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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Succinct Saturdays: December 7th, 2013

Short and Sweet: Succinct Saturdays at Southern In-Law

Lately, we've had quite a few readers leave us comments or messages or write us emails letting us know how much they love reading our "everyday post". To be honest, Jesse and I thought we were pretty boring - but I can see why you like them - and you ask, we deliver! 

So we decided that, in addition to our other posts, we're starting a new series called Succinct Saturdays - basically a short but sweet way to tell you all about our weekend! But as well as what we're doing - we'd love to get to know more about you too!

If you're a blogger, feel free to post your own Succinct Saturday posts (we may even create a link up if enough of you are interested!) and readers, leave a comment or send us an email telling us about your own Saturdays!

Chanel fast asleep on the couch

This is how I found little miss Chanel when I woke up this morning - fast asleep, snuggled into the crack of the couch (her favourite spot). I got up at around 6am whilst Jesse snored away :P 

Chanel is the biggest snugglepuss in the world. Her days are spent sleeping, snuggling, snoozing and then add in a dash of barking, eating and playing. I guess you could also say she's just incredibly lazy - and you would be right! 

Daily Readings - Jesus Calling by Sarah Young Review

I always start my mornings with tea and the day's reading from Jesus Calling. Ohhhhhhhh how I love this book! I cannot recommend it enough. It gets me thinking and it's really helped to strengthen my relationship with The Lord. 

Three Ingredient Banana Pancakes

Saturdays are Pancake Days at the SIL House. Well, it's always pancakes for Jesse - but for me it's "fancy breakfast day" - as in breakfasts that take more work than simply spreading peanut butter on a breakfast bake.

This morning I tested out a new recipe that was reallyyyy good - and it only has three ingredients! I'll be sharing the recipe soon so keep an eye out. These babies were smothered in PB post photo :P 

Jesse letting his food cool off while playing PSP

My lazy husband got up at about 7:30am so I made pancakes for him too. Since I know Jesse can be picky, I always let him choose what type of pancakes he wants. He didn't want banana pancakes so for him it was our Better than iHop Healthy Pancake Recipe topped with maple syrup. 

Jesse is a gamer as you may already know - and this is what I have to deal with :P Jesse doesn't like food hot (I say it's because he's always been too busy playing games to eat food hot) so this is him "letting the pancakes cool" while he plays his PSP. 

If you're interested - the top games according to Jesse at the moment are; Harvest Moon Back to Nature (PSP), New Super Mario Bros (Wii U), Pokemon Y (3DS), Zelda Windwaker (Wii U). It's safe to say Jesse is a big dork! :P 

Saturday morning bike ride
I finally dragged Jesse away from his games a few hours later and we headed out for a bike ride. 

My bike has been giving us issues - brakes broken, gears not working, evil sticky outy things stabbing me in the back of the legs and cutting me open, clunking and clanging. 

I almost gave up on the bike completely, however, I'm stubborn as a mule - so we gave it another go this morning and probably rode for around 20 minutes around the neighbourhood. 

Riding a bike is way harder than I thought... especially when the gears aren't working properly. 

How to make fresh pumpkin pureeHow to make fresh pumpkin puree for pumpkin pie

After our bike ride, we got showered and dressed (and snacked - though unpictured because snacks are usually gone in 0.002 seconds :P) and then headed out to buy some pumpkins. 

These pumpkins were destined for pies so into the oven they went to bake before pureeing. 

Garlic and Herb Yogurt Dip with Corn Chips and Vegetables

Corn Chips with Cheese, Salsa and Pickle
Lunch snuck up on us and we both had quite snacky lunches. Corn chips with veggies and a garlic and herb yogurt dip for me and corn chips with cheese, salsa and a pickle for Jesse (he's not pregnant - don't worry guys!).

I've always been a snacky eater and on the weekends Jesse tends to follow suit. I like small meals more frequently so most times my lunches will be a little bit here and a little bit there. Jesse also had some veggies with the yogurt dip and we had sliced apples as well. And the best part? A deeeeeeeeelicious Bondi Chai <3 

The recipe for that yogurt dip is coming very very soon - we love it!

Healthy Pumpkin Pie Baking in Oven

We're heading to a barbeque after church tomorrow so I did some baking! We're bringing two of our Healthy Pumpkin Pies (one of the two which is totally ugly thanks to my horribad cookie sheet warping in the oven and causing the mix to spill out of the side :( 

Then of course the foil stuck to the top and ripped bits off.... Murphy's law, my friends - it happens to us all! Even this obsessed baker makes really ugly baked goods from time to time.

Healthy Apple Almond Meal Muffins

So that I can have something to munch on too, I made our Healthy Apple Almond Cake Recipe into muffins (in 'I'm Gluten Free muffin' cases from Allergy Riders) which also look quite ugly - but taste soooooooo good! Hopefully the gluten free-ness doesn't put anyone off as we all love this recipe!

 We've had a super lazy day and other than baking the majority of the day, we've pretty much just watched TV. Jesse now actually likes Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Say Yes to the Dress as well as all of the different wedding-y shows. 

For dinner, we decided since we had so much time, we'd do something a little bit different! I just received an awesome new crepe pan from Kitchenware Direct and I wanted to put it to work so I've been thinking up some different ideas. What I ended up making for dinner for myself were some deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious savoury crepes which I'll be sharing the recipe for very very veryyyy soon! (They're SO easy!)

Healthy Asian Style Chicken Noodle Soup

My husband, on the other hand, was inspired by something on TV and decided that an Asian Style Noodle Soup would be perfect - so that's what I whipped up with him (and a bit of a clean out the veggie drawer meal using up the veggies we had).

Tonight, we're just hanging out at home with my sister and my should-be-sister Lily as SIL Mama and Papa are away for the weekend! We're currently obsessed MTV's Catfish so we're planning on watching the movie tonight. Since Jesse and I did meet online and were in a long distance relationship, we totally cringe every time they open a door to see if the person they've been talking to is actually who they say they are.

But tell us, what are you up to this weekend?
And what TV shows are you loving at the moment?

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