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Friday, February 12, 2016

Recent Things: Mermaids, Donut Obsessions and Playing Hooky

Recent Things in the Southern In Law World

Hello there, love! I feel like I say every week is busy, but that's because they are! Once again this week has been jam packed - but first of all I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who emailed/commented/messaged me about my Dad! He's feeling much better (despite having another problem with gout in his hand earlier in the week) and is still resting at home.

But let me tell you about the rest of our week! >> 

If you can't be a unicorn, be a mermaid

Recent Outfits: If you've been reading Southern In Law for a while, you'd know that I'm not someone who's afraid of being silly - in fact, I embrace it! 

When I spotted the above top at Kmart I knew I had to have it as it'd perfectly match my mermaid leggings. I didn't tell anyone else in the family about it until I could put the whole outfit together so the first thing I did after coming home from church on Sunday was put it on. 

It's safe to say that the reaction was quite similar from each member of the family; "oh Kristy" as in... typical Kristy move.. as in, yup... that's the unicorn of the family. You see, I'm known as the unicorn of the family because I'm "pink and sparkly" and because, well, there isn't really any other way to sum up my personality :P 

Gluten Free Sugar Free Noshu Donuts Review

Recent Obsession: NOSHU Donuts! They're gluten free, sugar free and ab-so-freaking-lutely delicious, friends! 

If you haven't tried them already, head to their website to search for a stockist ASAP so you can try them for yourself. As well as being gluten and sugar free, they're also fructose free, low carb, grain free, high fibre, paleo and free from any artificial nasties. 

Gluten Free Sugar Free Noshu Donuts Review

They're currently available in three flavours; Dark Chocolate & Raspberry (above), Caramel Spice (top) and Banana Coconut and, according to their website, they have some other delicious additions to add to the range very very soon!

Zucchini Slice with Veggies

Recent Dinners: This week we've been eating a wholeeeeeeeeee lotta deliciousness once again. Here's what's been on our dinner table! 

Above is a delicious Zucchini Slice with Ham and Cheese, served up with ALLLLLLLL THE VEGGIES (because girl never learnt how to do moderation when it comes to veggies).

Gluten Free Lamb Kofta Pita Breads

Gluten free lamb kofta pita breads, as inspired by Miguel Maestre at the #AtoZofMmmm launch we went to a couple of weeks ago.

Healthy Gluten Free Spaghetti Boscaiola

Our favourite Healthy Boscaiola Recipe (I'll have to share that recipe sometime!) served with steamed veggies for me and salad for Jesse. 

Gluten Free Chicken and Bacon Pizza Pockets

The I don't quite know what we're calling this dinner of gluten free bread/pizza pockets filled with chicken, bacon and a creamy cheesy sauce. We loved these but they need some tweaking as the crust was possibly a little too crunchy. 

Make Your Own Gluten Free Burritos

Taco Tuesday/Mexican Martes (Mexican Tuesday) was DIY beef and black bean dorritos with ALL THE FILLINGS!

Poached Chicken with Tahini Soy Sauce and Vegetables

Poached chicken with a tahini soy sauce, rice and veggies was dinner on Wednesday night.

Last night was Baked Fish with a crunchy Almond & Coconut topping <3

Recently Watching: House MD, still! We still have two or so seasons to go but we so cannot wait for Supernatural and The Walking Dead to start again! And we need to catch up on Bones. Ahhhh what a life we have :P 

Recently Wanting: ALL THE NUT BUTTER THINGS. My nut butter obsession is not new but someone recently told me that protein peanut butter is a legitimate thing and now I think I need it in my life (as well as every other delicious gluten free nut butter on the planet <3) 

D'Continental Oatley

Recent Indulgence: I took some time off work on Tuesday afternoon to enjoy lunch with some friends at a local cafe and it was exactly what I needed! There's few things I love more than spending time with friends and having a great chat over a delicious cup of tea! D'Continental have an incredible selection of herbal teas - this time I went for a caramel black tea which was d'lish (see what I did there.... lame!) 

Healthy Living Blogger Instagram

Recently Updated: Our Instagram Account! If you're not already following us on Instagram @southerninlaw (or on Facebook!), be sure to do that as that's the perfect place to keep up with what's happening in our world away from the blog! Also, I'd love to hear from you on what you'd like to see us sharing and posting on social media - so be sure to let me know in the comments or send us an email.

But tell me, what's the best thing you've eaten this week? 
And what's your favourite way to indulge?
I feel like the possibilities are endless for indulgences - it could be a nice bubble bath or glass of wine, lunch with friends or treating yourself to a massage or spa treatment - or simply taking time out to relax and read a book or paint your nails!


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