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Friday, October 16, 2015

Recent Things: Puppy Snuggles, Veggie Progress and Anniversary Celebrations

How does one know Kristy has had a crazy busy week? You take a look at the blog and notice she's been super slack on posting this week. 

Yup, I suck. I have to apologise for my lack of deliciousness this week but we have been ALL sorts of busy and have had something on every single day. If we weren't at events, I was in meetings or rushing from place to place - and to top it all off school is back in full force so we're back to our usual schedules with playgroups and youth group. 

We even celebrated two years as Mr & Mrs and Jesse's friends from the US are currently en route to spend two weeks in Sydney!

But in the midst of our busy week, lots has been happening that I can't wait to share with you! >> 

Recent Celebrations: Two years as husband and wife! We don't really do anniversary gifts (or valentines gifts) as we buy eachother little things all year round and always spend every moment possible together. As with last year, we will be having a photoshoot with our incredibly talented friend Lucie Zeka Wedding Photography so we have another set of fun images to capture how we change over the years.

We decided before we were married that instead of celebrating our anniversary with gifts each year, we'd celebrate with a photoshoot instead. That way we can look back at all the photos over the years and see what's changed in our lives! I can't wait (God willing!) to look back and see how we go from just the two of us to a family and see how we change over the years!

Oh and, if you didn't see it! Earlier in the week we were reminiscing about our favourite wedding moments!

Recent Deliciousness: I can't stop won't stop eating this Healthy Pesto Quinoa Salad Recipe. It's delicious on its on or as a side dish. This week I've had it for lunch most days as well as for dinner on Sunday night with baked fish and steamed veggies <3 

Recent Surprises: Jesse had to go away for work on Tuesday and Wednesday and arrived home with a bunch of flowers for me just because he missed me and loves me! It was a super sweet gesture as I know he had so much on - but still took the time to pick something up for me!

Recent Dinners: Jesse has been choosing dinner a lot lately so we've been eating his favourites + a fair bit of "man food", but I can't complain as it's all been delicious! :P On Monday we had steak, steamed veggies and loaded baked potatoes with cheese, avocado, bacon and sour cream (and I realised I really do not like sour cream at all, haha)  and it was deeelish. We've been grilling on our George Foreman Easy Clean Grill literally every single day (except Tuesday night when we had lasagna!)

Recent Excitement: SUPEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRNAAAAAATURAL. Supernatural fan girl right here. We were so excited for the season launch this week as we have been anxiously awaiting season eleven. 

Ohhhhh how I love Supernatural and oh what a season opener it was! This photo started a bit of a conversation on Instagram as to what SPN character was a fave. I'm a little bit partial to Dean, however, I wouldn't say no to Sam either ;) 

Recent Fun: Yesterday I was at Spotlight's Christmas Launch which was lots of fun and filled my brain with heaps of Christmas craft ideas.

They had a bunch of new looks for this season - one of which really grabbed my attention! Their luxe look not only included traditional whites, golds and lots of sparkles - but animal print too!

Which got me thinking; would you show off your wild side in your Christmas decor - or are you a traditionalist? 

Recent Garden Progress: Our little veggie bebes are growing! And errr... so has our lawn as Jesse's been away hahaha :P

This year we've got corn and cucumbers in our open garden and zucchini and iceberg lettuce in our covered greenhouse garden. They were all planted from seed and they're flourishing! I cannot wait to be eating home grown veggies once again! <3 

Recent Cuteness: Little Pixie cuddles! Trixie has been sleeping either in or under our bed most nights and we've been loving the extra attention ;) For some reason, the little snuggle bum has decided I'm her favourite of late and always wants to be by my side!

But tell me, how has your week been?
What TV show are you loving right now?
And what's something that made you smile this week?


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