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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why We Love Calling Australia Home [PLUS a Giveaway!]

Our favourite things about Australia - must visit places in Australia

There are mannnnnnnnyyyyyyyy different reasons why people love Australia and there are so many to choose from - but we've narrowed it down to a few specific reasons why we love calling Australia home.
Bar Beach Newcastle Australia

We have BEACHES and we probably take that for granted. The first time Jesse came to Australia was his first time ever stepping foot on a beach and it totally blew my mind because I've grown up having gorgeous beaches just 20 minutes from my house!

Blue Mountains, Sydney Australia

And you can drive just two hours from those beaches and be here, the Blue Mountains! I could look at the scenery in Katoomba all day long - the rolling hills, the valleys and waterfalls, thousands of trees, blue skies and just the sheer size of everything.

I like to think that God lingered a little longer when it came to creating Australia because the beauty of our country never fails to overwhelm and amaze me. We have some of the worlds prettiest beaches, the most incredible mountain ranges, lush rainforests and even the dry barren desert has its own unique beauty.

Sunset in Sydney Australia

Then I see sunsets like this and I think "Yep, He definitely did linger a little longer when it came to Australia".

Religious Freedom in Australia

We have religious freedom and freedom of speech - we are free to live our lives however we please and that is an incredible thing when you think about how people in other countries are living.

Kookaburra in Sydney Australia

We have super cute Native Animals - and the most incredible variety of widelife. 

Family Christmas in Sydney Australia

Australia is where half of our family is - and we're all close enough to visit. I also love that Australians have strong family values - family is so so important and we all know that. 

South Cronulla Beach, Sydney Australia

Can we just get a hallelujah that THIS IS AUTUMN?!?!?!? When the sun is shining at the end of AUTUMN/FALL and you can go to the beach in a bikini, you know you're in a pretty awesome place. 

Pink and Purple Sunset over Sydney Harbour Australia

We have incredible sunsets and an absolutely gorgeous harbour in the heart of our city!

Sydney City Skyline at Night - Sydney Harbour Australia at Night

And it looks even more beautiful at night!

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables - Farmers Markets in Sydney Australia

We have access to some of the world's best fresh produce - whether it be at the farmer's market, straight from the farm or from a green grocer or supermarket. We have fresh, healthy food available to EVERYONE - not just the super privileged. 

World's Best Coffee - Sydney Australia - What is Australia's Best Coffee Brand?

Australian's know how to make a good coffee - and I mean a goooooooooood coffee. I've had coffee elsewhere and it's just not the same. 

Harris Coffee at Home In Sydney Australia - Favourite Christian Mug Design - Unique Christian Gift Ideas

And we don't have to go out for good coffee - because we can have it at home (in my favourite mug)! 

Harris Coffee is an Australian Owned and Operated and they roast and blend their beans in their factory in Kingsgrove (which is literally 10 MINUTES from our house! How's that for locally roasted?!) to ensure they are creating the very best coffee for their customers. 

Australians are fussy about their coffee and over 5.9 million Australians start their day with a cup of coffee (Jesse has definitely learnt that Australia makes some of the best coffee - he wasn't too much of a fan before he moved here!) so Harris makes sure that they can provide the perfect cup that's made on home soil. Their beans are imported from around the world and brought to Sydney where their master roasters are on hand every step of the way to roast and blend the beans to ensure the coffee is rich, smooth and just right for our unique Aussie taste. Roasting the beans locally not only ensures they are as fresh as possible when they arrive to you, but it also changes the taste, quality, shelf life and flavour dynamic of the coffee. 

There is definitely more to a cup of Harris coffee than you might think! (And seriously - if you need more convincing, all you need to do is smell a bag of their coffee beans - heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaven) 

Win a Locally Made Gourmet Hamper from Harris Coffee

Harris Coffee, like us, are passionate about our beautiful country and all of the incredible things that are made here - so they are giving you the chance to Win a Locally Made Gourmet Coffee Hamper worth $555!

