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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday - May 4th, 2014

I have got to stop saying I'm getting better as every time I do, I wake up worse the next morning - and all I want is for this evil flu to go away!

Last night we had a onesie party in the SIL house - Jesse in his Monkey Onesie, Katrina is her Totoro Onesie and me in my ridiculously soft bear onesie - the cold wintery weather totally kicked our butts!

After going shopping briefly in the morning (I mean seriously briefly - in and out in one hour) Jesse and I spent our afternoon huddled up inside with the heater painting plaster bobble heads from Kmart - we're five, I know ;P 

Lots of cooking and baking has been done this week (most of which just so I could warm myself by the oven ;P) and the most successful recipes have included these delicious mystery tarts and the most incredible cheesecake recipe.

The fireplace has returned for the winter and Jesse and I are happier than a pack of seagulls with some french fries ;P 

I haven't gone for a walk all week (as I've been so sick) and of course yesterday when I wanted to walk it was too busy pouring with rain - thank you, Murphy ;P

But tell me about your weekend! 
Also, what's your favourite rainy day activity?
and what do you most look forward to about winter?

We usually spend rainy days watching movies or I read whilst Jesse plays video games - and the only thing we look forward to about winter is the heater and extra blankets on our bed. We're not winter fans ;P 

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