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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Ultimate Kids and Babies Gift Guide 2015

With only 24 days left until Christmas, the countdown is on! As I'm sure you have at least one kid on your Christmas list this year, we decided to round up some of this year's best gift ideas for kids and bubs to get your brains thinking!

But we don't just want to share our ideas - we want to hear yours! Be sure to share your own gift ideas for little ones in the comments below!

Here are our top picks for kids and bubs this Christmas! >> 

Who for? They have something for every kid on your list!
How much? from $5

Where from? Online at Tiger Tribe

With school holidays right in the middle of Christmas celebrations in Australia, Christmas is the perfect time to give a gift that will keep the kids entertained whilst they're away from school! Tiger Tribe have a range of toys and gift ideas designed to take kids on an imaginative journey! Above is their Vintage Tea SetWooden Skittles and Rag Doll, Charlotte.

Who for? They have something for every kid on your list!
How much? from $3.95

Where from? Online at Smiggle

The name Smiggle comes from "when a smile meets a giggle" - and it's no wondering how they got their name when you see how fun their products are! The Smiggle Gift Shop has a huge range of fun products that are perfect for a wide range of ages. Their journals are perfect for pre-teens, their donut purse is super cute, pair some erasable pencils with a notebook or colouring book and they also have a huge range of stocking stuffers - including cute purses, keyrings and watches.

Who for? New babies (to grow into!) or toddlers 
How much? $59.95

Where from? Online at Smiggle

This ride on truck combines two favourite toddler toys in one! Not only is this truck super cool (and actually turns!), it also has a built in shape puzzle on the side of the truck - meaning your favourite little one can grow and learn with it!
Who for? New or expecting mamas!
How much? $37

Where from? Online at MarketPatch

This is a gift that works for both Mum and bub! Fox and Finn's teething necklaces are not only practical, but fashionable too! The Fox and Finn brand was born out of a desire to bring mamas all over the world teething necklaces that are not only baby safe, but allow them to feel fashionable and feminine. 

Who for? Perfect for both boys and girls - but a huge hit with boys aged 8-10
How much? $18.99

Where from? Online at Pan McMillan or Booktopia ($14.95)

We have quite a few little guys in our life who cannot get enough of random facts and who love to know everything about anything. This book is perfect for them as it combines random facts with puzzles, drawings and more!

Who for? Perfect for any little pet lover!
How much? $68.00 at Kmart

Where from? Online or in-store at Kmart

Cleverkeet can sing, dance and talk to you. If he's not showing off his moves in front of his mirror, you can watch him driving around in his little cart. He's known as the world's smartest bird and is a fully interactive robo-bird and can even learn phrases and repeat them back to you. Available in both pink and blue!

Who for? Any new bub or expecting parents on your list!
How much? From $49

Where from? Online at Bockers and Pony

The pictured hamper, Perfect Princess is $149 and comes with the cuddliest Bockers and Pony Bunny, adorable Cheeky Little Soles' pink leather ballet shoes and the ever coveted Sophie the Giraffe who is always a hit with babies. This is the perfect gift for new or expecting Mums and even comes with incredible creme caramel scented OP Therapy hand cream in a gorgeous keepsake leather suitcase.

Who for? Just about anyone on your list!
How much? Ellie the Elephant is $24.95(the Jute Lion is no longer available, however, other toys are available here)
Where from? Online at Good Spender

Christmas is the time to give and these are two gifts that keep on giving! Good Spender is Australia's only online marketplace that is dedicated to businesses who sell goods and services to benefit social causes. Whilst the Jute Lion is no longer available, Ethical Living have a great range of gift ideas which support the Familia Moja Childrens Home in Kenya, Think Humanity in Uganda who distribute clothing to refugees and Peace; a little girl in Uganda who Ethical Living raise money for to provide for her education, clothing, household items and her medication for TB and AIDS. Ellie the Elephant is made by Seven Women, an ethical enterprise which provides skills and literacy training to marginalised Nepalese women, giving them the opportunity to earn their own income and empower them to be independent. 

