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Monday, December 8, 2014

The Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide for 2014

It's that time of year... shopping centres are full with people rushing around, ticking off lists and racking their brands to buy for that sibling that has everything or uncle who seems to have thirty thousand hobbies. 

As we do every year, we've been working hard to find you the perfect gift ideas that your loved ones would love to receive this Christmas (and also the perfect inspiration for your own Christmas list!). We've searched high and low for unique Christmas gift ideas that will be loved long after the New Year ticks over and not left to collect dust in a cupboard.

Today, we're sharing our Foodie Gift Ideas and there are sixteen awesome gifts I can't wait to tell you more about, so let's have a look!

1: Zoku Iced Coffee Maker 
Some like it hot, others like it cold. The Zoku Iced Coffee Maker is perfect for ice coffee lovers as it turns hot coffee into a refreshing iced coffee in seconds thanks to its frozen inner layer.
How much? Between $30-40, depending where you purchase it fromWhere do I get it? Find the Zoku Ice Coffee Maker online or instore at Myer ($39.95) or online at Everten ($34.95), Kitchenware Direct ($34.95) or ($39.95)Who would love it? Anyone who loves iced coffees (we also tried it with hot chocolate and it was awesome!)How to gift it? Make this gift extra special by adding in some coffee (either beans/ground or instant - however the recipient likes their coffee!) or some treats to have with their iced coffee (think homemade shortbread or healthier snowball cookies or some chocolates)

2: Dolce Gusto Circolo Coffee Machine
We love our Dolce Gusto as it is so easy to use and actually makes really good coffee! There are so many different flavours and styles of pods available (from my favourite Cafe Au Lait to creamy Hot Chocolates) and the new Circolo Machine looks amazing on your bench top!

How much? RRP$229 (there are also other machines available in the range at different price ranges - see here)
Where do I get it? You can purchase the Circolo online at the Dolce Gusto Website ($229) or at Appliances Online (currently $208) as well as many other retailers
Who would love it? Anyone who loves a cup of coffee or an awesome hot chocolate. The machine also makes iced coffees and iced tea so there's something for everyone
How to gift it? Wrap it up with some boxes of pods or some cute mugs (the pictured mug is from here) so your recipient is ready to make their favourite drinks! This is the perfect family gift for an older household or perfect for couples!

Foodies come in all shapes and sizes, so don't forget about the kids! Here are some gift ideas we know kids (and big kids) will love this Christmas!

3: Junior Jamie Cake Stand Set
This is the perfect Christmas gift for any child who loves to cook and create. The set includes mini cupcake/chocolate moulds, mini cupcake cases and a cake stand to display all of the finished treats!

How much? Currently $14 at Woolworths (was $21.50)
Where do I get it? Buy it in-store or online at Woolworths
Who would love it? Any child who loves to bake or create in the kitchen!
How to gift? This gift is perfect on its own, or you could include some recipes or a cake mix to help the lucky child get creating in the kitchen! 

4: Chill Factor Icecream Maker or Slushie Maker
It's summer time in Australia and nothing beats a delicious icecream or an icy cold slushy. Chill Factor make it super easy for kids or adults to enjoy an icy cold treat with their icecream or slushy makers - pour in your favourite drink (or smoothie like we do!) or icecream mix and make your own frozen treat in minutes!

How much? RRP $16.95
Where do I get it? Purchase it online at Chill Factor or in-store at Big W - I also see them pop up all the time on Catch of the Day for just $10!Who would love it? Anyone really, it's the perfect stocking stuffer gift idea!

5: Junior Jamie Gingerbread Set 
Christmas isn't complete for us without gingerbread cookies - and this Gingerbread Cookie Set is the perfect gift idea for any mini-baker (or big baker's eater - Jesse loved that there are giant gingerbread cutters :P). The set includes four cookie cutters, a rolling pin and a serving tray.

How much? Currently $8.40 at Woolworths (was $12)
Where do I get it? Online or In-store at Woolworths
Who would love it? Anyone who loves to bake! And at just $8 it's the perfect stocking stuffer or Kris Kringle gift idea!

6: Kambrook Cake Pop Maker
Now, I've put this in the kids section, however, the truth is the entire SIL Family love our cake pop maker because you can make tiny bites of cake goodness in just three minutes and everything is better in miniature form so it's really a gift for anyone!

How much? RRP $29.95
Where do I get it? Buy it in-store at Big W or in-store or online at Betta ($34.95) and Bing Lee ($30)
Who would love it? Anyone really! This is such a fun gift idea and perfect for anyone who loves to cook! We fill ours with everything from homemade pancake mixes (for mini pancake bites!) to our favourite brownie or cake recipes!
How to gift it? Wrap it up or put it together in a hamper filled with different kinds of sprinkles and decorations!

 7: Kambrook Rotating Stone Pizza Oven
This is Jesse's gift pick of the year as he's obsessed with it (and it means we get to eat more homemade pizza as it makes perfect gluten free pizzas!) and I think it's a brilliant gift idea for anyone who loves to cook or loves pizza!

How much? RRP $79.95
Where do I get it? Get it online or in-store at Bing Lee ($73), Betta ($79), JB Hi-Fi ($79), Myer ($79.95) or Harvey Norman ($79.95)
Who would love it? Anyone who loves to cook - or anyone who loves pizza! Not only can you make your own homemade pizzas using any sort of base, you can also use it for making frozen pizzas.

8: Russell Hobbs Colour Control Toaster
I know what you're thinking.... Kristy, why on earth would I buy anyone a toaster for Christmas? Well, because it's the best toaster on earth - that's why! Especially if you're gluten free (because anyone who eats gluten free bread will tell you they could take a trip to Jamaica and return home and their toast still wouldn't be brown in a normal toaster) because this toaster is super fast and makes perfect toast each time every time. We call it the disco toaster too - because the colours change as it cycles through the different cooking stages.

