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Saturday, October 19, 2013

GREASE The Musical

Grease the Musical Review Sydney

Hi sweet peas, as you might have seen on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, Jesse and I headed out to the opening night of Grease the Musical on Thursday.

Grease the Musical Review Sydney

I've always been a fan of the movie, so I was excited to see how they'd take it to the stage - and Grease the Musical didn't disappoint! It's an all singing, all dancing, extravaganza with big Aussie names like Bert Newton, Rob Mills, Anthony Callea and Todd McKenney.

Grease the Musical Sydney Review

The stage was incredible and unlike some shows where you have no idea where the story is set, you could pinpoint every scene throughout the show - it made all of us want to go home and watch the movie! 

Grease the Musical Sydney Review

The entire cast have incredible voices and the songs were pitch perfect and full of energy. The entire audience was bopping and singing along and it was such a high energy show!

Grease the Musical Review Sydney Lyric Theatre

Grease the Muscial is playing at the Sydney Lyric Theatre until December 22nd and then heading to Melbourne from January 2nd 2014 where it will be playing at Her Majesty's Theatre. 

You can buy tickets online here - starting at around $80. If you want our number one tip? Make sure you get good seats! At first we were sitting all the way up in the Grand Section and you could hardly see a thing - but once we were moved to the stalls it made the show so much better!

But tell me, what Grease character do you like the most?
Are you a girly Sandy fan? Do you like Rizzo's attitude? Or maybe you can't take your eyes off Danny. Personally, Sandy's my favourite - she gets extra points because she's Australian!

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Kristy and Jesse received complimentary media tickets to Grease the Musical, however, all other tickets were purchased by them and this review is entirely their own opinion.


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