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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Our First Wedding Anniversary!

Psssttt; Here's our Wedding Posts if you're interested!

Today, Jesse and I celebrated ONE YEAR of marriage! I cannot believe it's been a whole year since our wedding day - but it has been! In some ways it feels like we've been married for way longer - but in others it seems like our big day was just a week or two ago!

Just like on our wedding day, the weather was perfect today - so we headed out for a day of adventure. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and there was a cool breeze that meant we could enjoy a day outside. 

We headed down to the Royal National Park with no concrete plans (just wanting to take the day as it came and explore together) but we knew we wanted to hire an aqua bike from the boat sheds so that's what we did first!

Whilst we considered hiring a canoe, we decided the aqua bike would be funner and I think we were right! We spent half an hour paddling around the river.

And we even passed by some turtles that were just hanging out! Can you spot them?

The aqua bike hire was super cheap too - and I can't believe it's something we haven't done sooner! It was just $15 for half an hour's hire and it was worth every cent! It was a total leg workout too - especially when pushing against the current!

After our little workout, we headed back in the car to drive through the park - heading towards Bundeena and Wattamolla. We decided to take the turn off to Wattamolla to explore some more. 

We took the bush track down to the beach and Jesse was blown away. You see, Wattamolla is a cove/lagoon/beach combination - on the right hand side you have the pacific ocean and on the left a gorgeeeeeeous lagoon complete with waterfall.

And the best news of all? My beach hating (and shark fearing) husband told me he'd love to come back and go swimming with me in the summer! Waaaaahooooooooo!

This is the man who would not take his shoes off the first time we ever went to the beach together and who I don't think has ever walked through the sand - let alone swam at the beach.

After we soaked up Wattamolla, we headed back up the path to our car to explore some more - after driving towards Wollongong, we decided to head back to Audley opposite the boat shed to a shady little picnic spot we saw earlier. 

The picnic table was free so we ate our lunch with a gorgeous view and perfect company. I packed us a gluten free picnic - cheese and crackers, carrot sticks and hummus, homemade muffins and lots of other goodies. 

After gobbling down our lunch, we grabbed the picnic rug out of the car and decided to lay down and soak up the sunshine some more - watching the birds play around us and loving on the cool breeze from the river.

I love looking at all of the flowers and wildlife so we walked around for a while before heading back to the car and heading back towards home. 

The rest of our day was spent napping (I was seriously exhausted after all that peddling - a huge walk yesterday and a day of hardcore gardening - where I lost my beloved ring! Wah!), eating deeeelicious healthy chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, dining al' fresco for dinner and watching a movie.

Jesse has a little tradition for holidays that he continued with our anniversary - he'll get me multiple cards and then write them out for certain parts of our day, surprising me with a new card for every little moment. The first card I got in bed this morning with my anniversary presents, the second was waiting on the doorstep when I got back from my walk, the third he put on top of our picnic basket so I could open it whilst we had lunch, the fourth I got once we returned home and the fifth he handed me just now!

Now Jesse is happy as a pig in mud because I've let him burn some of the dead sticks/twigs/branches we picked up yesterday whilst gardening/cleaning up and then we're going to watch a movie and eat some more anniversary cake! 

But tell me, what's your idea of the perfect day out? Whether it be for an anniversary, your birthday or just a day of fun!
I'm definitely an outdoorsy girl - I love exploring parks and beaches so this was perfect for me - but I also love a snuggly movie day at home when it's cold!


  1. Aw! Such a cute beautiful day together!
    I've used those "aqua" bikes/paddle boat things once with my mom on a Lake we liked to go to! So totally a leg workout! Especially when your the one doing all the pedaling ;)

  2. Looks delicious. I was thinking of trying this with buckwheat flour, have you tried this? Do you think it would work? Love your website, so many great recipes!

  3. It was fab! And yes, such a workout when you're the only one pedalling haha. Jesse stopped quite a few times so I pedalled for both of us ;P

  4. Hi Kato, I'm so glad you love the blog! I have tried it with buckwheat flour but found the taste and texture was better when using either 1/4 cup gf plain flour + 1/4 cup buckwheat flour or all gf plain flour

  5. Thanks. I ended up putting 1/3 cup buckwheat. I also added cottage cheese, grated cheddar (instead of Parmesan) and feta into the batter and it was really good. I might use this instead of spanakopita for a member of the family who is gluten free!


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