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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Conquering Our Black Thumbs with GardenKit

I have a black thumb - Plant Killer

I'll admit it.... as much as Jesse and I would like to be good gardeners, we're pretty rubbish at it. We have good intentions, we're just not so great at the whole execution part.

Actually.... come to think of it... we're great at the whole execution part because we're plant killers

We've often decided to plant everything, gone out and bought everything we needed and then life gets in the way, the plants die, the soil dries out and we never get around to actually potting or planting anything. Or we never even have time to go to the store to buy everything we need and it just becomes one of those tasks that we never get around to. 

GardenKit Herb Garden Kit

But the team at GardenKit are super smart and have solved all of our problems by making gardening super easy - and also super compact. 

We don't have room for an entire veggie patch, but we still want to grow things - and GardenKit totally have it sorted. 

As someone who is cooking and creating dishes all the time, I use alot of fresh herbs - and said fresh herbs get preeeeetttty pricey when you're buying them all the time. 

GardenKit Herb Garden Kit

Luckily, GardenKit's are not super pricey - in fact, you can have your own little GardenKit for less than the amount you'd pay for a month or two's worth of fresh herbs - and way less than you'd pay if you went to Bunnings. 

The seeds are around $2-2.50 per pack and pots range between $10 and $55 depending on which one you choose. The predesigned GardenKits which contain a pot, seeds, soil and instructions start at $25 per kit.

GardenKit Herb Garden Kit

And I promise you, the process is totally fool proof. Cut open your bag of soil, pour it into your pot, add in your seeds, top with more soil, water and then wait for your little seeds to grow! 

So easy I did it with one hand and took photos with the other ;)

The hardest part is remembering to water them - but now I just set a reminder on my phone to do that :P Hopefully in a few weeks, we'll have a lush little herb garden to show you.

Here's everything you need to know if you want your own GardenKit! 

GardenKit Herb Garden Kit
Herb Kits start at $12
Flower Kits start at $13.50
Vegetable Kits start at $12
Predesigned Kits start at $25

Contact GardenKit here

But what about you; 
Do you have a black thumb?


  1. I've tried to grow cucumbers, eggplant, and parsley before...all of them were total fails :( So sad because I would love to have my own fresh herbs especially!

  2. Kristy @ Southern In-LawMarch 19, 2014 at 11:40 AM

    I totally feel your pain - vegetables are especially hard to grow! I'm hoping these herbs will be much more successful :P

    I once tried to grow spinach and it was going great - but then I ate it faster then it could grow ;P


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