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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Six Sentence Sunday: October 5th, 2014

Take a look at this week's Recent Things post to see what we've been up to during the week

As per our Saturday morning tradition, we headed off on a bushwalk yesterday morning - only this time I decided to stray a litttttttleeeeeeeee off track and may or may not have turned our walk into an orienteering adventure (and annoyed Jesse by taking photos with him in the background - to the point where he ran chasing me to tickle me to get the camera out of my hands).

Our bushwalk started on our usual track - with a big, clear open path that's easy to follow and winds through the trees, up rocks, down staircases and around the river.

But our pace was a bit quicker this week and I felt like our bush walk went by in the blink of an eye - so after we walked back up to the main section of the park, I decided to take a little detour.

I'd noticed a no bikes sign randomly at the side of the road during my walks and decided that it had to be a path (as our usual track has the same sign under the "Bushwalk" sign) so I told Jesse we were exploring a new "track" - because track sounds way safer than I saw this sign on the side of the road and decided it had to lead somewhere so let's follow it and hope it comes out somewhere close to home. 

As you can see above, it all started out fine and the path was clear.... but about a minute later, the "track" turned into this and instead of turning around, I decided we needed to just keep on going - I knew we needed to go straight for a little bit to wind around the massive valley that I walk past (on the road) every day - and then we needed to try head upwards towards the road.

So we did just that (and Jesse got his GPS out to confirm that, yes, we were safely in the middle of nowhere) and I kept on walking until I saw a car and realised we had indeed found ourselves back at the road near the top of the park and I think it's safe to say Jesse won't be following me down random tracks again (but it was so much fun!) :P 

But tell me, how has your weekend been?
And are you more adventurous like me - or are you like Jesse and like to stick to a clear, known path?

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