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Friday, August 28, 2015

Recent Things: Pajama Days, Market Saturdays and Gluten Free-versaries

Recent Things in the Southern In Law World

Hellloo love! I cannot tell you how glad I am that it's almost Saturday. This week has been full on and I am all sorts of exhausted. But nevertheless, I have lots to share with you so let's jump right into it!

Here's what we've been up to this week >> 

Saturdays at Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market, Sydney

Recent Fun: Saturdays at the markets! We've been heading to the Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market for the last couple of weeks and last weekend the weather was absolutely glorious! It felt like Spring as the sun was out and it was nice and warm. 

I love love loveeeeeee farmers markets and luckily Jesse does too. I was super excited to see some decent taro at the markets and snapped some up to make taro chips. I'm still working on the perfect technique, however, every time we eat them we're taken back to our Bali adventures where little Made at Villa Sungai made us delicious freshly made taro chips each day.

Dolphin Puzzle - Cheap Puzzles Australia

Recent Puzzling: We're still busily putting together puzzles! This week we put together this dolphin puzzle and another puzzle that featured a cute birdhouse and a dozen little finches. 

I've worked out I go through phases when it comes to puzzles; 
  1. I find all the edge pieces and feel like a boss 
  2. I put together all the edge pieces and either
    a) feel like a bigger boss
    b) dread the fact that all these edge pieces are the same colour 
  3. I start working on the puzzle, feeling mildly optimistic 
  4. I find myself frustrated, struggling to fit pieces together and swearing I hate puzzles and will never do another one again. 
  5. All of a sudden the stars align and I'm putting together piece after piece and feeling like a boss once again. 
  6. I'm running out of pieces and all of a sudden things stop fitting together
  7. I see the light at the end of the tunnel - there's just five pieces left and I frantically put them together, racing to the finish line
  8. I feel like the puzzle boss. QUEEN OF THE PUZZLE!
And that's why Jesse probably has to pay my friends..... #loser. 

Healthy Banana and Peanut Butter Overnight Oats Recipe with Yogurt

Recent Obsession: Still overnight oats. This week I shared the recipe so you can make them for yourself too! 

I've been eating them with a scoop of peanut flour and a dash of milk added into the mix and then topped with fresh juicy strawberries in the morning. So good!

Fourth Glutenfreeversary

Recent Celebrations?: I don't know if it's a celebration because I'd much rather not be a coeliac, however, I celebrated four years of gluten freeness on Sunday. Little did I know four years ago that I'd be diagnosed as a coeliac and off gluten forever! Eek!

Healthy Raw Licorice Recipe

Recent Deliciousness: My Healthy Raw Licorice Recipe. Can. Not. Stop. Eating.

Business Meetings in Sydney

Recent Happenings: Meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting. This week has been full on and it feels like a flurry of lattes, cappuccinos and teas in quirky cafes around Sydney. KISS Freelance is definitely in the middle of the busy season and has been for quite some time - and it doesn't look like it will be stopping anytime soon! I am definitely blessed with a business that is flourishing, however, I'm definitely thinking I need more hands on deck!

Pajama Day Meme - Lazy Sundays

Recent Experiments: Pajama Days. On Sunday I woke up feeling pretty blah; tired, sore, lazy, sick - you name it. We'd slept in and decided to call it a rest day and I made the mistake of saying to Jesse "I don't know how people can stay in their pajamas all day and do nothing" and thus he challenged me to do exactly that.

Let's just say I hated it. 

No workout. No shower til 2pm (when I'd seriously had enough and needed to at least get dressed haha). Complete and utter nothingness. 

I'm not a girl who can relax or take rest days, haha! Jesse, on the other hand, loved it. 

But tell me, how has your week been? 
What's the best thing you've eaten this week? 
And are you a lazy day fan or are you a go-go-go kinda person like me?
I feel like I must have some sort of hyperactivity disorder - that or I'm just so busy all the time my brain has no idea how to shut off!


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