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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Winter Fashion Must Haves - From Workouts to Days Out! {2015}

My Winter Fashion Must Haves - From workouts to everyday wear

Now, I want to start this post by telling you that I am, by no means a fashion blogger. In fact, more often than not I'll dress for warmth rather than style in winter (as my friends and family will tell you I'm completely usless if I'm cold) - but I probably dress like you do when you're not off to a special event because, like you, I'm a real person.
I'm not a hoity toity celebrity with red lined shoes and I'm not someone who prances around in their million dollar sneakers - I'm just a real girl with a real life - and that's exactly why I thought I'd share my winter must-haves with you!

I've also included pinnable images for every outfit so, if you're like me and loveeeeeee pinterest, you can pin away! You'll see the red Pin It Button () which will pin the entire post or a pink Pin This Outfit Button ( - NB: It seems some computers automatically change this button to a grey Pin It button so looks for the (Outfit Pin) label if that's the casewhich will give you just that image!

So let me share what I'm loving now that the weather is cooler! >> 
Winter Casual Outfit by Southern In-Law  Fluffy Knit Cardigan, Striped T-Shirt, Jeans, Sneakers and Statement Jewellery
Top - Big W (Emerson Basics Range $6) | Fluffy Knit Cardigan - Kmart ($15 in the kids section)
Jeans - Rivers (on sale for $6!)| Sneakers - FRANKiE4 NiNA in Gold ($219.95)

 (Outfit Pin) | 

Winter Casual Outfit by Southern In-Law  Fluffy Knit Cardigan, Striped T-Shirt, Jeans, Sneakers and Statement JewelleryWhen I'm hanging out with friends or lazing about at home I always look for cute but comfy clothes.

In winter, I'm all about cute cardigans or cozy knit jumpers paired with jeans and a cute t-shirt. I love stripes (to the point where Jesse thinks it borders on obsession) and a striped tee can be used in a million different outfit combinations.

When I wear a plain top I tend to add in a necklace for a bit of added interest. Jesse bought me this cute fob watch necklace for Christmas which I love - but any long necklace will work a treat!
FRANKiE 4 NiNA Sneakers - Winter Fashion Must Haves
 (Outfit Pin) | 

When it comes to my feet, I'm definitely a sneakers girl and these FRANKiE4 NiNA sneakers are one of my favourites. Both Jesse and I have dead flat feet (seriously, ants have no chance of surviving if we come into their path) which can cause pain in certain shoes, however, all of the FRANKiE4 collection are podiatrist designed with functional footbeds that support your arch whilst also cushioning and supporting your foots natural shape and movement. Each pair comes with additional laces and different insert options so that you can choose the fit that best suits you. 

As someone who is really active, I think your shoes are perhaps the most important part of your outfit - especially if you're going to be walking around a lot. I don't know about you, but if my feet are uncomfortable and sore I tend to get cranky and blah so a perfect fit shoe is definitely a worthy investment!

Winter Casual Outfit - Kristy's Winter Must Haves -  Grey Winter Coat, Silk Scarf, Beige Beret and Boots
Jacket - OZSALE ($20) | Scarf - Charli Bird ($69.95 - Gigi Silk Scarf)
Jeans - Rivers (on sale for $6!) | Boots - Target (on sale last season)
Beret - The Reject Shop ($6)
 (Outfit Pin) 

Winter Casual Outfit - Kristy's Winter Must Haves -  Grey Winter Coat, Silk Scarf, Beige Beret and BootsBut great shoes aren't the only thing you should be investing in! Each winter, I tend to buy 3 new great quality jackets or coats to add to my collection. I haven't really changed size for quite some time so I have quite the collection of jackets and coats to choose from. My favourite are longer trench coat style jackets as they're perfect for dressed up occasions or business meetings and they can easily be layered to ensure you stay toasty and warm.

I love pairing cute scarves to add some colour and interest to my jackets and my Charli Bird Gigi Silk Scarf is perhaps my current favourite as it's so colourful and fun! Silk scarves are definitely another investment to consider as they can be worn all year round (in summertime I love pairing silk scarves with a plain dress or tee for a cute outfit) and tend to last for years. 

This year I bought a 
heap of jackets instead of my usual three because OZSALE had some ridiculously good sales I couldn't pass up and I also wanted to add in some new styles that I had never had previously. This peacoat loving girl branched out and bought some leather jackets and I am loving them!

Mitten Gloves - The Reject Shop - Winter Fashion Must Haves
Gloves - The Reject Shop (between $4-6 a pair)
 (Outfit Pin) | 

Winter Fashion Post OuttakeBut even though I usually have a long sleeve knit top and a sweater underneath my jackets, I always have cold hands so gloves are a must when I'm out and about in meetings or hanging out with friends.

