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Monday, November 23, 2015

The Ultimate Women's Gift Guide 2015

Christmas is fast approaching and if you haven't already, it really is time to start thinking about what to buy those people on your Christmas list! This week, as well as delicious recipes and our usual posts, I'll be sharing a bunch of great gift ideas with you - but I would also love you to share your own gift ideas in the comments!

They say two heads are better than one, so why not throw some more into the mix!

Here are some of our best picks for women this Christmas! >>

Sony SRS-X11 Portable Speaker
Who for? Anyone who loves music!
How much? $99
Where do I get it? Buy it now here.

There are heaps of portable speakers on the market, however, the Sony SRS-X11 really is the best we've found. The sound is so clear, the battery lasts a long time and it's super cute. Available in five different colours, the Sony SRS-X11 is the perfect  gift idea for any music lover on your list! Use it when hanging out at the beach, getting ready for a night out or when lazing about at home. 

Personalised Clutch Gift Voucher
Who for? The fashionista on your list!
How much? $199 (also available in two other options - $129 and $99)
Where do I get it? Purchase a voucher here.

Don't worry about figuring out the best colour or deciding whether your fashionista would prefer her full initials or just first and last name - instead, give the perfect gift with a RedBalloon gift voucher and allow your fashionista to design her own clutch or purse!

The Mindfulness Colouring In Book
Who for? The perfect stocking stuffer for almost anyone on your list?

How much? Around $10

Where from? Get it at Kmart for $9

Adult colouring in books are everywhere at the moment - and there's no wondering why! Not only are they so much fun, they're the perfect way to relax and unwind. Pair the book with a pack of textas or colouring pencils and you're good to go!

Who for? The stylish homewares addict ;)
How much? Currently on sale for $99
Where from? Get it here.

We absolutely love this stylish clock as it's not only practical - but an awesome decor piece as well. Measuring 25cm in diameter it's a great piece to add to your living room, home office or bedroom and looks great.

Who for? The woman with a green thumb
How much? Gloves from $32.90 and Secateurs from $34.90
Where from? Get them here.

I love pottering around in my garden and caring for my veggie patch, however, for years I've borrowed either Jesse or my Dad's ugly old gardening gloves and much loved garden tools. Give the green thumbed woman in your life a gift that she'll keep on using with these garden accessories! The gloves are my absolute favourite as they're long and mean I'm no longer getting scratched or cut by spiky zucchini leaves or catching my arm on chicken wire.
Why not do up a garden hamper with some garden accessories and some new seeds or a nice pot or planter to add to the garden. One of my Mum's favourite gifts is when Jesse and I created a little herb garden for her by the back door in a gorgeous big terracotta pot - complete with garden accessories.

Who for? The fashionista in your life.
How much? The pictured skirt is $169.95
Where from? The skirt is available here.

PureModa have an incredible range of women's clothing, activewear and accessories that make the perfect Christmas Gift. My picks right now? The Ambiance Dress, Presto Playsuit and Audrey Romper.

Who for? The newlyweds or newly engaged couples in your life.
How much? $73

Where from? Purchase here.

These blocks are proudly displayed in our room and we cannot recommend them enough for any couple in your life! These blocks are personalised with the couple's wedding date and names and you can also choose the colours to suit their wedding theme or home.

Who for? Just about anyone on your list!
How much? From $15

Where from? Purchase here.

I cannot live without my planner. Sound dramatic? Possibly, however, with such a busy schedule I need to have everything planned out or I simply forget! Journal Menu allow you to design your own planners or select from their own cover designs. Customise a journal with the recipients favourite picture, a funny memory or quote and set up the journal to include space for their workout records, food tracking, reflections or goals.

Who for? Just about anyone on your list!
How much? From $1!

Where from? Purchase here.

I'm someone who loves displaying their favourite photos and treasured memories. We have a million and one photo books, prints line our walls and fill photo frames and I am always filling spare spaces with memories. PhotoBox have a huge range of photo gift ideas - from cute mugs to custom designed phone and iPad cases, canvas prints and more. 

