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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide 2015

Food, glorious fooooooooooooood! In this gift guide, we're celebrating all things food with gift ideas that will inspire and delight!

But we don't just want to share our ideas - we want to hear yours! Be sure to share your own foodie gift ideas in the comments!

Here are our top picks for Foodies this Christmas! >> 

Who for? Just about anyone on your list!
How much? $45 + shipping
Where do I get it? Online at Good Spender.

Christmas is the time to give and this is one gift that keeps on giving! Good Spender is Australia's only online marketplace that is dedicated to businesses who sell goods and services to benefit social causes. Summerland House Farm, who make this delicious hamper, is a business of House With No Stepsl a disability organisation which provides employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities in the tourism, hospitality, administration, retail and horticultural industries. The money you spend on this hamper will go back to the charity to provide continued opportunities in the future.

Who for? The healthy foodie on your list!
How much? $69.95
Where do I get it? Online at GyroFish

I did share this in our healthy living gift guide already, however, it's perfect for anyone who loves to cook and create new and unique dishes! Whether you're making zucchini noodles or a spiralised salad, the Inspiraliser will have you looking at your veggies in a whole new light!

Russell Hobbs Five Minute Pizza & Snack Oven
Who for? EVERYONE! Especially those with a busy schedule!
How much? $199.95
Where do I get it? Dick Smith, Appliances Online or The Good Guys (currently $179)

Pizzas aren't usually quick. Whilst we love our pizza oven and our regular oven, both take a gooooodd long while to heat up - meaning you really need to think ahead if you want dinner quickly. This pizza and snack oven is genius - and we use it almost every single day. Instead of waiting half an hour or more for the oven to heat up, this baby heats up in seconds and can cook a fresh or frozen pizza in less than five minutes. But it's not just limited to pizza - we use it for everything from bread to lasagna, baked goods, pasta bakes and open faced grilled sandwiches. 

Quirky Kitchen Accessories from Kookery
Who for? Every foodie on your list
How much? From $6.95
Where do I get it? Online at Kookery

To brie or not to brie?, grin and camembert ittotes toast's awesome.... how can you go wrong with food puns?! Kookery's range of aprons, tea towels and gifts are so fun and so cute!

George Foreman Easy Clean Indoor Outdoor Grill
Who for? Every foodie on your list
How much? $149.95
Where do I get it? Harvey Norman

For so long I missed out when it came to barbecues as the barbecue plate was a coeliac nightmare. I mean, have you ever successfully cleaned your barbecue plate? Typically they're a nightmare and "clean" by barbecue standards isn't so allergy safe - unless you're talking about this grill!! The George Foreman Easy Clean Indoor Outdoor Grill is perfect for everyone - but especially those with allergies! 

It can be used on the stand outdoors or taken off the stand and used on a tabletop (even glass tables!) and when you're finished, a quick wash in the sink or dishwasher is all it takes to have your grill looking brand new!

Who for? The tea loving foodie on your list
How much? $99
Where do I get it? Online at Bockers and Pony

I love tea, however, I'm a bit of a tea snob. This tea forte gift set is perfect for the tea connoisseur in your life as it's filled with Tea Forte's incredible English Breakfast and Moroccan Mint Tea. Just don't expect them to share ;)

The Tefal Cuisine Companion
Who for? The ultimate foodie
How much? $1699 (available on payment plans)
Where do I get it? Harvey Norman, Bing Lee and The Good Guys

A big ticket item but one that will win you serious brownie points (and probably have multiple batches of thank you brownies in your future). The Cuisine Companion is perfect for couples, families, amateur cooks and those with years of cooking experience. It will whip up everything from egg whites for souffles to nut butters, cake mixes and even steam veggies! 

Personalised Cheese Board from Personalised Favours
Who for? Your favourite foodie couple! (or family!)
How much? $69.95
Where do I get it? Online at Personalised Favours

I love personalised gifts and this one is super cute! Or should that be cheesy? ;) Available in a variety of different designs, this cheese board is perfect for your favourite foodie family or couple and one that I'm sure will be used for years to come! Be sure to check out their other boards here as they have plenty of Christmas options!

But tell me, what's one foodie gift on your wish list this year? And what would you add to the list as a foodie gift idea?!


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