How to Enter:
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The hamper includes; Harris Ground Espresso 200g, Harris Premium Beans 500g, Harris Ground Black Label 200g, Harris Ground Signature Blend 200g, Harris Reserve Colombian Beans 1kg, Crooked Creek Pistachio Jacks, Rosnay Organic Fig Preserves, The Other Chef Balsamic Essence, Phillippa's Bakery Herbed Spiced Nuts, Mount Zero Kalamata Olives, Gumnut Chocolates Mixed Truffles Chocolate Box, Sweetness the Patisserie Mixed Caramel Bonbons, Lynwood Preserves Roasted Red Capsicum Relish, Crooked Creek Cheese Biscuits, Sweetness the Patisserie White Chocolate Rocky Road, Farmgate Cheese Pinot Noir Jelly, Sweet Acres Triple Chocolate Brownie, Gumnut Chocolates Classic Florentines, Maya Sunny Honey Stringy Bark Honey, Tabletop Grapes Sunmuscat Clusters, The Other Good Chef Quince Paste, The Simple Fine Food Company Charcoal Lavoche, The Simple Fine Food Company Organic Lavoche, Atticus and Max Cloudy Beetroot Relish, Rylestone Olive Press Cudegong Gold Medal olive Oil, Herbies Spices Sweet and Sour Scrumptious Compact Kit, Lowe Wines Shiraz, Lowe Wines Pinot Gris, Didgeridoonas Picnic Bag.

Competition is open to Australian Residents and closes on June 28th 2014 at 11:59 PM EST. The best valid entries will be selected as the winner by Kristy and Jesse and notified via Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. Should the winners not reply within 14 days of contact, an alternate winner will be selected. Please note: the winner must be a valid and current liker of the Southern In-Law Facebook /Twitter/Instagram page  at the time of competition's close.

(Psssttt; These questions are just to chat - not for the competition entry! I just love hearing what you have to say!)

But tell me, 
What's your ultimate cup of coffee? 
And if you're Australian, what's the one place you recommend as a must-see to visitors?
If you're not Australian, why would you like to come to Aus?

For me, I love a Cafe Au Lait (super traditional with no sugar - just steamed milk!), Latte or if I'm not feeling like too much coffee, a Latte Macchiato for all that creamy frothy milk. 

As for my must-visit places? I'd have to say the Blue Mountains and the Harbour. We took Jesse to both on his first trip and we took Wesley when he came here for our wedding and both were totally blown away. Both Jesse and Wesley really wanted to come and see the harbour for themselves too!

This is a Sponsored Post for Harris Coffee Australia, however, all opinions expressed in this post are Kristy and Jesse's own. This post has been entirely written by Kristy and has not been influenced by the company in any way. For brands looking for further information on sponsored post, please contact Kristy directly at


  1. I luckily awake to sunshine and "Morning, mate!", endless possibilities in Australia await, a spot on coffee is our local fine art, much unlike our European counterparts!

  2. I love the fact that Australian's are sought out and loved all over the world. I have a friend's son who is currently travelling in South America and everywhere he goes people keep telling him how much they love Australians. He feels like a celebrity! Dont know whether it's because we generally have the reputation of being easy-going or they think our Great Southern Land is 'exotic'. Regardless, it's nice to know that our land and people are so highly thought of in so many other countries. We are blessed to live on this diverse, beautiful, vast continent....

  3. I love the Australian culture, the food, the wine, the environment, the beaches, the green hills, the friends and family who all bring joy everyday in the best country in the world!!!

  4. You are definitely right - we are always an attraction when we head back to the US because everyone wants to know all about Australia!

  5. Our beaches are pretty amazing! #SILHarrisCoffee

  6. Arman @ thebigmansworldJune 1, 2014 at 10:07 AM

    So just came here from my friend Kelly's blog (femme fitale) and was stoked to see another Aussie- one from Sydney too! Ironic that I saw this post first, as the one thing I go on about to my friends overseas is how superior our coffee is!

  7. Haha exactly! Aussie coffee is waaaay better than US coffee ;)


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