Who for? Just about anyone on your list!
How much? Around $25

Where from? Available for $23.45 from Book Depository

If you're looking for a holiday read that will have you laughing yourself silly, you cannot go past this book. In fact, I laughed so hard whilst having acupuncture I just about punctured an internal organ with the needle in my stomach :P 

Jesse and I read this together and laughed ourselves silly over Jenny's stories. It's the kind of funny that you know you shouldn't really be laughing at but can't help yourself anyway :P 

Who for? The perfect stocking stuffer for anyone!

How much? From $19.95

Where do I get it? Purchase online at Belkin

I don't know about you, but I am always either losing or breaking my phone charging cables. Whilst you can get chargers almost anywhere, they're not always as reliable as the original and they often take way longer to charge. These Belkin Chargers are absolutely brilliant - and you'll find them scattered around our house. This year they have a range of metallic and bright colours, so they're perfect for everyone!

Who for? This makes a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer/gift idea for that person who's impossible to buy for.

How much? $49.50

Where do I get it? Purchase online here.

I love nothing more than walking into my room or our house and having it smell amazing. Whether it's because I'm baking something delicious or because I've filled my home with delicious scents, it always feels more welcoming and inviting. Whilst scented candles are brilliant - the smell doesn't linger for long. This fragrance diffuser will have your home smelling incredible all the time (especially if you get our favourite coconut vanilla scent!)

T-Shirts from Snorgtees
Who for? Just about anyone on your list!
How much? From $12
Where do I get it? Purchase online here.

I cannot tell you how much we love Snorgtees. They have the best tshirts, hoodies and socks around with so many different slogans, jokes and pictures. Our picks for women this Christmas? I Can't Adult Today, No Coffee No Workee, Tea Rex, I Love Your Accent.

Who for? The traveller or Disney fan on your list

How much? $69.95
Where do I get it? Get it online from Bags To Go.

Whenever we're traveling, I always take carry on luggage. Some bags are big and bulky and annoying to lug around or store in overhead lockers, however, this bag is perfect - and super cute too! In fact, when we were traveling to Norfolk Island I got plenty of compliments on it ;) It has a huge main compartment which fits way more than you'd think - as well as a flat pocket on the side which will easily fit A4 sized papers and is perfect for stashing business documents or your passport and travel documents.

Who for? Any beauty lover on your list

How much? RRP $49.95
Where do I get it? Find it at Myer, Target and Bing Lee Stores.

This hair dryer isn't just a practical gift - it's one that gives back too! VS Sassoon's Power of Pink Collection has been made in collaboration with the Breast Cancer Network Australia to raise much needed funds whilst also providing affordable style options for women around the country! This model has a retractable cord and 2000 watts of power!
Who for? Anyone on your list

How much? From $17.70
Where do I get it? Online at The Canvas Factory

Give the gift that will be treasured for years to come with a print or gift voucher from The Canvas Factory! We love having treasured photographs on our walls and The Canvas Factory have the best quality prints out of all of the different companies we've tried. We especially love their acrylic glass prints and aluminium prints.

Who for? The fashionista on your list

How much? From $45

Where do I get it? Available to purchase here.

As we celebrate Christmas over the summer, sunglasses are the perfect Christmas gift idea for any fashionista on your list! The pictured shades are the Chinadoll Design, however, there are plenty of designs available!

Who for? A fun stocking stuffer for your favourite wine lover
How much? $14.95 
Where do I get it? Available online here.

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for your favourite wine lover. Whilst they may be a bit of fun, they're also super practical and perfect for summer picnics or lunches on the beach or by the pool.
Who for? Anyone on your list

How much? $44.95
Where do I get it? Online here.

Jesse and I realised that we now collect Glasshouse Christmas Candles the way we would have bought advent calendars as a child. Each year we wait to find out what the year's scent will be and anxiously await December 1st so we can light it! This year's scent is Dancing Sugar Plums which has been inspired by plum puddings and festive feasts with blackcurrant, lemon, plum and lavender included in the mix.

Who for? Anyone on your list!
How much? From $29.95

Where do I get it? Online at Mamaybebe

New pjs are not only a great gift idea, they're one that will actually get used! Mamaybee have a great range of pyjamas to suit everyone. They're made for comfort with 100% cotton and are perfect for summer!

But tell me, what is on your Christmas wish list this year?
And what are some gift ideas you have for the women in your life? 


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