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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Six Sentence Sunday: 22nd February, 2015

We've been enjoying a very lazy weekend which was much needed as we've been so busy lately and have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us!

Last night, however, was date night so we got out of our comfy clothes (someone is constantly in comfy clothes at the moment as she thinks she has every right to wear them due to being sick :P) and headed our to EQ to The Comedy Store for the night!

We saw "The World's Biggest Comedy Show" which was a 2 hour set with 10 different comedians and they were all really different with a mix of styles and jokes - some were brilliant but there were one or two so-so's (though their jokes were still way better than mine; "Have you heard the joke about the peanut butter? No? Oh, I can't tell you.... you might spread it....")

This morning we stayed home from church in favour of a lazy start to the morning which has been loveeeeeeeeeeely as we've had time to stop, talk and relax!

This week we have so much planned with a very exciting blog ambassadorship soon to be announced, I'll be busily working away on the eBook (check out that ridiculously delicious blueberry cobbler up there!), we both have meetings galore and on Saturday we're heading out to see Thriller Live and this MJ super-fan is ridiculously excited!

Tonight we've got to pick up SIL Mama and Papa from the airport as they're coming back from Adelaide and before we know it the alarm will be waking us up on Monday morning ready for a week of work - eek!

But tell me, how has your weekend been?
And have you ever been to a stand-up comedy show?

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