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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Step by Step Halloween Zombie Look Tutorial

If you've been reading Southern In-Law for a while, you may know that my sister, Katrina, is ridiculously talented when it comes to face painting and makeup.

Since Halloween is fast approaching, in only seven days time, we decided to team up to create an awesome or perhaps gruesome Halloween Zombie Face Painting Tutorial (well it's kind of a Halloween Zombie Makeup Tutorial, too!) to share with you so that you're Halloween ready. 

Step by Step Halloween Zombie Makeup Tutorial - Easy Zombie Face Paint Guide

Paired with an awesome Halloween Costume from Smiffys, we were ready to share a pretty cool tutorial with you, so let's jump straight to it!

Here's how you can create your own Halloween Zombie Look >> 

What you'll need for this look: 
Throughout the tutorial, you'll see the items you need for each step listed in bold
Before you start: Be sure to apply moisturiser before applying any face paint. This will stop the darker colours from staining your skin later on. 

Paint on the Base Coat - Zombie Makeup Tutorial Halloween Face Painting

Step one: Mix your white face paint with liquid foundation. You'll want to mix about 1 part foundation to 2 parts white face paint. This will not only make it easier to apply your base layer, but it will give you more of a realistic pale look instead of a my Mum decided I was going to be a ghost for halloween kinda look.

Apply this mixture with a brush or sponge, ensuring the paint is blended into both your hair line and down your neck. We find it's easiest to first apply the face paint with a foundation brush and then sponge over it at the end (this way your sponge isn't sucking up all of your face paint). 

Our tip: Apply a layer of translucent powder to set your base layer. This will stop it from being sticky and allow it to dry so it's easy to apply additional layers. 

Apply Red to the Eyes - Zombie Makeup Tutorial Halloween Face Painting

Step two: Apply red face paint or red eyeshadows to your eyes as shown using a brush and/or sponge. We started with the face paints and then added a mix of different red eye shadows for a more blood-red colour. 

Darken the Reds for a More Realistic Blood-Like Look - Zombie Makeup Tutorial Halloween Face Painting

Step three: Darken the red of your eyes with red, rust and brown eyeshadows (or a mix of red and brown face paint) for a deeper blood-like look. 

Darken Around the Eyes with Black Face Paint or Eye Liner - Zombie Makeup Tutorial Halloween Face Painting

Step four: Using black face paint, darken around the eyes - focusing on the eyelid and under eye areas. 

Step five: Blend your black layer with purple and red eyeshadow tones to avoid looking like a raccoon. Doing this will soften the lines and allow them to flow into one another.

Our tip: Set this layer with your translucent powder to avoid smudges later on. 

Step six: Apply eyeliner to your waterline and fill in your eyebrows with a brow liner/powder.

Draw Your Veins Using Black Face Paint and a Fine Brush - Zombie Makeup Tutorial Halloween Face Painting

Step seven: Draw on your "veins" with a fine paintbrush and black face paint

Our tip: Draw the lines on your hand first to create a softer line. 

Apply more Veins Using Fake Blood - Zombie Makeup Tutorial Halloween Face Painting

Step eight {OPTIONAL}: Draw on some additional "veins" with fake blood and a fine paintbrush - just like you did with your black paint. 

Step nine {OPTIONAL}: Add some false lashes if desired for a more dramatic look. 

Line Lips with Black Eyeliner or Face Paint - Zombie Makeup Tutorial Halloween Face Painting

Step ten: Line lips with black eyeliner or black face paint and a fine brush

Fill in Lips with Red, Blending the Lines - Zombie Makeup Tutorial Halloween Face Painting

Step eleven: Fill in your lips with red facepaint or red lipstick, blending with the black eyeliner/face paint for a creepier look. 

Apply your Blood Smears Below Your Lips - Zombie Makeup Tutorial Halloween Face Painting

Step twelve: Using fake blood or red face paint, add your blood smears below your lips. Mix it up between smudging the "blood" with your finger tips and adding drips and lines (as shown). 

You may also want to use brown/rust eyeshadow or brown facepaint to deepen the colour for a more realistic look. 

Step by Step Halloween Zombie Makeup Tutorial - Easy Zombie Face Paint Guide

Step thirteen: Add a costume (or some ripped/"blood" stained clothes) and do your hair and you're good to go!

And there you have it! Now you're ready to audition for the next Hollywood zombie movie... or The Walking Dead ;P

PS: A HUGE thank you to my very talented sister for working with me on this post!

But tell me, if you were going to a costume party tomorrow, what costume would you choose? (and you can choose anything!)



  1. Thank you for this tutorial! I'm going as "Alice in Zombieland" tonight & I really needed this step by step to get a good zombie look.

    1. Oh yay! I am so glad! If you happen to post any photos or stories on Instagram, be sure to tag me @southerninlaw because I'd love to see!


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