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Friday, February 26, 2016

Recent Things: Tomatoless Tomatoes, Kitchen Fails & New Addictions

Recent Things in the Southern In Law World

Hey you! It's Friday again and I have lotttttttttttttttttttsssssss to share with you this week! From serious fails to awesome wins, heat waves and lots lots more. 

So let's jump right into it!
Here's what we've been up to this week! >> 

Nomato Sauce - Nightshade Free Tomato Sauce

Recent Wins: Nomato Sauce (read: tomato-less tomatoes!) has been a staple in our house for quite some time, however, I've recently perfected my recipe and come up with THE PERFECT combination. I've also finally photographed the recipe so I can share it with you soon!

I know the lovely Claire is excited for this recipe as she also can't have tomatoes so I can't wait to share it! As you can see, many of our dinners this week included it as I can't get enough! :P 

Kitchen Fail - Gluten Free Flour All Over the Kitchen!

Recent Fails: I showed you a win and now I share a fail. It's not always sunshine and rainbows and glitter in the SIL kitchen, friends... this week I had a serious FAIL.  I managed to spill about half a kilo of gluten free flour ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL over my nice clean kitchen floor. 

Mind you, I was quite glad it was gluten free flour not regular flour (hellooo glutening) so it could have been even more of a fail!

Barnana Gluten Free Snacks Australia

Recent Discovery: THE BEST SNACKS EVEEEEEEEEEEER. Last week it was Noshu donuts that I was obsessed with - but now that I've eaten all of those (insert crying face emoji), I've had to find a new addiction. Barnana make the most deeeeeeeelicious snacks ever and I am definitely addicted. 

The peanut butter and banana bites are my favourite, however, the chocolate bites ones come at a close second. They've just launched in Australia and you can get them at health food stores and independent grocers around the country!

Couple's Devotional Bible App for Married Couples

Recent App Faves: Jesse and I have been following the Couple's Devotional Bible App for the last couple of weeks and we LOVE it! It's a really awesome way to get talking about different things whilst also reading the bible and praying together!

Kristy and Jesse from Southern In Law with Puppy Chanel

Recent Reminiscing: Our photoshoot with Chanel! This is still one of my favourite pictures ever! I cannot wait to have our own home so we can hang the printed version in our living room!

Recent Dinners: The #SILDinnerChallenge is still in full swing (YOU should join the fun!)  and we have been having some deeelicious dinners this week!

On Friday night last week we had Chicken Alfredo with Steamed Veggies (this recipe minus the mushrooms because we didn't have any and with an extra tablespoon of cream cheese to make it extra creamy!)

On Saturday night we were heading out to a restaurant for my Mama's birthday, however, as I couldn't eat anything there (they don't have any coeliac safe options), I ate before we left. What I had was this DEEEELICIOUS ham and cheese quiche with a potato crust that I'll have to share with you very very soon. We've been eating them for lunch and breakfast quite a lot lately (I make them the night before whilst I'm cooking dinner) because they are SO good!

After stuffing himself silly the night before, Jesse only wanted steak and salad for dinner on Sunday night. This girl, however, doesn't do salads as meals so I loaded my plate up with ALLLL THE CARBS and veggies and had a huge sweet potato, green beans, asparagus and corn as well :P 

On Monday night we had an old favourite; Ham and Cheese Cornbread Bakes. Now, these babies aren't the prettiest things in the world but they are seriously delicious - so I've photographed them too so I can FINALLY share the recipe with you. Of course the time I decide to photograph them they turn out extra ugly but oh well!

On Tuesday it was Taco Tuesday, of course! Though, it was actually Mexican Martes again as we had quesadillas. This week I had chobani and nomato sauce for dipping as well as allllll the veggies on the side. 

Wednesday we had Spaghetti Bolognese with my Nomato Sauce I told you about above. I haven't eaten bolognese in SOOOOOOO long and this was incredible! Definitely sharing the recipe for this one too!

Last night we had our Healthy Cheesy Baked Fish Recipe for dinner with ALLLLL THE VEGGIES!

Southern In Law Dinner Challenge - Healthy Dinner Inspiration

Recent Fun: Speaking of the #SILDinnerChallenge, here's just some of what has been shared lately on Instagram and Facebook..

Southern In Law Dinner Challenge - Healthy Dinner Inspiration

A hugeeee thank you to everyone who's been joining in. I haven't been sharing our dinners as much on Facebook this week as I don't know if you guys want to see them there (let me know!), however, we're sharing them on Instagram each night.

Be sure to show some love to some of the lovely foodies who have been sharing their meals each night with the hashtag like @thestrengthenedsophie, Penny (one of our most loyal readers EVER!), @gfpartyofone, @sam_pancakewarriorfitness, @healthywithkelsey, @achatwin, @the_healthy_fit_fashionista, @geekfitlifestyle and so many others! 

But tell me, how has your week been? 
What's the best thing you've eaten this week? 
And what's your current favourite snack?


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