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Friday, July 25, 2014

Recent Things: Nannying, Kristy Christmas and Broken Husbands?!

Well, things have been CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY this week in our world. I feel like we've been chasing our tails since getting back from Louisiana as we're playing catch up from when we're away. We've had something on every single day and I've been helping some friends out by looking after their littles (and I remembered just how longggggg 11 hour nannying days are) and this weekend and next week are going to be hectic as well!

I feel like we all need to take a big breath innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn and then make a big relieved sigh because at least it's Friday! (Even though that means things are only going to get busier around here, ha!) 

Recent Mishaps: Well, our Sunday started off on a rather bad note. I'd just posted our Six Sentence Sunday post, made Jesse breakfast and headed into our bedroom to tell him it was ready and I found Jesse laying face down on the floor. 

I told him to get up only to hear "I cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn't" in a little raspy. pained voice. He's managed to slip a disc in his back so he's been at the physio this week and taking it easy. There are always dramas in the SIL house, I tell you! ;P 

Recent Excitement: Yesterday was like Kristy Christmas!!! My big iHerb order came in full of goodies and it totally made my week. I have so much good to try devour and share with you all. I've promised multiple readers another big iHerb must have post very soon as we're constantly ordering from iHerb and I promise I'll deliver very very soon! 

iHerb have awesome special offers on at the moment (including free international shipping for orders over $40) and if you're ordering for the first time, you can use the coupon code OTO868 for $10 off your order!

Recent Laugh: Madam was very cranky and sick yesterday and decided a nap was not going to happen during the day, meaning she fell asleep eating her dinner at 5pm! I had to fish the food out of her mouth (as I was worried about her choking as she was breathing heavily) which got me a smack to the face only to have her fall asleep again a few seconds later.

Recent Cuteness: My little love in her new outfits! I have a dog who lovessssssssss having t-shirts and cute dresses - she prances around the house like she's in a Toddlers and Tiara's pageant because she knows she's adorable. 


Recent Posts: Be sure to check out this week's new recipes - Our Secretly Skinny Almond Meal Cookies and the Savoury Mushroom Rice Bowl.

But tell me, how has your week been? 
What's the best thing you've eaten/done/received/discovered this week? 
And where's the weirdest place you've ever fallen asleep?
I once fell asleep under the barstools at home..... and that sounds really awful, but I wasn't drunk - I was tired after my birthday party or a late night and managed to fall asleep on the floor... weird kid, I know. Jesse just falls asleep EVERYWHERE. 


  1. When I was a kid we were on holidays in Queensland staying in this 2 storey townhouse (which was so exciting because stairs!). I had a nap, starting in my bed, and woke up in the middle of the spiral staircase with my cousins playing on the stairs around me haha. No recollection of obviously sleep walking to the stairs and laying down again to go back to sleep.

    Best thing I've eaten/discovered this week are Lucky Oven Roasted Almonds with Yoghurt Sultanas. So much better than I was expecting!

  2. do you know if you can do delayed orders with iherb? I want to take advantage of the free shipping this month but I'm moving so couldn't have it delivered for a few weeks

  3. Ah I hope he feels better! That's an awful way to start your day! I've been babysitting lots lately, but nothing close to an 11 hour day. These little 4 hour nannying jobs get me very tired! I really need to order off of iherb soon! It's on my to do list, but I never get around to it! I'm out of almond butter though, so I think it's imperative I get a move on and get myself together xx

  4. Hey Lucy,
    I got in touch with iherb and it doesn't look like they offer delayed orders. Their current shipping deals last until Thursday 31st US time so perhaps you could order yours and have it delivered to a friend/family members home?

  5. Haha that is too funny!

    We loveeee those Roasted Almonds and Yogurt Sultanas - whenever we travel they're packed as a must-have snack (and whilst in Louisiana they were a go-to!)

  6. You definitely need to try out iHerb! Most things are so much cheaper than you can buy in stores and there is so much variety! I ordered both creamy and crunchy almond butter this time!

  7. thanks for checking. Very kind! Unfortunately I'm moving country (NZ to Japan) so i don't know anyone. Oh well, i'll just hope the shipping isn't too much :)

  8. Hey Lucy,
    iHerb's shipping is usually super cheap! We've never paid more than $20 for shipping and we usually have huge boxes shipped all the way to Australia!


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