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Friday, January 22, 2016

Recent Things: Dehydration, Card Obsessions and Delicious Eats

Recent Things in the Southern In Law World

Why hello there! I feel like I haven't written a Recent Things post in forever! Whilst we were away in NZ I never had a chance to catch you up as we had limited access to internet - but now we're back and I've got lots to share!

So let me catch you up on what we've been up to lately! >> 

Melted Cadbury Chocolates

Recent Laughs: We've gone from freezing cold in New Zealand to boiling hot here in Sydney. Yesterday we both had a bit of a giggle when we opened up a Cadbury's Dairy Milk Box to find that it was completely melted. All of the delicious centres had oozed out and whilst it was still delicious - it definitely wasn't pretty! :P Chocolate definitely shouldn't be delivered on a hot day!

And yes! The new Cadbury Dairy Milk Gift Box is gluten free, meaning it's perfect for just about any chocoholic!

Steak with lots of Vegetables

Recent Joy: Getting back to our kitchen! Whilst we were away in NZ we always had at least a "kitchenette" (with a stove element and sometimes microwave too) but we only had a full kitchen (with oven) for one night of our trip. As we were traveling around a lot as well we were limited on what foods we could have -  so we're so glad to be back home with our kitchen and all our favourite foods!

Here's what we've been devouring this week; 
Sunday: Steak with Sweet Potato, Corn & Steamed Veggies (ALL THE VEGGIES!)
Monday: Macadamia Crusted Fish with Steamed Veggies 
Wednesday: Healthy Chicken and Ricotta Lasagna and Salad 
Thursday:  Baked Chicken Breasts stuffed with Salami and Cream Cheese, served up with steamed veggies and roasted potatoes

Tonight for dinner I'm thinking fish sounds perfect, however, I may also try something totally new! 

Pistachio Shell Cactus Art
Photo from here
Recent Discovery: Did you know all those pesky pistachio shells you usually throw out could be used to make something this beautiful?! Wonderful Pistachios currently have a competition running on their Facebook page where they're asking people to #CreativelyGetCracking and some of the entries are incredible (take a look here)!  The lucky winner and their family will win a farm trip as well as a years supply of Wonderful Pistachios!

Hobbit Hole Accommodation New Zealand

Recent Reminiscing: Our "Hobbit Hole" back in NZ! I cannot wait to show you guys all the pictures!

Playing Card Games as a Family

Recent FunCard games! We found a new favourite card game (which we tweaked and changed from one we randomly found on the web and made our own) whilst in New Zealand and on Sunday night we decided to teach it to the whole family. We used three decks of cards instead of one and played a huge game for three or so hours. 

A couple of readers have emailed me for instructions so I'm thinking I may have to post about the game - what do you think? 

Paleo Grilled Cheese Toast with Blueberries

Recent Obsession: Our Grain, Yeast and Starch Free Paleo Bread Recipe! I made another batch after posting the recipe on Wednesday and haven't stopped eating it since! I've been enjoying it for breakfast with a variety of different toppings. Cream cheese is always one of my favourite toast toppings, however, yesterday I had it with grilled cheese (simply top with cheese and broil until melted!) and it was deeeeeeeeelish!

Dehydrated Veggie Patch after a Hot Summer

Recent Sadness: Errr, so our beautiful veggie patch is beautiful no more, friends. It seems Jesse and I are the only ones in the family with green thumbs because this is what we returned to on Saturday night. 

Jesse is so devastated that he refuses to even look at it - let alone water it. I'm still watering it hoping that it might make a comeback, however, I know the second it stops producing cucumbers Jesse will be ripping it out!

Luckily I sowed some lettuce and corn seeds in the veggie patch on the left before we went away and somehow the family didn't kill them so they're looking good! 

But tell me, how has life been for you lately? 
Have you been up to anything exciting or new?
What's one food you can't seem to get enough of this week? 


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