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Friday, January 30, 2015

Recent Things: Puppy Pees, Delicious Treats and Rehab?!

Recent Things in the Southern In-Law World

Hey my sweets, it's Friday again! Once again I am so happy it's Friday as Jesse has been away for work this week and I cannot wait for him to get home! 

Nevertheless, lots of things have been happening this week so let me catch you up! >> 

High Protein Microwave Mug Cake for Breakfast

Recent Experiments; Microwave cakes! I've been trying to up my protein intake lately so I've been playing around with some protein filled recipes, however, yesterday morning I decided to try my hand at a protein filled microwave cake for breakfast and it was a huge success! I just threw a bunch of random ingredients into my ceramic microwave cooker (bought from OzSale - girl needs to get off that website STAT and stop spending money :P), microwaved it for 2 minutes and watched it like a hawk so I didn't end up with cake err'where and before I knew it I was eating breakfast.

Does anyone else have microwave phobias? I'm always worried things are going to explode because it's happened before - and just when I think I can trust the microwave, it turns evil and I end up with something covering every inch of the microwave. This week it was butter... usually I melt butter on the stove, however, this week I decided to do it in the microwave for TWENTY seconds - only to find butter on the top, bottom and all four sides of the microwave.... -.- 

Maybe we just really need a new microwave.... 

Trixie Belle suggling on the couch Puppy Snuggle Attack

Recent Puppy Love; It's been cold in Sydney the last couple of days and our puppers have been snuggle bugs. Trixie is constantly asleep snuggled up in our bedroom during the day (that's her current favourite place) and every morning she comes to snuggle me on the couch whilst I read my bible and plan my day. Yesterday I came in from my morning walk and got attacked by puppy snuggles the second I walked through the door.

But they're not all cute...

I pee in your bed because everywhere else is too mainstream - hipster dog

Recent Puppy Fail; Jesse was playing with Trixie on Tuesday night on our bed and then three seconds later - she peed on the bed. She's never done it before - but that's also because we're usually really careful and make sure she pees first - however, Jesse totally forgot about that.

One stripped bed later and Trixie sulked the rest of the night because she knew she did the wrong thing :P 

Sang Choi Bao Asian Lettuce Wraps

Recent Dinner Faves; On Sunday I mentioned I was finishing up my post to experiment with making  Sang Choi Bao  - and ohhhhhhh what a delicious experiment it was. Why on earth haven't I tried making it before?! I'm definitely going to perfect my (ugly but delicious) recipe and share it with you all soon!

Call Me Butter Cause I'm On a Roll Tshirt

Recent Need; This tank top. I say this to Jesse all the time when I'm having a productive day, so naturally I needed to make a Call Me Butter 'Cause I'm On a Roll T-Shirt for our Cafepress Store.

Grain Free Avocado Brownie with Cafe Au Lait

Recent Snacks; These Healthy, Grain Free Fudgy Avocado Brownies with a cup of coffee (cafe au lait, to be precise!) make me a happppppppppppy girl. The recipe has been going crazy on the blog for the last month so I had to whip up a new batch for us and it certainly didn't disappoint!

I'm not clumsy, the world just hates me

Recent Realisation; That this totally describes me. I can't be the only one who constantly has a covering of bruises.... can I? :P 

Recent Medical Update; I heard from my haematologist this week who told me I don't yet need an iron infusion, however, as I'm really symptomatic at the moment (fatigue, weakness, circulation issues, etc etc) we're going to have to look and see if there's anything else going on in my mystery diagnosis body :P 

Milkman Boxers

Recent Jesse-ness; Jesse and I send each other pictures constantly while we're away from another - of different things we see/different things I make - and Jesse thought these "Milkman" boxers were hilarious yesterday and just had to send me a photo.

Need a Babysitter, Call Lizzie - Walking Dead Memes

Recent Laugh; We're Walking Dead Addicts (and Supernatural, Doctor Who, Helix, Beauty and The Beast, Once Upon a Time, Baby Daddy addicts.... is this where I hand over our Netflix account and get taken to rehab?!) so I just had a laugh at how horribly wrong this meme is :P 

Actually, we really have issues with binge watching tv shows... we only started Helix this past weekend and now we only have two episodes left :P 

My weekend plans: Sleeping

Recent Plans; This weekend we're planning on relaxing before things get busy again. Next week I start back at Mainly Music and Ignite so we're back to having extra additions to our week (and I'm not sure how I'm going to juggle everything once again as things have been even busier lately) and tonight we're babysitting our two favourite little guys. 

I think we may also take a trip to the hardware store so we can work on a new project that we'll be sharing with you (hopefully) soon!

But tell me, how has your week been? 
Are you a tv-binger like us or do you prefer to do other things to wind down?
And what are the best things you've eaten this week?


  1. You know I love my mug cakes! Microwaves are my friends ;) I'll never be one of those "anti-microwave" people! Crazy!

  2. Haha, I once had a friend who didn't have a microwave in her house (as her family never liked them) and I never realised how convenient microwaves were until I stayed at her house for a couple of days over the school break and had to cook and warm up everything on the stove :P


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