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Friday, October 23, 2015

Recent Things: From Bride to Bunny to Zombie in Three Days

Heeellloooo my loves! It has been another crazy week for us as we've been busy busy busy, however, that busy-ness just means I have lots to share with you! 

This week I've been everything from a bunny to a bride to a zombie, I've had lunch with Kmart, Jesse's been everywhere from the Blue Mountains to Kiama and we even fitted in a trip to a Tepanyaki Restaurant last night.

But let me catch you up on all of what we've been up to! >> 

Sydney Wedding Photographer Lucie Zeka Review

Sydney Wedding Photographer Lucie Zeka ReviewRecent Fun: I got to play bride again with the incredible Lucie Zeka Wedding Photography!

Lucie wanted to play around with some new looks and asked me if I'd help her out and of course I said yes! I love love love working with Lucie and I am so lucky to call her a friend.

We had props from Petite Events Hire, my makeup was done by the incredibly talented Miriana from MBK Makeup and the dress was from Bizzaro Bridal

If you're in need of a Sydney Wedding Photographer (or a wedding photographer in general as I know Lucie will happily travel!) I cannot recommend Lucie enough. She is the reason we have anniversary, wedding and engagement photos we are so proud to share.

Don't worry, I'll be sharing all of the photos with you soon! 

Christmas at Kmart

Kmart Marble Table Lamp and Dipped Side TableKmart Cloud Pillows and Sun CushionRecent Excitement: That feeling of Christmas is coming!!!!! I went to a couple of Christmas events this week - including lunch with Kmart on Wednesday.

The Kmart team are brilliant and so passionate about what they do, so it's always lovely to spend time with them.

The lunch was also a preview of what's to come at Kmart over the coming months - and if you're a Kmart addict like me, you should be verrrrrrrrrrrrry excited as their products just keep getting better and better!

On the right is their marble table lamb ($20!) and dipped side table and of course the super cute cloud pillows and sun pillows that I kind of sort of want for my bedroom - not a child's :P 

Kmart Christmas DecorationsKmart New Season Fashion

Kmart New Season FashionFrom gorgeous Christmas decorations to funky new season prints, there's something for everyone - and in true Kmart style, it's all available at a ridiculously fabulous price. 

I think I spent the entire time going;
Want that.
Need that.
Got that.
Gift that.
Love that. 

Celebrate by Hooray! Magazine

 Recent Fun: I arrived home on Wednesday night to a package containing the brand new Celebrate Mook (Magazine/Book) by Hooray! Magazine.

Oh my word. If you're planning a wedding or a special event over the coming months, I highly suggest you go out and grab a copy. It's available both online and at a range of stockists and it is absolutely beautiful and filled with so many great ideas.

It kind of makes me want to get married all over again... or just plan a really awesome party.

Scary Halloween Zombie Look

Recent Creepiness: I've got an awesome tutorial to share with you this weekend, just in time for Halloween! My ridiculously talented sister and I worked together to create this Zombie look that was so much fun - but seriously creepy. We even took the photos in the pouring rain because that's how much I love you ;P 

Cute Halloween Bunny Look

Recent Cuteness: But if creepy isn't your thing, I've got plenty of cute Halloween tutorials coming your way, too! We'll be sharing the tutorial for this cute bunny/cat face painting look on Monday as well as three others!

Veggie Patch Progress
Recent Garden Progress: Our garden is still flourishing! This weekend we need to put up the frames for the cucumbers and stick some supports in for the corn as they're getting bigger! 

I am so excited to eat homegrown produce this summer!!

Jesse the True Blue Aussie

Recent Silliness: Jesse has some friends here from the US at the moment and now that he considers himself a fully qualified Australian, he's showing them around! He's taken them to the Blue Mountains, the Harbour, the Aquarium, Madame Tussaud's, Kiama and then next week we're heading to Bondi and the Zoo. 

I have to say, I love how much Jesse loves Australia - it's a pretty awesome feeling when you know that your loved one who moved halfway across the world for you actually loves where he is. He's fallen in love with our beautiful country and I can't blame him ;) 

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson Review

Recent Laughs: Oh my word. Furiously Happy should be called Furiously Hilarious because I cannot stop laughing. I couldn't explain the book until I flipped over to the back and read Neil Gaiman's comment which totally sums it up; 
"The Bloggess writes stuff that actually is laugh out loud, but you know that you really hsouldn't be laughing and you'll probably go to hell for laughing, so maybe you shouldn't read it" 

It's stupidly hilarious and I feel like some of the thoughts in the book are coming straight from my own brain, like; 
If you put a bunch of chameleons on top of a bunch of chameleons on top of a bunch of skittles what would happen? Is that science? Because, if so, I finally get why people want to do science. 

It's random, it's ridiculous and it's so worth a read.

But tell me, what have you been up to this week?
What was the last book you read?
And what's something fun or exciting that's happened in your world lately?


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