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Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Nordic Inspired Christmas Table + DIY Tutorials

Christmas is just twenty five days away! Our tree is up, the decorations are out and each night our house is lit up with Christmas lights. 

As we're on the final countdown to my favourite day of the year, we've been planning our Christmas celebrations and have decided on our table theme for this year. Each year we look forward to decorating our table for Christmas lunch/dinner with the family and love coming up with new ideas and themes each year.

This year we're going for a Nordic inspired red and white Christmas theme, paired with yummy edible place cards, cute decor pieces and lots more. 

But enough chitter chatter!
Let me share our Christmas Table and Christmas DIY Projects with you! >> 

This year we went with a Nordic Inspired as I wanted to combine red and white with natural wood tones, fresh flowers/greenery and a little bit of glitter.

Luckily for us, Spotlight have a variety of Christmas themes in store this year - one of which was a Scandinavian Inspired Nordic Christmas Theme! The theme features lots of gorgeous deep reds with simple whites and touches of grey for a sophisticated yet festive look.

When we headed to our local Spotlight store, one of the first things we spotted were these Living Space Festive Stripe Napkins (currently on sale for $10.49 for 4) which I knew I wanted on our table. 

As they're so pretty on their own, I knew I wanted them to feature on each table setting and whilst at first I thought about pretty napkin rings, I decided to fold them instead! 

The napkins are folded to make a cute little pocket to hold your cutlery and are deceptively simple. Forget complicated swans or fancy folds - this technique will take just a minute and I've photographed all the steps for you below!

 (Pin this tutorial only)
  1. Lay your napkin flat (the napkins we used are 43x43cm or 17x17") patterned side down. 
  2. Fold your napkin in half lengthwise from left to right. 
  3. Fold your napkin in half again, folding from the bottom to the top as shown.
  4. Fold your first layer down; folding from the top right corner to the bottom left corner.
  5. Fold your second layer down; folding the same way as before but leaving about half an inch of space between the first fold so you can tuck the layer down and create a pocket. 
  6. Fold your third layer down, folding the same way as before and tucking the next pocket under. 
  7. Flip your napkin over, fold each of the sides in and press with an iron before flipping and filling with your cutlery.

How easy is that?! 

Whilst the napkins looked cute on their own, I decided we needed to place our place cards on top to really show them off. Last year we made place card baubles and in previous years we've always had paper place cards, so this year I decided to make something totally different! DIY Edible Place Cards!

 (this tutorial only)

Using our favourite Easy Low Fat Gingerbread Cookie Recipe (which is also gluten free!) we whipped up a batch of present shaped cookies with Spotlight's Christmas Cookie Cutters Set ($14.99 for a 4 pack with a medium sized gift, pudding, bird and heart shaped cutter) which we then decorated with white chocolate and a personalised name tag. 

 (this tutorial only)

The white chocolate means these cookies are so easy to decorate, set hard and taste delicious. If you want coloured "icing", simply add a drop or two of food colouring to your white chocolate mix before piping it on. 

And if you don't have a piping bag? Don't worry! Simply use a zip lock bag and snip of a tiny bit of one of the corners.

But the fun didn't end with our table settings! We found lots of cute decor pieces at our local Spotlight, including this fun nutcracker ($4.99) and jolly & joy white wash tree ($8.99 currently on sale for $6.29) which were set on top of this living space festive stripe runner ($19.99 currently on sale for $13.99) which matched our napkins.

Truth be known, I picked up the white wash tree simply because it matched this ridiculously cute reindeer with bells ($15.99 currently on sale for $11.19) which I had to have.

We also added two Barwon Candle Holders ($12.99 & $16.99) to the table which we filled with Christmas Bush from our garden. On Christmas Day I'm hoping the bush will be filled with lots of gorgeous blossoms, however, if it's still looking a little scrappy I'm planning on filling them with some white hydrangeas or gorgeous green foliage instead.

As we're having Christmas Dinner with the family this year, the centre of our table is filled with candles! When I saw this Merida Wood Plate ($29.99) I knew it would make the perfect centrepiece for our table and picked up a pack of Jolly & Joy Baubles in Red ($2.99) and a 3 pack of pillar candles ($11.99 currently on sale for $8.39) to fill it with (though I'm heading back to grab some more baubles - this is why we set it up and have a look beforehand!).

And that's really all there is to it! A simple, no-fuss Christmas Table that looks impressive, feels inviting and is so easy to achieve!

But tell me, how will you be celebrating Christmas this year?
And do you like to decorate your table/home in a certain theme? If so, what's your pick for 2015?


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