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Friday, September 4, 2015

Recent Things: Spring has Sprung & Good Things Are Coming!

Heeeeelllllooooo you lovely thing! It's Friday again and this week has been cuhhhhhhhhhhh-raaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzeeeeeeee-ay. Lots has been happening and we have HEAPS (including good news!!) to share so let's jump right into it!

Here's what's been happening this week! >>

Spring is nature's way of saying let's party!

Recent Excitement: Spring. Is. HERE! Whilst the first day of Spring was absolutely glorious and I was walking around in a tshirt and shorts, it's gotten progressively colder so my excitement has waned a little.... but it's still spring!

Give me all the energy meme

Recent News: I told Jesse I couldn't work out if it was good or bad news but my haematologist called on Tuesday to let me know I needed an iron infusion ASAP as my iron levels had dropped. I've been feeling preeeeeeettty awful lately so I was glad to hear that my energy issues will soon be gone, however, I'm still kind of grumpy at the fact my body won't absorb iron on its own and that I have to go through the whole infusion process again. 

I'm all booked in for September 14th and I am hopppppingggggg this one will be a breeze and I don't end up with a horrible reaction like last time. 

I'm also majorly disappointed because I told Jesse I was going to buy Iron Man leggings to wear to my iron infusion (because I'll be IRONNNNNNN WOMANNNN!) but they won't arrive in time :P 

Spring Jonquils

Recent Surprises: This week as I walked to Mainly Music I noticed a heap of pretty jonquils at the florist and decided I'd grab a bunch for Mum on my way home. I did exactly that and popped them into a vase when I got home so they were there when she got home from work. 

Mind you, I bought them just because I thought it would be nice and Mum comes to me two hours after I'd given them to her and says "There's not anything you need to tell me.... is there?"..... Thanks Mum.... way to think I'm guilt purchasing to soften your reaction! Pft!

Free Lipgloss Coupon Code from

Recent Offers: iHerb are giving my favourite lip glosses away for FREE for any new customers! All you have to do is create an iHerb Account and pop these babies into your cart! If you use the coupon code OTO868 you'll also receive $10 off your first order! (or $5 off if it's less than $40). 

We're iHerb addicts and order all the time (as it's so much cheaper than buying things in Aus - even with shipping as their shipping is so cheap!) and I have a million and one of these lipglosses :P 

If for some reason your lipglosses don't come up as free and it's your first order, it's probably because you haven't yet created an account. Once you go through the next step of the order process and put in your details it will take the lipglosses off your total!

DIY Fire Pit on a Budget from a Washing Machine Drum

Recent Fun: Fi-yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Jesse extended our fire pit last weekend to make it even more awesome. He's ridiculously clever and now we have an even more awesome firepit that gets lovely and warm and he's even made a barbeque plate to fit over the top so he can grill (modernised) caveman style ;P 

Jesse attempting the foam roller

Recent Laughs: Jesse trying to foam roll his back. I couldn't help but laugh at Jesse's 0.01 second attempt to foam roll before wimping out. He'd pulled something in his back and I told him to roll it out (as that's what helped me), however, he is such a wuss when it comes to massages, foam rollers or any kind of muscle relieving technique. Case in point? He cannot use the R8 (which I love) because he feels like it hurts and will not foam roll anything because he says it's a torture device.

And yeah, sure it hurts a bit but it's a good pain... no? 

Acupuncture for circulation problems and raynaud's disease

Recent Acupuncturing: I'm still getting acupuncture every two weeks (though I had a break for a month as my acupuncturist was traveling the globe!) and it is still working wonders! Having a month off saw me feeling awful as the last two weeks before my next session saw me with pins and needles, swollen/sore feet, extreme fatigue and general bleughness. I definitely feel like acupuncture is also minimising the symptoms of my anemia as I haven't felt anywhere near as bad as I did before my last infusion and my levels are even lower.

Trixie inside the veggie patch

Recent Mistakes: So.. we're in the process of redoing our veggie patch for summer and as part of that we needed to put up a fence around each of the garden beds to stop Miss Trixie from digging in the dirt. As a joke, after we put up the chicken wire we popped Trixie inside and sent a message with the photo to Mum, Dad and Katrina saying "Uh oh.. guess the chicken wire didn't work".
They fell for the joke and we thought we were hilarious.... only to have Miss  Trixie find her way into another pot plant around the side of the house and come inside COVERED in mud. I guess she realised what great fun the dirt was when we placed her in the garden for .5 of a second :P Oops!

What is the difference between a stick insect and a praying mantis?

Recent Finds: A stick insect in the garden... or praying mantis... or whatever you want to call them. Jesse tells me stick bugs/stick insects are a completely different thing to praying mantises. I don't really know what this little guy was as I thought praying mantises  (is that even the right term?!) were green but stick insects were bigger? Who knows!

Blue skies and sunshine

Recent Enjoyment: Working in the sunshine! I've had heaps of content to write this week so I've been taking the laptop outside in the sunshine to work and it is SOOOOOOOOOO much better than sitting at my computer!

Healthy Cannoli Protein Cheesecake Recipe Healthy Strawberry Shortcake Paleo Pancakes Recipe

Recent Recipes on the Blog: This week I posted two deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious recipes that both taste incredibly decadent but are secretly healthy! There's our Healthy Cannoli Protein Cheesecake Recipe (high protein, low carb, gluten free, refined sugar free, egg free and low fat) and our Healthy Strawberry Shortcake Paleo Pancakes Recipe (low fat, low carb, gluten free, healthy, grain free, paleo, refined sugar free, dairy free and there's a high protein option too!) YUMMMMMM!

Remember, God always has your back.

Recent Reminder: God always has your back. That's all you've got to remember! 

But tell me, how has your week been?
What's the best thing that's happened for you this week? (It could be some great news, a delicious food you created/ate or something totally random!)
And what are your weekend plans?
I've got a meeting tomorrow morning and then Jesse and I will be shopping for a present for my Dad and stopping in at the Farmers' Market before having some friends over for dinner!


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