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Sunday, December 8, 2013

SIL Gift Guides: The Girly Girl

Girly Girl Gift Guide Christmas 2013

Morning sweet peas! Who's having a lazy Sunday and who's heading off to do some Christmas Shopping? Unlike yesterday's Lazy Saturday our Sunday is quite busy! We're about to head off to Church then we're heading to a barbecue and then this afternoon we're planning on heading out to do a little bit of shopping. 

Today's gift guide is for the Girly Girl in your life - and it was a breeze for me to come up with because they're all things I love - so let's get to it!

Girly Girl Gift Guide Christmas 2013

As always, the prices in this gift guide range from inexpensive to more expensive so you can find which suits your budget. You'll find all the details on the prices and where to buy them below!
One -  Craybands headbands
It's safe to say these are one of my favourite things at the moment - and I'm thinking I need to place an order for one in every colour as I wear my Craybands Headbands daily. As you know, I'm also obsessed with the Craybands Bracelets so if I don't have one of my pearl bracelets on my wrist, craybands are there. The Craybands Headbands  are $13 for a set of 3 whilst the Craybands bracelets/hair ties are $7 for a pack of 4. You can also purchase a "Bargain Bag" of bracelets for $20 which contains 15 assorted bracelets/ties. 

Two - A personalised canvas
Whether it's a picture of their beloved dog, a picture from their wedding day or a group picture of friends - Canvases are the perfect way to display your favourite images. The Canvas Factory have a range of different canvases and photo printing options and they're giving ALL Southern In-Law Readers 70% off - plus free shipping on orders over $100. All you have to do is head to and place your order!

Three - A pretty in pink Pebble SmartStick
The last thing you want to happen when you're scrolling through Instagram, texting your best friends or surfing the web on your phone is have your phone die. The Pebble SmartStick is the cutest phone charger out - and it's just a teensy bit bigger than a lipstick. There's adapters for almost every smart phone (androids/iPhone/iPod etc) and it comes in a variety of different colours. It's also a great stocking stuffer as the Pebble SmartStick is just $29.90 at IT Gadgets for Gifts.

Four - A jewelry stand 
There's nothing worse than finding your favourite necklace tangled up in a drawer - or losing it completely because your drawers are filled with bits and bobs (it happens!). This Chandelier Gems Necklace Stand from Frunique is just $69 and perfect for every jewelry lover!

Five - A classic jewelry box 
Jesse actually bought me a set of two very similar jewelry boxes - one which had "Just Because" engraved on the top and the other had "I love you". It was an out of the blue present that totally melted my heart - and that I use every day. This gorgeous Antique Style Jewelry Box from Bevilles is just $27.99 and available for purchase online. 

Six - A fondue set
Perfect for date nights at home or movie nights in with your girlfriends. This fondue set from Kitchenware Direct is perfect for any chocoholic and just $18.95 - make sure you add a block of chocolate in too for extra brownie points! (and some strawberries wouldn't go astray!) 

Seven - A cute handbag
I spotted this handbag whilst shopping the other day and it is super cute. This Laura Jones Tote also comes in white and is just $37.50 from Strandbags at the moment! (Hint hint, Jesse - I can never have enough cute handbags! You'll say I already have a pink handbag and you're right - but it also comes in White! :P)

Eight - A cute moneybox 
This is totally random - but it's cute and I like it so I included it. Would I use it for a moneybox? Probably not - but it'd look cute on our TV cabinet in our room. This Owl Moneybox is from Typo and is just $19.95!

Nine - A timeless bracelet 
I love padlock bracelets and this Sterling Silver Padlock Bracelet from Bevilles is a great gift at just $59.99

Ten - A summery tote bag
I love love love these Holy Tote Bags - they're perfect for holidays, picnics or when you're heading out to the beach - and they're perfect if you're like me and cart around a whole heap of stuff on a daily basis and need something big. My pick is the Cape Cod Collection, however, I also love the Long Island Collection. Take a look at the Holy Tote Website!

Have you ever heard of Daiso? It's a Japanese store that is slowly popping up around Australia and everything in the store is $2.80. There's no need for a price check because whatever you pick up will be $2.80 - so what better place to look for stocking stuffers?! Take a look at the Daiso Website to see if there's a store near you - they have everything from kitchenware and cookware to lhomewares and lifestyle products to toys, stationery and even food items.

But ladies, tell me! Do you consider yourself a girly girl or are you more of a tomboy?
What's on your Christmas list this year? 

I've always been a girly girl. At around age 10, all of my friends went through the tomboy stage and I tried to follow... let's just say that didn't work. I'd pretend I was a tomboy too only to go home and play Bratz dolls with my sister and ask for everything in pink. I have always been "the pink girl" which meant poor Katrina was always "the purple girl" :P

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