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Friday, May 9, 2014

Recent Things: Processing, Puppy Birthdays and Being Totally Mortified (RT#12)

Hi loves! Friday again! How time manages to go faster and fast each week, I'll never know!

As you would know if you've seen these posts before, they're a bit of a look back at the week we've had - a snapshot of our week, I guess! This week has been busy busy so I have quite a bit to share!

Happy Birthday Chanel Paige!
Recent Celebrations:
Today is my beautiful Nelly Bean's birthday!

Chanel is six today and as snuggly as ever. It's safe to say I'm totally obsessed with my pup - but it's pretty hard not to love her, she's ridiculously cute, only ever wants to snuggle and she's super soft and fluffy.

We're going to bake her a doggy carrot cake with some peanut butter on top (her two favourite foods are carrots and peanut butter ;P) 

Recent Love:
Our fireplace. It's the place to be of an evening and I'm totally obsessed with it once again.

I hate winter - but I love that it means the fireplace comes back on ;P

Autumn Leaves in Sydney Autumn Leaves in Sydney

Recently Admiring:
Nature! From the gorgeous Autumn leaves to the incredible moon we saw coming home from our friends house the other night. 

You only have to look at the world around us to know that God exists, as it says in Romans 1:20; "For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities - his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God".  

Nature is an incredible, mind blowing thing. 

Unique Christian T-Shirt Designs
Recently Excitement:
Getting our new Christian Designs cards in the mail - they are super cute!

We've got dozens of new designs and after quite a few SIL Readers asked me whether we'd be selling the designs on Spreadshirt as well, I'm working on that too!

Be sure to like our Facebook page to keep up to date!

Russell Hobbs Colour Control Food ProcessorRecently Must Have:
Well, if you've been reading SIL for a while, you'd know that I'm a pink girl. Pink is my favourite colour and 9/10 I'll make a decision on something based on whether it comes in pink.. ;P

So when I realised that this Russell Hobbs Colour Control Food Processor turns pink, I was pretty excited.

And then I used it.... and I fell in love.

Russell Hobbs Colour Control Food Processor
excuse the iPhone photos, my camera is having issues at the moment

You see, not only does it turn pink - it does everything you'd want a food processor to do and more. It chops, shreds, grates, whisks and beats - and you can use it as a food processor or as a blender by switching the top. 

Since we've started using it, our mixer has kind of been neglected - because it's so much easier to use the food processor andddddddddd you can put it in the dishwasher to clean. Because, really, who wants to be doing dishes?

But back to the colour part - it's not a disco party processor, but it does change colour according to the speed.  
  • Blue is speed one - and that's what you use for slicing/shredding/grating with the blade attachment. 
  • Pink (they say purple but we're going with pink) is for kneading dough (and there's a dough tool to use for that!) or whipping (and there's a whipping disc too!) and creaming butter. 
  • Green is for blending (perfect for green smoothies!) 
  • Red is for pulsing when you're chopping or processing ingredients. 
I've been using it for everything - from blending soups to making raw bites and cheesecakes (I crush the biscuits using the pulse function, then clean out the bowl and make the cheesecake filling in the processor too!).  You can buy it from a number of different stores, but whilst I was in Myer yesterday I noticed it's on sale for $127! (See it here)

Kristy and Jesse Southern In-Law

Kmart OnesieRecently Thankful for:
A husband who makes me laugh, who buys me onesies even when I protest (seriously, the Kmart Novelty Onesies are the warmest things ever and only $22 - I took back my protest within an hour haha), who supports me in everything I do and who puts up with my ridiculousness ;P 

Recently Reads:
I'm currently reading Start Here by David Dwight and Nicole Unice.

Recently Viewing:
Last night we watched Guilt Trip on Netflix which was pretty good - but the other night we laughed ourselves silly over the Mortified Nation Documentary. The documentary is about a stage show that's touring across the US where everyday adults get up on stage and share pieces of their own childhood diaries. It makes you cringeeeeee because you remember being that insecure teenager or clueless child. 

Jesse and I realised that we both never kept diaries - but there were hundreds of people on this documentary who kept them religiously - so now we're wondering if we're the odd ones out ;P I don't think I ever had the commitment to a diary - I'd say I would write in one every day, write two days in a row and then life would get in the way..

But tell me, did you/do you keep a diary? 
What was the best thing you read/ate/watched this week? 
And what's your one must have kitchen appliance?
My first must have kitchen appliance is a kettle because I'm tea obsessed - but a food processor is next as it allows you to grate/process/blend/everything. 

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