I'm currently loving these convertible gloves/mittens from The Reject Shop which come in a variety of different colours and are around $4-6 a pair, depending on which style you buy. All you have to do to convert the gloves form fingerless gloves into mittens is pop the little button open at the top and fold them over.

< And as you can see they're totally goober approved (and that is what happens when you take photos of Kristy - you get more goofy outtake photos than regular ones ;P) 

Winter Layers Outfit by Southern In-Law  Beige Peacoat Jacket, Jeans, Ankle Boots and Pink Infinity Scarf
Coat- OZSALE ($15 on sale) | Infinity Scarf - The Reject Shop ($6, I think)
 (Outfit Pin) | 

Winter Layers Outfit by Southern In-Law  Beige Peacoat Jacket, Jeans, Ankle Boots and Pink Infinity ScarfThe Reject Shop actually have a bunch  of cute winter accessories at the moment that are super cheap. I love knit scarves and this pink infinity scarf was around $6-8 from memory and available in a bunch of different colours.

When it comes to coats, I love classic colours like tan, beige, grey and black for long pea coat/trench coat style coats and I often find myself buying cropped or standard length jackets in brighter colours for something different.

The above jacket was a steal from OZSALE at only $15 and it's seriously good quality. The products on OZSALE are often really cheap - but don't let that make you think they're cheaply made.

Winter Activewear Must Haves - From Gym to Coffee Shop Look  Kaleidoscope Leggings, Havaianas Sneakers, Cardigan, Beanie, Striiv Fusion
Leggings - Bayse Kaleidoscope ($79.95)  | Tank - Bayse Studio Racer ($59.95)
Beanie - Cotton On ($9.95)| Sneakers - Havaianas Urbis ($79.99)
Cardigan - SES Fashion ($10) | Fitness Band - Striiv Fusion 
 (Outfit Pin) 

Winter Activewear Must Haves - From Gym to Coffee Shop Look  Kaleidoscope Leggings, Havaianas Sneakers, Cardigan, Beanie, Striiv Fusion
As someone who loveeeeees being active - of course I had to share some of my favourite activewear looks! I workout mostly inside, so my activewear doesn't change too much between summer and winter, however, I do find myself switching from shorts to leggings as it's even cold inside our house.

I love activewear pieces that can be worn both during workouts and also around the house or when you're out running errands and these Bayse Kaleidoscope tights are my current favourite because I loveeeee the design.

I tend to take my outfit from workout to casualwear by adding a cardigan, some casual sneakers and a beanie to suppress the crazy flyaway hair ;P

Havaianas Sneakers - Winter Fashion Must Haves
Sneakers - Havaianas Urbis ($79.99)
 (Outfit Pin) 

And, you may not know this, but Havaianas (famously known for their awesome thongs) now make awesome Sneakers and Espadrilles that are seriously comfy. 

Winter Workout Essentials - Funkita Activewear, Skechers GOwalk Sneakers and Kathmandu Detachable Hood Fleece Jacket
Jacket - Kathmandu Animas Fuschia ($159.98) | Tights - Bayse Studio Colour Flash ($79.95)
Sneakers - Skechers GOwalk Dart (RRP $64 USD)
Headphones shown below left - Phillips ActionFit ($29.99)
 (Outfit Pin) 

Winter Workout Essentials - Funkita Activewear, Skechers GOwalk Sneakers and Kathmandu Detachable Hood Fleece JacketI have always been a pink girl so there's no wondering why this Fuschia Animas Jacket is my favourite - especially when it has thumb holes! I wear it everywhere - around the house, paired with jeans when I'm out running errands, whilst hiking outside (because there's no way girlfriend is going out with bare arms in the cold :P) and even to acupuncture! :P 
The Bayse Studio Colour Flash tights are also great and have pink piping at the top to perfectly match my favourite jacket. They're just thick enough to be warm enough without leaving you sweltering or struggling to move in a workout.

My other favourite find as of late are the Phillips
ActionFit Headphones. They're super light, stay in your ears (even when you're running like you're trying to avoid being eaten by a hungry lion) and they're pink too - so what more could you want?! They even come with a little drawstring pouch to keep your extra ear pieces in and they're sweat and water resistant.

Funkita Workout Wear - Winter Fashion Must Haves
 (Outfit Pin) 

Funkita Workout Wear - Winter Fashion Must Haves
I feel like in winter everyone turns to drab colours when really, we probably all need a bit of colour to pep up our moods and keep us motivated!

Funkita Activewear is super bright and colourful with lots of bright and fun patterns - but it's also really functional and perfect for workouts.

