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Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas, from the camera roll

Christmas Elf Dog Outfit - Chanel Paige

Tell me she isn't the cutest darn thing ever?!

Hi my sweet peas! Can you believe Christmas is over already?! We're relaxing and enjoying out time off from work but I wanted to quickly stop by and share some of our Christmas moments with you - thanks to my handy dandy iPhone!! 

I'm currently away from the computer so I'll have to share camera photos later, but these photos will give you a little bit of a look into our quiet but lovely Christmas! 

Kristy and Jesse at Christmas

We started the day early, as we always do, and got up and dressed ready to start the day of festivities! 

Usually we have a big crowd for Christmas, but this year everyone was interstate or had other plans so it was just our immediate family (Mum, Dad, Katrina, Jesse and I) and our uncle Noel (yes, he was born just before Christmas and my Christmas loving Nanna had to give him a festive name!) and cousins Holly and Mitchell. 

Decorated Christmas Tree with Mickey Mouse Baubles

And here is our amaze-baubles Christmas tree (don't kill me for saying that, Jesse!). Can you spot the hidden Mickey? ;) 

Mickey and Minnie Just Married Bauble

Jesse and I have a Christmas tradition of our own - and that's buying a bauble for each Christmas. It has to be relevant for the year so naturally this year was a Just Married Bauble! 

Mickey and Minnie First Christmas Bauble and Customised Engagement Bauble

This is our third Christmas together (in person - we've been "together" for the past 6 Christmases) so we have three ornaments - 2011 was our very first Christmas together and I found this super cute Mickey and Minnie ornament online at the Disney Store (where I also purchased our just married bauble from) and last year I had a custom made engagement bauble made for our engagement from etsy seller SarEi who hand painted my engagement ring onto the bauble. 

Who knows what next year's ornament will be?! (Here's hoping a first home bauble!!

How to give a gift card at Christmas - Unique ways to give a gift card

I was so eager from present time because I desperately wanted to give Jesse my gift! 

If you don't already know, Jesse is a big gamer and also loves anything that drives or flies. He's been in a small helicopter simulator at a museum and absolutely loved it - so when I found that I could purchase a flight simulator experience for Jesse I was purchasing it right away. 

He is so excited and said it was one of the best presents ever! I confused him a little as I did up the design, printed and framed it so I had something to wrap (I also did the same for my dad, who I bought Mrs Brown's Boys Live tickets for). Once I explained it, however, he was super excited! 

Christmas Present Haul

I was absolutely spoilt!! I asked for nothing yet Jesse and my family went overboard and showered me with so many lovely things. 

Christmas Dinner in Australia - Fresh Ham, Roasted Turkey, Potato Salad, Salads and Fresh Vegetables

Christmas lunch was fresh ham, roasted turkey, salads, potato salad and fresh veggies.

After lunch we had Christmas pudding, pumpkin pie - followed by quite a few full bellied snoozes. It was a super relaxed but oh so lovely Christmas! 

How did you spend your Christmas Day? 
Do you have any Christmas traditions? 

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