us they'd be happier putting the money into a bank account versus a card, so the back of the wishing well card has our bank details for anyone who wanted to do it that way. 

The poem on the Wishing Well card was written by me and says; 
Kristy and Jesse are making a new start, 
Now together in Australia, they never have to part. 
They're more than ready to make a house their home, 
But there's a lot of saving to do before they can roam. 
A gift of money, an amount you can afford, 
Would really be appreciated, you can be assured. 
But most importantly, the couple requests, 
That you come to the wedding as their guests! 

The back of the card also lets our guests know that if they'd prefer to buy a gift, or give a card, that's more than fine - and there will be a place for those on the day as well.

Vendor Details: 
Invitations - Invitation Tea Towels 
Invitation Tea Towel's Facebook Page
+ 61 (2) 9519 1099
Available to ship worldwide or pick up in Sydney.

RSVP/Wishing Well Cards/Wedding Mad Libs - 
Designed by me (if you're interested in getting your own custom printables/invitations etc - contact me at KISS Freelance Designs - I design for clients all around the globe!).

Printed by Vistaprint.

But tell me,
If you're married/planning - 
what were your invitations like?

If you're not yet married -
what's the best wedding invitation you've seen?

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  1. Don't get me wrong I really enjoy reading your blog, I just can't help but comment on the wishing well thing! I get that Jesse and yourself are wanting to save for a house, but when it comes down to the scheme of things, you are asking for money. It's just not tasteful. I know you think the same as me when you believe a wedding is abou a celebration, so why even mention gifts? Just leave it off and I'm sure your family and friends would most likely give it to you anyway, and its far less tacky :)

    1. Hi there, I knew I'd get a comment about this as it is something some people don't agree with.

      I spoke with many of our family and friends as I am someone who always feels uneasy when it comes to gifts - but they were the ones who wanted to give us something. We're only inviting those closest to us to our wedding, and they're the ones who know what we've been through and where we are heading in life.

      It's not a decision I took lightheartedly, it's something myself, Jesse and my family thought long and hard about. I've received 4 wedding invitations already this year - and all of those requested no gifts as they had a wishing well. We didn't sign up for a gift registry as you traditionally did for a wedding as we don't have space for anything and don't need anything.

      Our guests know that they don't NEED to give us anything as we don't expect them to give anything. Every situation is different and this was the best choice for us, our family and our friends (who asked for guidance on what to give us) so I don't think it's a choice that's tacky at all.

  2. I understand what your saying I just don't agree with it. As you said as your guests already know they don't NEED to get you anything, and you have discussed it with your friends and family, why put it on the invitation? Just see what they turn up with, I'm sure most would bring money anyway.

    1. I totally understand that you don't agree with it - and that's perfectly fine. It's a choice we made and everyone has a different situation - we've had no problems with it and our family and friends were grateful that we included it.

  3. Anonymous,

    Whether you realize it or not you are coming off as very rude. It is not your wedding, so leave it alone. I personally don't see what the issue is. If she wanted to demand everyone wear purple to her wedding that's her choice. It's not your day so leave it alone.

    1. Millie, you're so sweet - and thank you. It's one of those things where people tend to have a strong opinion. I haven't been offended with the wedding invitations I've received this year with the same requests so I don't see a problem with it - I'd much rather give a couple what they need instead of a vase or a plate they'll keep in their cupboard until they're 92 and can't remember where that ugly thing came from ;P

    2. The invitations are amazing! What a fabulous, practical idea.

      And I agree with Millie - it's not distasteful or rude at all to have a wishing well. Most weddings I have been to have had them, and often the guests are required to pay for their own meals too. It is 2013 after all ;-)

  4. this is a similar one we had for my sister's partner's 50th birthday:
    A wishing well, we thought would be great
    But only if you wish to participate
    A gift of money is deposited into a well
    Then make a wish... But shhh don't tell!
    Once Geoff has replaced the old with the new
    He can look back and say it was thanks to you!

  5. This is such a cute invitation!
    I definitely agree with you, asking for money isn't tacky at all. Thats what I plan on doing. I think that when you live together before marriage you pretty much already have all the household items you'd need.

    1. Thank you, Laura! It's so common these days - and people are so much happier to give a gift they know the couple wants, rather than something they'll um and ah at and throw in the cupboard ;P


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