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Friday, October 30, 2015

Recent Things: A Trip to the Zoo, Holiday Countdown and Halloween Fun

Recent Things in the Southern In Law World

Hellow my lovely ones! Wow... you know you've had a tiring week when you write hellow... no Kristy... that is not how you spell hello... go back to bed..

This week has been jam packed. I've been working like a mad woman all week after such a crazy busy week last week and just because I think I'm superwoman, I decided to take the day off yesterday to go to the zoo with Jesse, Katrina and Jesse's friends who are here from the US. Bad idea, girlfriend. 

Now I'm busily catching up on work before heading off to Ignite tonight - but first I have lots to share with you about what we've been up to this week! 

So let's have a look at what we've been up to recently! >> 

I Can't Adult Today, Please Don't Make Me Adult

Recent Favourite Shirt: I can't adult today. Please don't make me adult.  

Some days this shirt is the only way I can explain how I'm feeling. This one's from Snorg Tees.

The Ferry to Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Recent Adventures: Yesterday Jesse, Katrina and I got up early and headed off to the train station to get the train to Circular Quay and then jump on the ferry to the Zoo!

We spent the day at Taronga with Jesse's friends from the US which was fun, however, we were a little disappointed as there were lots of animals off display and lots of closed sections of the zoo as they're working on renovations. That said, there was still a lot to see and we'll definitely be heading back once the renovations are over!

Cadbury Pinata - Safe Halloween Treats Australia

Cadbury Pinata - Safe Halloween Treats AustraliaRecent Silliness: Yesterday our friends at Cadbury Australia sent us a fun Halloween surprise - a pinata filled with delicious Cadbury chocolate!

Whilst I couldn't eat the chocolate inside (boo you, coeliac disease!) we had lots of fun busting it open and Jesse decided the empty pinata made the perfect halloween mask. 

We've stocked up for Halloween tomorrow with heaps of chocolates as they make the perfect treat for trick or treaters! As they're individually wrapped you know they're safe - and they're delicious too!

Gluten free tip! Cadbury twirls and flakes are gluten free (and wheat free too!)

Kmart Elf Dog Costume $5 - Dog Costumes for Christmas

Kmart Elf Dog Costume $5 - Dog Costumes for Christmas
Recent Cuteness: On the weekend Jesse and I were shopping at Kmart and decided our girls definitely needed some elf costumes for Christmas this year (they were only $5 so how could we resist?!).

Trixie hated it (because she hates anything other than the bow in her hair) but Nelly pranced around trying to show everyone how cute she looked :P 

Baked Honey Soy Salmon

Recent Eats: This week I haven't been too creative when it comes to dinners as we've been out and about a lot and I've often only been cooking for myself, however, on Sunday night I tried salmon for the first time and it was pretty good!

I never liked fish as a child and after being diagnosed with so many allergies/intolerances after finding out I was a coeliac, my medical team decided it was best I didn't try seafood for whatever reason, however, now that I'm a huge seafood fan I picked up some salmon to bake on Saturday night! We baked it in a honey soy marinade, served with steamed veggies, brown rice and lentils and it was delish!

Four Easy Halloween Face Painting Tutorials

Recent Posts: If you're in need of Halloween Costume inspiration, be sure to take a look at our Four Easy Halloween Face Painting Tutorials and our DIY Halloween Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Blueberry Baked Protein Donuts Recipe

But if you're not into Halloween, you should definitely be into donuts because I shared a delicious Healthy Blueberry Baked Protein Donuts Recipe this week!

Tintoela Norfolk Island

Recent Countdowns: The holiday countdown is ON! This time next week we'll be in Norfolk Island! We're staying at Kushu Cottage at Norfolk Island's luxury retreat, Tintoela.

Naturally, this coeliac girl is a little nervous about the food side of things, however, we cannot wait to share our adventures with you - and here's hoping we can make sure Norfolk Island is a safe place for any allergy sufferer to travel to!

But tell me, 
What's been happening in your world recently?
And what are you looking forward to over the next couple of weeks/months?
For us, it's definitely Norfolk Island - followed by CHRISTMAS!!!


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