Who for? Any little girl on your list
How much? Shopkins products start from $7
Where from? Available at most retailers, including online and in store at Kmart

Shopkins have a bit of a cult following and almost every little girl I've spoken to knows what they are, who the characters are and which ones they already have at home. Pictured is the Shopkins Icecream Truck Playset ($20 at Kmart) and Shopkins Series 3 12 Pack ($13 at Kmart)

V-Tech Pop and Roll Ball Tower
Who for? Any bub on your list
How much? $59.95
Where from? Available at Big W

This is a toy that will grow with your favourite bub. Perfect for any child 3-36 months, this Pop and Roll Ball Tower has different animals, colours, sounds and two modes of play to get littles ones learning and having fun. The tower features 15 melodies and 6 fun sing along songs.

Who for? Any little girl on your list
How much? $29.99
Where from? Available at the ABC Store

Jemima was always my favourite playschool character as a child and she's still a favourite today! Jemima looks beautiful with her pretty rainbow fairy wings, flower headband and pink tutu and is holding a wand ready to grant your wish. She's soft enough to snuggle but fun to play with too, so she's the perfect gift for any little princess on your list!

Who for? Any teen/young adult on your list
How much? $30
Where from? Available at Target

From the makers of the Logo Game, Shout! is a fun team game that's filled with fun questions and silly challenges that will have everyone in stitches. All you have to do is shout out the nine answers on the card before the time is up. The subjects range from word searches to pop culture, geography and even cheese so there's something for everyone!

Who for? Anyone on your list
How much? You choose the price
Where from? Available at Hoyts

Christmas time means school holiday time for Australian kids - so why not give them a gift that will keep them entertained over the holiday period?! Hoyts gift cards are the perfect gift to give when you don't know what to get as they're valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, are available both online and at the cinema and can be loaded with any value between $20-$500 and used for any Hoyts session (including Lux and used for merchandise or the candy bar, too!)

Who for? The tech savvy or adventurous kid on your list
How much? The Smart Watch is $79.95 and the  ActionCam is $79.95
Where from? The Smart Watch is available at Big W and the Action Cam is available at Toys Paradise

Tech Savvy kids are always looking for the latest gadget - but these ones are just their size! The SmartWatch is a fun gift idea that's filled with games, a built-in camera that captures stills and movies and has heaps of fun features. The ActionCam is great for active kids who can capture their own adventure movies as they ride their bikes, swim or have fun over the holidays!

Who for? The car loving kid on your list
How much? $25
Where from? Available at Kmart

The Monster Jam dragon truck has stolen the championship trophy and hidden it away in its secret lair! Now you've got a mission; use the kidactivated steamblast launcher to send your awesome Monster Jam truck flying down the track and past the dragon's snapping jaws to stop his attack, hit his tail and and blast him apart to claim the trophy!

Who for? The car loving kid on your list
How much? $19
Where from? Available at Kmart

The Qixels Design Creator lets you build your Qixel design, blast it with water, let it dry and then leave you with an awesome Qixel character to play with! The pack comes with 7 templates as well as a blank template with grids to create your own unique characters!

Who for? Every bub, toddler or child on your list
How much? From $10
Where from? Available online at Plum and in store at selected locations.

If I ever need a gift for a friend with a new baby, I always turn to Plum. Plum is known for their high quality and beautifully designed baby and toddler clothes as well as sleepwear, swimwear and SIDS safe baby sleep bags. For an expecting Mum or new bub, a baby sleep bag is a gift that will get used over and over and a swaddle or blanket makes a great stocking stuffer as you don't have to worry about size. For water babies up to size 7, Plum's swimwear collection is too cute not to pass up - and the perfect summer Christmas gift!

Who for? Every kid to teen on your list
How much? From $3
Where from? Available online at Live Love Bean.

Live Love Bean's magic beans are a fun stocking stuffer that will get kids out in the garden and learning about how things grow. You choose the designs on the seeds and as they grow, you'll see the design on the outer leaves of the plant!

Who for? Every doll lover on your list
How much? From $7
Where from? Available at Target, Toys R Us, Kmart and Big W.

Barbie has been around for 56 years now and she's still popular with girls all over the world. Whilst she does look a bit different now than she did when I was a kid, she's still a must have item on many Christmas lists. Barbie Fashionistas are a great stocking stuffer at only $12 (from Kmart) and I am sure the Barbie Glitter Doll with be a must have with her sparkly hair designs ($25 from Kmart)

But tell me, when you were a kid; what was the best gift you ever received at Christmas? Or the gift you wished you had have received?
And what are you buying for the kids on your list this Christmas?


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