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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WEDDING: The Wedding Photos

Wedding Recaps: The Southern In-Law Wedding

Today's post is going to be a little bit of a photo overload but I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting more photos so I decided to post all of our favourites from our post ceremony photos. 

If you're not interested in the photos, however, that's okay! I'd suggest going and looking at this ah-maze-ing Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal Recipe and then making it ASAP.

Lucie Zeka and her husband Alban, our wedding photographers are incredible and we love their style so we knew our wedding photos would be perfect - what we didn't know was how in love with them we'd be!!

Vintage Rustic Wedding - Wedding Photos Centennial Park SydneyVintage Rustic Wedding - Wedding Photos Centennial Park Sydney

All of our wedding photos were taken at Centennial Park - just like our Engagement Photos were - but we went to three different locations. The first was this gorgeous wooded area with long grass right by the Randwick entrance to the park.

Vintage Country Style Wedding - Wedding Photos Centennial Park Sydney

Vintage Country Style Wedding - Wedding Photos Centennial Park Sydney

The next location was just a short little walk from the wooded long grass area and it was totally different. It was really muddy, but this Bride was ready to take risks for the perfect shot. I figured - I'll only wear the dress once, I'll only get married once - so who cares about a bit of mud?

My shoes were putrid - but I couldn't have cared less!

Vintage Sydney Wedding - Wedding Photos Centennial Park Sydney

And muddy shoes were worth it because this photo is one of my favourites ever - and you can see my beautiful bouquet which Brides in Bloom did an incredible job of putting together. Originally I wanted peonies, however, the season started later than usual so we had to switch things up and the bouquet included ranunculus, anemones and David Austen roses - some of my absolute favourites.

Rustic Wedding Sydney - Wedding Photos Centennial Park Sydney

And as with anything that involves Kristy and Jesse, it was a little bit silly and a whole lot of fun - we can never be serious for too long :P

Vintage Rustic Wedding - Wedding Photos Centennial Park Sydney

And of course, we can't forget.... The Bridal Party

Vintage Rustic Wedding - Wedding Photos Centennial Park Sydney - Bridal Party

Funny Bridal Party Photos - Centennial Park Sydney

For once, I'm the one who managed to look somewhat normal in a silly photo - usually, I'm the queen of weird facial expressions but what I thought was funny clearly didn't work here :P 

Bridal Party Photos - Centennial Park Sydney Wedding Photography

Wesley, Jesse's friend from Louisiana flew over to Sydney for our wedding to be Jesse's Best Man. You would have seen him in our Harbour Bridge Climb, Harbour Cruise, Blue Mountains and Sydney Sea Life posts as we packed a lot of things into one week!

Both of the boys wore Spurling Beige 2 Button Suit hired from  Spurling Hurstville 

Bridal Party Photos - Centennial Park Sydney Wedding Photos

My Maid of Honour was my sister, Katrina. She wore a Henry Roth 88888 gown in flamingo pink and at first, we hated the colour - but the dress also didn't fit right on her so that didn't help. Henry and his incredible alterationist, Joyce worked their magic and it looked completely different. The cream cardigan helped to tone the colour down a bit too so it all worked in the end!

But tell me, if you're married - where did you have your wedding photos taken? 

If you're not yet married - what do you think you would you prefer - an urban location, a natural location (like ours) or something totally different?
I love Urban Locations for photoshoots, however, I'm a nature loving girl - my favourite part of my day is my walk through the park and I love the beauty of nature so I knew a natural location was for us. I also loved the contrast of the greens against our paler colour scheme.

Wedding Vendors in this post: 
Hair/Makeup  Nieves Calvo, Get Threaded Met Centre - 1300 277 122 
Dress &: Allure Bridals M476 (dress) and C33 (sash)  purchased from House of Brides
Flowers: Brides in Bloom
Jesse and Wesley's Suits: Spurling Beige 2 Button Suit hired from  Spurling Hurstville 
Katrina's Dress: Henry Roth 88888 purchased from Spurling Hurstville  with a cream coloured cardigan, purchased from Target
Videography Adrian Tan - second shooter Amath Magnan (wedding video is here)
Church: St Paul's Anglican Church, Burwood NSW 

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  1. I'm serious! I just looooooove your wedding look and dress! I never even considered trying on a dress like yours and even though I loved loved mine so much, I think I would have tried your look if it had crossed my mind. And we took our engagement pictures near a railroad station where there's patches of flowers, whimsical little towns/houses, and cute coffee shops. :D For our wedding it was at our wedding venue which was a golf course, but most of our pics were taken away from the course and more towards the fountain area.

    1. Thank you! I was OBSESSED with my dress from the very beginning, haha.

      I LOVE the sound of where you took your engagement photos - how cute!

  2. I didn't have pre wedding pics because we were on a very tight budget. I did have a photographer shoot our church wedding, and our wedding dinner with family, and that was it.


    1. Hey Adriene,
      Hopefully you still got some incredible photos though! I wish we could capture the memories in my head - some of my favourite moments of the day weren't even captured on film - so I've scribbled those down in journals so I don't forget.

  3. Absolutely stunning!!!

    Victoria :)


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