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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WIN: A Diamond Necklace from Bevilles

Win a Pair of Diamond Earrings from Bevilles

Well you already know we're giving away a gorgeous set of diamond earrings - but we're also giving away a stunning diamond necklace!

How to enter this gift-away!

Step one: "Like" Southern In-Law and Bevilles on Facebook by clicking the like buttons above (extra brownie points if you're already a liker! Also, be sure to also join SIL on Twitter or Instagram so you don't miss a thing!)

Step two: Leave a comment on the entry post on Facebook telling us What is it about you that makes you fabulous?

Step three: The chosen winner at the end of the competition period will be notified via Facebook - so make sure you're a valid liker of Southern In-Law at the time or we won't be able to include you! (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't try and cheat by liking and unliking - we've had to disqualify far too many people for doing this.)

This giveaway will run right through to the new year, so you have plenty of time to enter!

Competition is open to Australian Residents and closes on January 12th, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST. The best valid entry will be selected as the winner by Kristy, Jesse and Westfield and notified via email. Should the winner not reply within 14 days of contact, an alternate winner will be selected. Please note: the winner must be a valid and current liker of the Southern In-Law Facebook and Beville Facebook pages or other relevant social media pages at the time of competition's close.

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  1. My rapier wit? My jodhpur thighs? Who knows? My husband likes me for me. That's pretty fabulous to me.

    kingkongsale AT gmail DOT com

  2. I don't know that I am. It's fabulous that I'm a Mum, that new options keep appearing to try for my daughter's health, that my folks are coming for Christmas, that there's always someone offering to help...THAT'S what's fabulous.

  3. Fabulous people surround me, my friends and family, they are what makes life matter and provide inspiration to be, more worthy !

  4. Unbelievable offer it was. I wish had to avail this offer before it was ON. I missed an excellent offer. Better I would touch with this blog daily to get latest updates of it.

  5. Never thought of myself as fabulous. My kids might consider me a fabulous mum... hope so anyway!

  6. My evil sense of humour and raucous laugh!

  7. I've been told I have a calming effect on everyone else around me.

  8. My children always tell me I am the best, nicest and gorgeous mummy in the whole wide world. This to me makes me pretty fabulous, that they are still so gorgeous.

  9. I don't get too excited about the UPs in life, I don't get depressed about the DOWNs in life - I'm a Libran, well balanced, and fabulously predictable!


  10. I would have to say that its because I am me and no one else can be me!

  11. My husband. He always makes me feel shiny and new.

  12. Fantastic looks, boutylicious figure, impressive job, well actually maybe a Fabulous.... dreamer!

  13. I get pleasure from helping people be the best that they can be! Love to motivate and inspire!

  14. My unconditional love for my husband and son!

  15. My wicked sense of humor, needed when paired with my court jester n clown of a man

  16. Im funny and and always have a sense of humour, im shy and a little ditsy but im me and that all I try to be is me.

  17. my family and close friends make me fab-u-lous because they lvoe me and tell me to pull my head in, when required!

  18. My children!! they bring out the every bit of fabulous in me & everything we do together but most importantly its my kids think im fabulous just because im their mummy :-)

  19. I'm fabulous because I've assisted in creating three beautiful daughters who amaze me daily.

  20. I am down to earth and a hard worker-fabulous much?

  21. I may not be perfect, I have my flaws but inside I am proud to be me and to be the most fabulous me as I can be :-)

  22. never thought of myself as fabulous until I had grandchildren
    who tell me how great I am and how much they love me lifes greatest reward ( GRANDCHILDREN )

  23. I am fabulous because I don't really make any sense! My voice and laugh are loud but I prefer the quiet, I wear gym clothes but hate the gym, I lead a mostly vegetarian lifestyle until I get near a pub and I go all steak monster and I love glamour and dressing up but prefer a night on the couch with my cat! Fabulously ridiculous, I guess!!

  24. It's the little things in life,
    Being a daughter, mother and wife,
    Children's laughter, hugs are simply divine,
    Make me feel fabulous all the time,
    My family's support and loving ways,
    Lead me to live the most fabulous days.

  25. ✶*¨`*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫*¨*

    I’m fabulous because I’m me,
    Tripping though life with hilarity,

    My choc chip pancakes are the best,
    Over books, I obsess,

    Love my family to bits,
    But can’t sew or knit for quits,

    But life’s neither perfect nor is it drab,
    Just being me is really fab!


    1. Oops, sorry I didn't realise we were supposed to include our email address!

      Mine is


  26. I have no witty repertoire, or clever poems. However I work in human services; getting jobs for those with disabilities and long term unemployed. They all tell me I'm awesome because I'm non-judgemental and help them achieve their life goals.

    Just seeing the transformation of one meek person who thinks their worthless get the job of their dreams and find their sellf-worth. That is awesome; ergo I am too! I will advocate for the underdog always.

  27. I am the most fabulous at being me.

  28. It's FABULOUS to be told by many that my smile is contagious! hope it makes people happy so they can shine bright like a BEVILLES diamond!

  29. I've recently been told that I'm FABULOUS for shaving off my hair to raise money for a friend & her family who has breast cancer. The title should go to my friend though as her FABULOUS attitude going through breast cancer is INSPIRING.

  30. Being me makes me fabulous! I am just the person you want to be around- my sparkle makes others sparkle!

  31. I think Im fabulous because Im kind and I am very laid back, I always try to think about others and try to put myself in their shoes.


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