The Kathmandu Freycinet Jacket is quite possibly my most worn piece of clothing at the moment. It is so warm and I find myself grabbing it to zip up over whatever I'm wearing as I travel to and from places. Whether I'm outside watching my crazy Igniters play outside in the cold or doing the grocery shopping at Coles, if it's cold I can pretty much guarantee I have this jacket on :P 

My Winter Healthy Living Must Haves 2015

But what about my other must have's for winter? When it comes to healthy living, here's what else I'm loving; 
  • These Animas Leggings ($139.98) are so great that I bought two other pairs and I wear them under my jeans every time I step outside of the house (for an extra layer of warmth!)
  • Active Creatures is another activewear brand I adore as their workout gear is both functional and fashionable. I have the Jaw Dropper Bra Top ($69) and Legs Eleven Capri Leggings ($89) in Luminous Sun and I also have the Lace Fantasy Leggings (currently on sale for $69) as well as the Printed Beauty Leggings (also on sale for $69).

    Their leggings are seriously ridiculously good and I cannot recommend them enough! (And I am thinking I need to go buy their tracksuit range which is also on sale right now :P)
  • But it's not all about the clothes! You've also got to make sure you're fueling your body right. I use my George Foreman Mix and Go Blender ($39) and Health Mill for grinding up oatmeal and flaxseeds, making smoothies andddddd my favourite winter treat - almond milk lattes!

    If you've ever had almond milk split when putting it in your coffee, fear not! Just blitz up the hot milk and coffee in your Mix and Go or blender and you've got a frothy, creamy latte in seconds!
  • And you can't forget your skin! I am loving Deep Steep's All Natural Bath and Body Care Products at the moment. Try the Brown Sugar and Vanilla Body Butter for dry skin and a bubble bath with their Brown Sugar and Vanilla Bubble Bath is the perfect way to warm up and relax (and yes, I have the whole Brown Sugar and Vanilla range :P)
  • I can't forget the world's comfiest pants either! These Pilates Pants by Abi and Joseph are seriously ridiculously comfy and available from Ciao Bella Travel for $89. They're perfect for wearing around the house, during yoga practice or over the top of your workout clothes!
My Winter Must Haves 2015

I am the warm and cozy queen, so here are my must have things everyone should have at home; 
  • Knit headbands are my current favourite accessory (as well as cute beanies and berets). I've been buying my knit accessories from The Reject Shop or online on eBay as they're super cute and super cheap (so I can buy lots more :P)
  • Onesies are another favourite in the SIL house. Why? Because I get in trouble for walking around in a blanket but I don't get in trouble for walking around in a onesie - which is essentially a wearable blanket! I bought a bunch on sale at OZSALE for $5 and wear them over my PJs of a night to keep warm!
  • Warm and Cozy Throw Rugs are another must. The thicker the better, I say!
  • Heat packs have always been an essential in our house but especially for me as I'm working away at my computer of a day. I often heat one up and pop it on my lap or around my neck whilst I work away during the day. This one from Tonic ($34.95) is my current fave.
  • The Reject Shop currently have Thermal Socks in store for around $6-8 a pair and Jesse and I are totally obsessed. We have at least four pairs each (with Jesse wearing the "manlier" black and grey striped ones :P) and wear them daily.

But what about Jesse's Winter Essentials? When I asked him for his suggestions I got one answer; Blundstones. Jesse has a million and one pairs of shoes but lately he will only wear Blundstones, So ladies, I think it's safe to say they're the perfect gift for your man!

But tell me, what are your Autumn/Winter must haves?
And what are the items in your wardrobe that you can't stop wearing right now?
Be sure to leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!
(and it makes me look like less of a bumbling idiot who's talking to herself :P) 



  1. This post is so awesome! We have a really similar style so I love all of your outfits!!! Please do more fashion posts!!!

  2. You're so pretty! Haha!
    Of course we are opposite with seasons right now, but I am loving the warm dress/maxi wearing weather in the states!

  3. You are gorgeous! Thank you for including pinable images because I have just pinned all of these! I love that you included heat packs and onesies in your must haves because I love them both too!!

  4. Thank you, Georgie! You are too sweet!

    I am so glad you like the post as, truth be known, I was a bit nervous to post it with so many photos!

  5. Ahhhhh I loveeeeeeeeeee maxi dresses! I am counting down the days til summer returns :P

  6. Thank you, you are too sweet! So glad you love the pinnable images too!

  7. A fantastic post, love all the photos. Well done! :) Victoria

  8. This post is so great!!

  9. Just found this post thru the reject shops FB page and I am so glad I did! Love your site!

  10. It's refreshing to see someone who is real and honest! You look great Kristy!!

  11. Hey Renae, I am so glad you found our blog and I'm thrilled to hear that you love it already! xx


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