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Friday, April 29, 2016

Recent Things: Long Weekend Loving, Fat Obsessions and Faking Fashion Sense

Hellllloooo, friend! We made it to Friday (well.. if you're reading this in the Northern Hemisphere, you're SO close!) and the weekend is near! I am about to rush off to a day full of meetings and a quick stop in at a blogger event, however, I have lots to share with you first!

So let me share what we've been up to recently! >> 

Almond Butter Obsession

Recent Addictions: Okay so this isn't really a recent addiction; girl has always been nut butter obsessed! This week I just can't seem to get enough almond butter though! So much so that I swear someone is drilling holes in the bottom of my jars because it just seems to disappear before my eyes ;) 

Healthy Macadamia Nuts

The fat obsession doesn't stop at almond butter though... I also can't get enough of macadamia nuts this week. Just raw, plain macadamia nuts. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm!

Healthy Taco Quinoa Bake Recipe

Recent Recipe Love: Our Healthy Taco Quinoa Bake Recipe which we shared earlier in the week! After teasing you with pictures of it for so long I finally got around to photographing it and sharing it and you really really reaaaaaaaaally need to try it ASAP! 

Apple Picking in Bilpin New South Wales

Recent Randomness: Sooo this week I posted what was quite possibly the most random post ever, however, it seems like you guys loved it as I got plenty of comments/messages/emails about it. 

Abby suggested I start filming my ramblings and put it on youtube because it'd be just like having coffee with me, however, I have the most irritating voice on the planet so that's totally not happening :P 

I know everyone hates their voice when they hear it back but I feel like I sound like a little child and in my head I sound all mature and boss lady like, ha!

Dremel Glue Gun and Engraver

Recent Toys: I have some new toys to play with that I cannot wait to use; Dremel's Hot Glue Gun Set (with COLOURED glue!) and their engraving tool. Watch out, everything in the SIL house, I may glue ALL THE THINGS!

Fall Church Outfit Inspiration - Black Maxi Dress, Denim Jacket and Bright Silk Scarf

Fall Outfit Inspiration Puffer Jacket Vest and BootsRecently Pretending: Like I have fashion sense. Ha! Jesse took both outfit shots over the weekend and told me to share them and you guys have been asking me about them every since! 
Girl has no fashion sense, however, somehow I can manage to pull together an outfit based on what I have in my wardrobe. Whilst I'll never be a fashion blogger, I do have the utmost respect for those who are fashion bloggers because I'd probably just live in my leggings if I didn't have a life and have to go out :P

I don't have designer clothes - in fact, I'm a bargainista when it comes to clothes shopping and my wardrobe is made up of pieces that were either really cheap, on sale or more expensive staple pieces I know will last. I could probably put together an awesome "real girl fashion guide" though :P 

Flowers in the Backyard Shot with iPhone Ollo Clip

OlloClip Lens and Case Review iPhone 5Recently Photographing: ALL THE FLOWERS! I've been playing around with the Olloclip this week and whilst it takes really great photos, I WISHHHHHHHHHH it came with a sturdier case. I absolutely love it and highly recommend it, however, the cases mean that clumsy people like me will probably break their phone screen in 0.00000005 seconds. 
I have an Otterbox on my phone because I am constantly dropping it, however, if you're more 
coordinated, do yourself a favour and get an Olloclip NOW as they're awesome!

Healthy Caramel Banana Upside Down Cake Recipe

Recent Deliciousness: Our Healthy Caramel Banana Upside Down Cake Recipe which I shared yesterday. It is soooooooooooooo good that I'm currently watching my bananas and wishing they'd hurry up and ripen just so I can make yet another batch. We are OBSESSED, my friend....... OB....... SESSED. 

Playing with Foam Dolls - Cheap Kids Craft Australia Kmart

Recent Boredom: I was so bored on Monday (Jesse was playing his video games... boo) that I busted out my nannying stash and played with foam dolls, haha! These little friends are from Kmart and for $3 you really can't go wrong. 

The little one I've been looking after recently loved them - even though we kind of played "how many clothing pieces can we fit on one poor little doll body" (because 2 year olds don't know how to do the minimalist thing).

Sweet Trixie Belle

Recent Begging: This happens at least five times a day. Little miss Trixie climbing up on my chair, begging me to play with her/pick her up/throw her ball and stop working. She gives those big sad puppy eyes and whines until I look at her :P 

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2

Recent Achievement: I watched all of Kimmy Schmidt's new season ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I convinced Jesse to watch it too!

Even better? He loved it!!! Bring on season three!

Working on a DIY Project

Recently Working On: Our DIY project. We got a little sick of our battery powered sander and borrowed a friend's electric one which allowed us to power through the sanding on Monday (it was a long weekend here) and all we've got to do is resand with some fine sand paper and then we're ready to stain it! 

Frogs in the Spa

Recent Discoveries: Ummmmmm..... we have frogs.... in our spa or hot tub or whatever you want to call it. Katrina heard them on Wednesday morning and we opened up the spa cover to find them inside! 

Our spa has been broken for a few years so it's sitting there empty - and apparently it's the perfect home for slimy little frogs :P 

Weekly Healthy Meal Plan - Gluten Free Dinner Ideas and Recipes

Recent Dinners: This week we've been eating lots of delicious dishes once again!

On Friday Jesse was out at a friend's house (playing video games.. apparently it's fun to go to someone's house and play video games on separate screens together? Boys are weird...) so I had my Healthy Creamy Pesto Pasta Recipe because I rarely get to eat pesto! Jesse hates basil so basil centric dishes are totally off the menu when he's around!

On Saturday Night, I made Chicken Cacciatore over Brown Rice and Lentils - made with my Ultimate Nomato Sauce Recipe instead of tomatoes! This is fast becoming a favourite dish so I really need to share it!

Weekly Healthy Meal Plan - Gluten Free Dinner Ideas and Recipes

On Sunday night we were babysitting and had to be there at 5pm so I made our Healthy Cheesy Tuna Casserole Recipe to heat up and eat whilst we were there.

On Wednesday night (I know, out of order but since my camera ate my nice photo I had to use this recycled one which didn't match the rest, haha!) I made our Healthy Cheesy Baked Fish Recipe and served it up with roasted potatoes and steamed veggies (we didn't have corn like the picture though).

Weekly Healthy Meal Plan - Gluten Free Dinner Ideas and Recipes

On Monday (jumping all over the place here, haha) we had our Healthy Boscaiola Risotto Recipe at Jesse's request (because I said he couldn't have lasagna as we seem to have it every single week - even though we loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!) and it was so so sooooo good!

On Tuesday it was Taco Tuesday, of course! Since we'd just shared our Healthy Taco Quinoa Bakes Recipe, that's what we had - topped with guacamole!

And last night (Thursday) we had my Healthy Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe made with my Ultimate Nomato Sauce Recipe instead of tomatoes. You can never go wrong with spaghetti, friends!

But tell me, how has your week been?
What food (or foods) can you not seem to get enough of this week?
And what TV show are you watching right now?


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