How much? RRP $79.95
Where do I get it? Available online or in-store at Betta Electrical ($79.95), Myer ($79.95) or in-store at Big W
Who would love it? Mums, Dads, Girlfriends, Couples, Singles - anyone really. I have ours as a gluten free toaster at home (so I don't get sick) but I think I'm going to have to buy one for my Dad so he stops whining about how we wants one ;P
How to gift it? Wrap it up or pop it in a hamper with some delicious bread and spreads for the whole package!

 9: Salt & Pepper Asiana Set
If you asked me, I'd tell you that you can never have too many pretty plates/bowls/serving pieces. Tableware is a great gift idea for someone who loves to entertain or cook as it takes the meal to a whole new level. We're loving this 4pc Asiana Set (actually, the whole collection!) which is perfect for giving Asian meals an authentic touch!

How much? RRP $29.95
Where can I get it? Buy it online at Myer ($29.95) or Homewares Direct ($19.99)

Bacon has a bit of a cult following at the moment - and we have the perfect gift for any bacon lover! The Bacon Smith Kit allows you to create your own bacon in any flavour you fancy! The kit comes with everything you need for curing your bacon - all you have to do is buy the pork belly and any extra ingredients you want to add (we highly suggest trying out the coffee and donut bacon recipe or maple bacon recipe) and get to work!

How much? $30
Where do I get it? Online at Bacon Smith
Who would love it? Any bacon fan - or any guy, really. I know very few men that dislike bacon!

11. Jamie Oliver Slate Cheeseboard with Forks
I don't know about your house, but whenever we have people over we always have a cheese platter! This Jamie Oliver Slate Cheeseboard is the perfect stylish yet affordable gift for anyone who loves to entertain!

How much? Currently $14 (was $21.50)
Where do I get it? Online or In-store at Woolworths

Who would love it? Anyone who loves to entertain - it's a great hostess gift too!
12. Electronic BBQ Fork
Cook up the best summer BBQ ever with this electronic barbeque fork! You can use it on any meats and the heat sensor will tell you exactly when they're done - from rare to well done steaks or perfectly cooked chicken!

How much? $49.95
Where do I get it? Online at ADH Gifts
Who would love it? This is perfect for any friend or family member who loves a good barbeque and is a great gift for the person who seems to have everything!

13: Urban Oz Harvest Cookbook
I love a gift that gives back, and this fantastic cookbook does exactly that! The Urban Oz Harvest Cookbook contains 100 family friends recipe from some of Australia's most celebrated chefs. It's also filled with tips on growing your own produce (regardless of the size of your garden!) and all of the proceeds from the cookbook go straight to OzHarvest!

How much? $60 (and the proceeds go back to OzHarvest - each book purchase helps deliver 120 meals to those in need!)
Where do I get it? Online at the OzHarvest Soul Shop
Who would love it? Anyone who loves to cook or is interested in growing their own produce!

Masterchef in the making? Here's some gift ideas who are truly passionate about food and love to get creative in the kitchen!

I loveee acacia wood and this gift set is gorgeous - and the perfect affordable gift idea for your favourite foodie! Perfect for chopping herbs, the Mezzaluna set also comes with one of Jamie Oliver's favourite recipes!

How much? Currently $17.50 at Woolworths (was $25)
Where from? Online or In-store at Woolworths
Who would love it? Anyone who loves to cook! This is an awesome stocking stuffer idea!
How to gift it? Wrap it up as is or include it as part of a foodie hamper! 

15. Furi Carving Knife Set 
If there's one thing I've learnt from my Dad, it's that you need a great knife when it comes to carving up the Christmas Ham or Turkey - and what better idea for your favourite foodie than the ultimate carving set (complete with 25 year guarantee!). They're designed in Australia by engineers and chefs and absolutely brilliant!

How much? RRP $199 but prices average at around $70 online
Where do I get it? Available online at Peters of Kensington or Everten for $69
Who would love it? Any serious foodie in your life, however, this is perfect for whoever is the chief carver in your family (in ours, that's my Dad!)

16. Muurikka Electric Smoker
We've been calling this the ultimate Foodie Gift for 2014 as it's seriously awesome. The smoking process can take any food to a whole new level of awesome and the Muuri smoker makes the process incredibly simple. There are so many incredible recipes and we're currently experimenting to share some of our own with you!

How much? $249 for the smoker or $135 for a smoking pan (which can be used on a regular barbeque!)
Where do I get it? Online at Muuri
Who's it perfect for? The Masterchef in your life who loves to cook, create and experiment! 

Still in need of some ideas? Last year I was asked by quite a few of you what was on my own personal wish list, so I thought I'd share some extra ideas with you - plus my favourite places to shop!

A Mixer with a Splash Guard (because I'm always making a mess) | A Madeleine Tin (or any unique baking tins that I don't already have!) | A New Dinnerset for our House (as we all hate our square plates!) | Loose Base Dessert Tin (for making cheesecakes!) | Gluten Free Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day (because, er, did you just read that?!) | A Cast Iron Skillet (and a cast iron cornbread wedge skillet!)

I can never have enough baking tins/dinnerware pieces/servingware pieces/cake stands being a blogger and someone who loves to bake, cook and entertain so my family know that's pretty much a winner in the gift department when it comes to me!

But tell me, do you have any foodie gift ideas to share?
What's on your wish list this Christmas?


  1. That iced coffee maker cup....o my! NEED!

  2. Isn't it awesome?! Perfect for impatient people like me, haha ;P

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