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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Recipe: Watermelon Salad with Grilled Haloumi Cheese

Summer Haloumi and Watermelon Salad Recipe - Apples, Cucumber, Baby Spinach, Healthy, Gluten Free, Low Fat

Hi, my name is Kristy and I'm a watermelon addict. I name them at the grocery store (usually W names - Wilson, Wilma, Wilamina, Wally), carefully carry them like a baby into our house and then.... Murder them. It's not pretty and I'm not sorry. 

Funny, you think I'm joking about the above but it's true... I'm totally a weirdo and totally obsessed with watermelon. 

In summer, I often pass up cooked vegetables for salads. Watermelon salads are my absolute favourite, but I like to mix things up from the usual watermelon and feta mix. 

Usually my salads get called "kitchen sink salads" because I kind of throw a whole bunch of different things into the mix. Haloumi isn't a usual partner for watermelon, but trust me! These two are a match made in heaven!! 

Trust me, you'll want to try out this recipe...

Summer Haloumi and Watermelon Salad Recipe - Apples, Cucumber, Baby Spinach, Healthy, Gluten Free, Low Fat

Haloumi Watermelon Salad (not really a recipe!)
 gluten free, low fat, grain free, nut free 

Baby spinach leaves 
Fresh watermelon cubes
A few slices of haloumi, chopped into pieces and grilled until brown 
1 apple, cubed 
1/2 cucumber, cut into chunks 
Fresh mint leaves
Salt and pepper

Combine all of your ingredients in a mixing bowl, mixing until everything comes together
Pour into a serving dish (or eat straight from the mixing bowl as I usually do) and devour!! 

But tell me, what are your favourite salad additions? 
I love adding fruit to salads - watermelon, blueberries, apples, raisins, dates - and all of my salads have to have some sort of cheese or dairy too! 

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