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Thursday, June 5, 2014

#SILintheSouth: Our Louisiana Summer Bucket List

#SILintheSouth Louisiana Summer Bucket List

As you may already know, Jesse and I are heading back to Louisiana to see his family at the end of this month. Our flights are booked and we're compiling our Louisiana Summer Bucket List! 

I'm a planner whilst Jesse is the opposite and I've learnt that we need to come up with these to do list for each trip we gone on or we end up doing nothing at all ;P 

So lets take a look at what we're planning on getting up to during our #SILintheSouth trip - and be sure to let us know your own suggestions in the comments! >>

Ride a four wheeler - Louisiana Summer Bucket List

Most people are surprised when I say this because they think I'm an uber girly girl. Whilst I am incredibly girly, I also like to have fun - and I'm not afraid of getting dirty if I'm making memories. 

Last time we were in Louisiana together we rode four wheelers through the cow pastures in Mississippi and it was so much fun! Though this time I'd happily do it minus the cows ;P

Discover Louisiana's Healthy Side - Louisiana Summer Bucket List

Now this is a bit of a big one as so far I've yet to see Louisiana's Healthy Side - and I don't even know if there is one, but I'm keen on discovering it if there is! With so many local farms, fresh local produce and so much land, it has to be there somewhere - doesn't it?

Head back to where Jesse proposed - Louisiana Summer Bucket List

Jesse proposed to me in 2012 in the middle of the Kisatchie National Forest, right amongst the trees (read the full story and see all of the pictures here) and I'd love to head back to that very spot!

Bake something with our nieces - Louisiana Summer Bucket List

We have four gorgeous nieces who we can't wait to spend time with. Last week they were complimenting my cupcakes so I've promised I'll bake something with them while we're there! Kids love baking and I loveeeeeeee seeing the smiles on their faces. 

Visit a farmer's market or farm - Louisiana Summer Bucket List

Whilst I'd love to actually pick fresh produce (oh pick-your-own blueberry farms, how I dream of you!) Jesse doesn't think it's possible in Alexandria so we're going to stick with visiting either a Farmer's Market or a Farm - then I can get my fresh produce fix on ;P

Buy fresh produce from a roadside stall - Louisiana Summer Bucket List

And adding to that, there are loads of roadside stalls with fresh local produce around Jesse's Mom's house, so I'm desperate to buy something from one... yeah I'm the weirdo who's happier with a fresh watermelon than she is with a new car ;P

Take a look at the stars at Night - Louisiana Summer Bucket List

Living in Sydney, you don't get to see too many stars in the night sky as there are so many lights! We want to take a moment to stop, look up and admire!

Visit a Local Church for Sunday Worship - Louisiana Summer Bucket List

As a Christian, I love to discover how others worship. Every church service is different and we're planning on heading to two very different churches whilst we're in Louisiana. I'm hoping to get some inspiration and ideas to bring home to our own church - as well as to be inspired by the passion others have for Jesus Christ!

Visit Valentine Lake Louisiana - Louisiana Summer Bucket List

We've seen lots of Jesse's friends and family posting pictures of Valentine Lake and it looks really pretty - so we're determined to head there with family for a relaxed day out!

See a Kirk's Dik Dik at Alexandria Zoo - Louisiana Summer Bucket List

Last time we were in Louisiana, I was desperate to see a Kirk's Dik Dik when we went to Alexandria Zoo, however, I was supeeeeeeeer disappointed as it was no where to be seen. This time I willlll see one so watch this space! (Read our story of Kirk's Dik Dik here)

Have a Fourth of July Party - Louisiana Summer Bucket List

I keep teasing Jesse that I'm going to go all out for the 4th of July with red white and blue EVERYTHING - but I've been warned that I'm not allowed to geek out because that is so not cool so I'll have to keep it tame ;P

Get my Foodie Hit in Baton Rouge - Louisiana Summer Bucket List

There's no Trader Joes or Whole Foods Market in Louisiana, however there is in Baton Rouge so Jesse has promised me a foodie day in Baton Rouge to buy whatever I want. US Readers, send your Trader Joes must have lists as I need suggestions!!

But tell me, is there anything you think we should add to our Louisiana Summer Bucket List? Have you ever visited Louisiana?
What's on your own bucket list for this year?

1 comment:

  1. I guess you are right,,, I should include Louisiana in my Summer Bucket List... But after my vacation in Nowra Australia. Hope it is great as my experience here especially in terms as accommodation.


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