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Friday, June 6, 2014

Recent Things: Sniffles, Cookies, Silly Accidents and More

Yay! It's Friday - and you know what that means? Jesse's evil alarm won't wake me up for the next few days ;P And this weekend is a long weekend so that means it's even better than normal!

But let's have a look at what we've been up to this week

Recent Must Have: Tissues. And not because I want to have them - but because I have no option but to have them. I'm in full blown snuffleupagus mode.

Recent Annoyance: I've been sick all week and when you're sick and an alarm BEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPS you awake at 6am it's not very fun. 

Recent Fail: I had a major baking fail this week. First I overfilled cupcake cases, then as said overfilled cupcake cases started to rise, two toppled off the tray, dripped through the bottom of the oven and it was a big gooping chocolate cake mess. Eugh. Needless to say that recipe is not going on the blog!

Recent Deliciousness: Cookies! Yesterday I made lightened up and gluten free chocolate chip cookies and they were deeeeeeelicious! I don't make cookies that often because my husband will just eat them all, however, this time I've come up with the perfect small batch recipe so that you don't have to bake 3 dozen cookies or worry about your husband eating 3 dozen cookies ;P 

Recent Silliness: I was really cold and feeling awful on Wednesday night so I bundled up with a super thick woolen scarf, socks, slippers, warm clothes, a blanket and Jesse's silly dog/wolf beanie (which is really warm despite how silly it looks - just too big for my little head ;P).

Recent Excitement: My name is officially Kristy Sayer-Jones... well at least on my medicare card. Apparently the government aren't too fond of hyphenated names as I had to send all these forms off to be approved - but alas, it's all approved now!

Recent LoveeeeeeeeeeeEmphasis on love because I am obsessed with my OmniBlend! It makes THE BEST SMOOTHIES EVEEEEEEEEEEER. Forget the vitamix or thermomix that's going to set you back a couple of thousand dollars. 

The OmniBlend is between $300-340, makes perfect smoothies in 30 seconds, can make flours from wholegrains (we made brown rice flour from brown rice yesterday in 35 seconds I KID YOU NOT), can make soup from start to finish in the blender (and even makes it hot just from the friction of the blades) and all you have to do to clean it is put some water and detergent inside, whizz it up and BAM, cleaning done. 

I'm kind of obsessed and I may or may not have done 30 or so happy dances whilst testing out different things in the OmniBlend. Plus if you use the coupon code SOUTHERNINLAW you get $10 off so everyone can happy dance!

But be warned - don't just jam your hand in there like
an idiot I did because those super sharp blades will slice your hand open.... but then you can just do what I did and make yourself a smoothie to take your mind of things... ;P 
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But tell me, how has your week been?
What's the best thing you've eaten/made/read/done recently?

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