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Friday, November 21, 2014

Recent Things: Killer Plants, Cheeky Diggers and Fit Fixes

Friday again!  This week has been all sorts of crazy with lots of sniffling in between. I'm still feeling sick but seem to be on the mend as I have that annoying tickly dry cough that will not go away. 

But enough complaining, let me tell you about what's been happening recently!


Recent Mischief: This week Trixie has just gotten bigger and cheekier. She's now able to get up and down the garden stairs with no trouble - but that means if she's outside, she's straight up the stairs, onto the grass and either digging a whole (with her NOSE! Weird dog) or finding sticks to chew on and play with. 

She definitely keeps us on our toes, that's for sure :P 

Recent Chanelness: Chanel and Trixie had a little bit of a rough start to the week. Trixie decided to bite Chanel on her snout and made her bleed and for the rest of the evening Chanel was once again terrified on the mini mischief maker - but the next morning I was surprised to find she was back to being her friend! 

Chanel is warming to Trixie more and more every day - and they even slept in the same bed together on Wednesday which was totally adorable :P 


Recent Garden Progress: The garden is thriving - we have our first zucchini flower (which went from teeny tiny to HUMONGOUS overnight) and pictured above is one of the 20 odd cucumber flowers which are popping up! 

The cucumber plant is wanting to climb so we put up a trestle over the weekend to allow it to do so!

Unfortunately the cucumbers desire to climb lead to the death of our fluttery solar butterfly :( I guess overnight it managed to attach itself to the butterfly whilst it was still - which then caused the motor to burn itself out as soon as the sun came up and when I found it all wrapped up it was too late! RIP Flutterby. 

 Recent Drink of Choice: This week we're all about the caffeine :P The SIL Family have been loving the Organo Gold range as FitCoffee Australia kindly sent us some products to try out. - the Cafe Latte in particular has been a fave. Unfortunately I haven't been able to enjoy them as they contain wheat glucose syrup (which I can't eat as not only am I a coeliac, but allergic to wheat too) but they've given them a huge thumbs up. 

Organo Gold is a little bit different as their Coffee/Hot Chocolates/Mochas etc contain Ganoderma Extract - ganoderma has been used in Chinese Medicine for centuries for its anticancerous effects and energy boosting properties. 

Recent Deliciousness: On Wednesday I randomly decided I was going to make a gluten free white lasagna, layering gluten free lasagna sheets and grilled eggplant slices. At the time I only had creamy smoked cheddar in the fridge so I used that, thinking it would probably be pretty odd - but what I created was something increeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedible

And then I had it again last night because it's so so good - adding grilled zucchini slices into the mix as well. It's so ugly looking, but seriously ridiculously good!

Recent Accessorising: I'm once again obsessed with my Craybands (I think it must be a summer thing now that my wrists are free from cardigans and sweaters!), though this week I used them to prettify my Striiv Touch band :P It kind of didn't work though as it activated the touch screen on my Striiv and turned on sleep mode whilst I was doing things :P 

Recent Freedom: Now this sounds kind of silly, but the best feeling at the moment has to be not wearing a headband when I go for a walk of a morning :P It's now warm enough in the mornings to not where one without getting serious sinus pain (I don't know why, but when my ears get cold whilst I'm exercising I get awful headaches).

click on the images to view each post!

But tell me, how has your week been?
Has anything exciting happened or do you have something to look forward to this weekend?
What's your current drink of choice?

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