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Friday, December 18, 2015

Recent Things: New Specs, Frightening Fun and Recent Scents

Hello sweet ones! Can you believe that this time next week it will be CHRISTMAS?!?! My favourite day of the whole year!

Luckily I've had my Christmas gifts sorted for months so I'm ready for the big day to be here! But in the meantime, lots has been happening - so let me catch you up on our week!

Here's what we've been up to recently >> 

Recent Deliciousness: The Seriously Delicious Cheesecake Recipe. You have to try this cheesecake at least once. Helllllllloooooooooo heaven.

Recent Faves: These new glasses. I have a serious glasses collection and I'm loving this new pair from Firmoo. They have daily new arrivals and a 15% off offer for your first pair! All you have to do is upload your prescription and they'll make your glasses and ship them right to your door!

Recent Scents: This week I've been wearing the new Cosmopolitan Fragrance (you can get it at Priceline) and I am loving it. Jesse's also been loving it too. Everytime I wear it he tells me how good I smell - and the best thing? The scent actually lasts all day. Unlike some perfumes that wear off after a couple of hours, this one leaves you smelling fabulous!

Recent Terror: Sooooo I'd never been on a rollercoaster before... until Saturday. We were at Santa's Magical Kingdom and I saw the Crazy Coaster and for some reason decided to be brave (because it didn't look scary at all) and ride it with Jesse. 

Um... bad idea girlfriend. I chose the coaster that not only goes up and down and around the track - but spins whilst going around too. 

I think my face explains it all. Jesse thought the photo was so funny he bought it to keep and use as blackmail - hence why I'm sharing it with you ;) You can't blackmail someone when they've already shown the world! MWAHAHAHAA!

Recent Sadness: On Saturday we said goodbye (for now!) to some of our friends who are heading back home to Ireland after living in Australia for the last 3 years.  If you've been reading SIL for a while, you might have heard me talk about the "Kristy curse" and it seems it's struck again! You see, ever since I was little, all of the friends I've become close with have either moved interstate or overseas! At least once a year we'll have friends announce they're moving away - last year was to San Fransisco and South Africa, the previous year to California and Queensland and we have friends all over the globe!

But tell me, how has your week been?
And what do you have planned for Christmas next week?!


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