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Monday, November 23, 2015

The Ultimate Healthy Living Gift Guide 2015

Whether they're a runner, yogini, lifter or just someone who likes to keep healthy - we've rounded up the perfect gift ideas for the healthy living lover in your life!

But we don't just want to share our gift ideas, we want to hear yours! Share your own gift suggestions or personal wish list in the comments below!

Here are some of our best picks for Healthy Living Lovers this Christmas! >> 

Goodness Me Box Subscription
Who for? The healthy foodie on your list
How much? $25 per box (paid monthly) or $70 for a 3 month gift subscription (bulk subscriptions also available)
Where do I get it? Order online here.

Goodness Me Box is perfect for any healthy foodie who loves discovering new products and ingredients. Each month, your Goodness Me Box will arrive at your doorstep filled with delicious treats! Keep in mind that whilst some of the items inside are gluten free or allergy friendly, not all are. They also have the option of one-off gift boxes; the Sugar Free ($60) and the Paleo ($60)
Who for? Everyone on your list
How much? $279.95
Where do I get it? Find a list of stockists here.

This is the one kitchen appliance I use every single day, I kid you not! Not only does it make the best smoothies - you can make nut butters in minutes, mill your own flours from whole grains and even blitz soups or batters. Worth. Every. Cent.

Who for? The yogini on your list
How much? $84.95
Where do I get it? Buy it here with free shipping Australia wide!

I have had dozens of yoga mats, however, nothing compares to this one. The Mukti is solid and doesn't curl up or slip when you're in the middle of a session and combines natural tree rubber and jute fibers for the ultimate mat. Best of all? You can take it anywhere with you as it comes with a handy strap carrier - and it's eco friendly too!

Who for? A great stocking stuffer for the workout junkie!
How much? $2 and up
Where do I get it? Coles, Woolworths, Target and online.

Instead of chocolate or shortbread biscuits - why not fill your healthy living lover's stocking with some delicious protein packed treats? Our top picks this season are all from Slim Secrets! Our ultimate treat is the Caramel Protein Pud with Chia, closely followed by the Mintabolism Boost Bar and Caramel Latte Protein Indulgence Shake (all of which are gluten free!)

Who for? The runner or gym junkie
How much? Starts from $39.95
Where do I get it? Available from Dick Smith

There is nothing worse than when you're getting into your run, listening to your favourite song and............ your earphones fall out. These earphones are the only ones that will not fall out of my ears, they have three different size fittings as well as additional shaped fittings to fit just about every type of ear and come in a handy little pouch!

Who for? Anyone who loves their fitness 
How much? From $15
Where do I get it? Order one online here.

Whether you're a runner, weightlifter, crossfit fanatic or on a weight loss journey, Journal Menu's journals can be customised to suit your individual needs. Build your journal from scratch, designing the cover (or choosing a predesigned option), adding in options such as to-do lists, meal tracking, PRs, workout records and more.

Who for? Just about anyone on your list
How much? $109 
Where do I get it? Online at PureModa

Do I need an explanation? When can you go wrong with awesome activewear?

Who for? There's something for everyone on your list!
How much? From $12
Where do I get it? Online at Snorgtees

You can never go wrong with funny tees or hoodies. Our top picks from Snorgtees for the Healthy Living Lover? T-Rex Skipped Too Many Arm Days, Zombies Hate Fast Food, Always Give 100%.

Who for? Everyone on your list!
How much? From $40
Where do I get it? Online or at selected retailers

When you're not working out, you still need comfy shoes and Volleys are definitely our pick! Not only are they super comfy - they look great too!

Who for? The healthy foodie on your list!
How much? $69.95
Where do I get it? Online at GyroFish

Zucchini noodles, carrot strips, apple slinkies - you cannot go wrong with a spiraliser and this one is one of the best! Your gift recipient will be turning EVERYTHING into noodles ;) 

But tell me, what's on your wishlist this Christmas and what Healthy Living Gift Ideas can you add to the list?


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