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Friday, October 18, 2013

SIL in Sydney: The Blue Mountains

Scenic World Blue Mountains Review - Katoomba

Hey lovelies, don't worry! Wedding details are coming - but Jesse and I wanted to continue virtually showing you around Sydney as we cover our Sydney Must-Do's.

Last week, we headed to the Blue Mountains for the Day to show Wesley just how diverse our city can be.

Scenic World Katoomba Review - Blue Mountains

Joining us on our Scenic World Blue Mountains Adventure was Wesley (Jesse's best man), Katrina and Lillo - or Lily if you want to call her by her "real" name. 

Scenic World Blue Mountains Review - The World's Steepest Railway

First up, we went on the Scenic Railway. This is the world's steepest railway and has been giving passengers a thrill since 1928 when the colliery mine workers began supplementing their income by charging passengers a sixpence a ride on public holidays and weekends to travel the incline on the purpose built passenger cart they called "Jessie".

Scenic World Blue Mountains Review - The World's Steepest Railway

The Railway has changed since we last went there on Jesse's first trip - and now you have the option to change your ride. By pushing the button on the side of each seat, you can decide whether you want the "Laidback" ride, the "Original" ride or the "Cliffhanger" ride - and of course we chose the Cliffhanger. The cart itself has also changed and now has a glassed roof which gives you an even better view!

Here's Jesse's video for you - unfortunately the new wire screen at the very front isn't a fan of cameras - but it gives you a bit of an idea how steep it is! (Do ignore my face and lack of speech - at this time I was incredibly sick and without a voice!)

Scenic World Blue Mountains Review - Jurassic Rainforest

Once we finished with the Rail Way, we then spent an hour walking through the beautiful Jurassic Rainforest. It's so peaceful down there and the pathways make for an easy walk. There's a number of different tracks you can take - we took the longest route.

Scenic World Blue Mountains Review - The Cableway

After walking through the rainforest, we took the Cable Way back up to the top of Scenic World. The Cable Way gives you yet another great view as you can see both the tops of the trees below you and the gorgeous mountain view - uninterrupted, as far as the eye can see.

Scenic World Blue Mountains Review - The SkywayScenic World Blue Mountains Review - The SkywayOnce we reached the top, we headed out on the Sky Way - basically a cable car with a glass floor strip down the middle so you can see straight down below you. 

The Details:
Corner Violet Street and Cliff Drive,
Katoomba NSW 2780

Ph: 1300 SKYWAY or (02) 4780 0200

How much does it cost? An Ultimate Discovery Pass gets you unlimited rides on the Cableway, Railway and Skyway and costs $35 for an Adult, $18 for a Child (4-13),  $88 for a Family and $32 for a concession. 
What do we think is a must do? Everything! But make sure you go on the Railway on the way down - and the cliff hanger version of the ride is even better.

Echo Point Lookout, Blue Mountains, Katoomba

When you're in Katoomba, be sure to stop at Echo Point Lookout for the best view of the Three Sisters - Meehni, Wimlah and Gunneedo. The Three Sisters is a rock formation which, according to Aboriginal legend and dreamtime stories, represents three sisters who were turned to stone by a witch doctor as they had betrayed tribal law and fallen in love with men from a different tribe.

Echo Point Lookout
Echo Point Rd, Katoomba 2780

Parking is metred and parking officers are always around so make sure you get a ticket!

But tell me, which would you go for; the steep cliffhanger ride or the calm laid back ride?

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Kristy and Jesse received complimentary media tickets at Scenic World, however, all other tickets were purchased by them and this review is entirely their own opinion.


  1. Ohhh that ride looks like so much fun, just like Disneyland!!!!!! Sigh~how I long to do something like this soon, haha. When someone watches Selah for us ;)

    1. Oh I wish it was like Disneyland - that's my favourite place in the whole world! I'm currently convincing Jesse we need to make a stop over in LA on our next Louisiana trip to go to DL :P

  2. Great post! :-) The cable car looks awesome!


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