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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

20 Things Kids Do That Adults Can't

20 Things Kids Can Do That Adults Can't Get Away With

So my White Chocolate and Macadamia Nut Cookie Dough Bites Recipe that I shared the other day had me reminiscing about a silly childhood memory where we sold freshly cracked macadamia nuts to random strangers - and that got me thinking..

There are a whole lot of things that kids do that would probably get you arrested if you were to do them as adults. I mean, sure kids have tantrums and lack bladder control, but imagine if you were to do some of the things they do as an adult. Things like...

1. Befriending a random stranger
Kids make friends really easily. They'll meet another random child at the park and all of a sudden they're playing like they've known together for years.  

If I, as an adult, randomly approached you in the street and decided you were my new best friend, you'd probably; 
a) run like crazy to get away from me. 
b) call the cops to file a restraining order. 
c) pretend you speak another language.

20 Things Kids Can Do That Adults Can't Get Away With - Start a Lemonade Stand

2. Start up a lemonade stand or random roadside business
Whether it's a good old fashioned lemonade stand or a door-to-door macadamia selling business like the one we had, kids can start up a random stall selling just about anything and all the adults say "oh how cute".

If I was to start a lemonade stand out the front of my house as an adult, I'm pretty sure people would tell me to get a real job :P 

3. Deciding that you're done with walking
You see it all the time in theme parks and tourist destinations. Kids decide they're done walking and they either sit on the floor or demand to be carried.

When I'm tired of walking there definitely isn't anyone offering to pick me up - and I'm pretty sure I'd get some weird looks if I just plonked myself down on the floor. 

20 Things Kids Can Do That Adults Can't Get Away With - Take a Nap Anytime Anywhere

4. Taking naps whenever, wherever 
Now, a kid will never willingly take a nap when you tell them to, but they definitely get away with napping whenever they like. 

If I was to take a nap in the airport, on a train, in the car, in the shopping centre, I'm pretty sure I'd get some weird looks. Even if I was to take a nap in my bed at home, I'm pretty sure most adults would think of that as lazy or slacking. Why the nap hate?!

5. Nakedness
That's all that title needs. No one cares if a little kid is running around naked. Kids have no shame when it comes to nakedness and bare baby bottoms are even considered cute.

If I was to run around naked as an adult? Well, I'm pretty sure I'd be arrested... and I'm pretty sure it would be weird.... very weird... 

6. Questioning ALL THE THINGS (and all the people).
Have you ever had a conversation with a toddler? Chances are you'll have heard the word "why" about fifteen million times in a five minute conversation. "Why is the sky blue?" "But why?" "Okay but why?".  Kids will even question random strangers and pry them for all the details.

For some reason when we grow up it becomes rude to question everything and everyone. If I started questioning people, chances are I'd look nosey and you'd probably consider it prying. Instead we say nothing and our internal monologue is all WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!?!?!

7. Taking/snatching whatever they want
Suzie has that toy you like the look of? Snatch that thing.  When kids see something they like, they grab it and consider it theirs. 

There are plenty of things I'd like to snatch and consider mine... a nice home, a new handbag, an iPhone that takes better photos - but that, my friends, is called stealing :P 

20 Things Kids Can Do That Adults Can't Get Away With - Spit Out Food You Don't Like

8. Spitting out food they don't like
When a kid doesn't like something they're eating, they first screw up their face and then PAH (that's the closest to spitting sound I could come up with), they spit that nasty stuff out. 

There are plenty of times where I could have happily spat out not-so-nice food, but I'm pretty sure my dining companions wouldn't be so pleased. Instead, as an adult you've either got to swallow it or do that awkward hold-it-in-your-mouth-until-you-can-discretely-spit-it-into-a-napkin thing.

9. Laughing at/about bodily functions
Now this isn't one I'm unhappy about... but when a kid burps/farts/etc they'll laugh at it (and adults laugh too.... even serious adults will have to stifle a giggle) and think it's really funny. 

If an adult burps/farts around someone? Yah, not so funny... even if you hear someone let loose in the elevator you just have to put on your adult hat and pretend it didn't happen... even if you're dying of laughter inside.

10. Wearing whatever they like
PJ's all day? Princess dress up costumes? Tutus? No problem! Kids can where whatever they like - odd socks, clashing prints, you name it. 

As an adult? I'm pretty sure no one would take me serious if I headed out in a tutu.... even though I'd desperately love to :P If Jesse came home and I was still wearing my pyjamas, he'd probably assume I was sick!

20 Things Kids Can Do That Adults Can't Get Away With - Get Paid for Menial Tasks

11. Charging for menial tasks
Pocket money. Kids seem to get money for the littlest of things - cleaning their room, stacking the dishwasher, cleaning the car.

When you're an adult, you're just expected to do those things and get nothing in return. No money, no thankyou's, nada. That's adulting, friend. 

12. Getting away with being a jerk
Kids can say whatever they like (and they do because they don't have a filter) and get away with it. 

If I was walking along and yelled at "hey! look at that guy's funny hat everyone!", I'd probably get beaten up. 

13. Having no shame
Kids will sing at the top of their lungs, perform crazy dance routines and strut their stuff in their own mini fashion parades. 

Adults? Yah, we don't tend to do those things unless it's behind closed doors.

14. Owning that bandaid
When you're a kid, bandaids are cool. The more you have, the cooler you are.

As an adult? Well, when's the last time you saw an adult rocking a character bandaid in public?

20 Things Kids Can Do That Adults Can't Get Away With - Celebrating Everything

15. Celebrating everything
Eat all your veggies? Applause. Pee on the potty? Applause. It's your birthday? Cue the fanfare.

As an adult, we tend to celebrate as little as possible. I mean, some adults even try to brush over their birthdays! Mind you, I'm a little more on the kid side of things as I will do a happy dance over the tiniest of achievements... but only when I'm at home or with people I'm comfortable with :P 

16. Having someone do everything for you
When you're a kid, all of your meals are cooked for you, someone does your washing - heck, someone will even clean up your puke when you're sick. 

When you're an adult? Yah nope. You've got to clean up your own puke. 

20 Things Kids Can Do That Adults Can't Get Away With - Have a Complete Breakdown in Public

17. Having a complete breakdown in public
When you're a kid, you kind of get away with completely losing it in public. Sure, tantrums annoy adults but other not-related-to-you adults kind of just go eh, kids.  

There are so many times where I'd like to completely lose it over something... or lose it at someone but nope, I can't even cry in public without looking like a weirdo. 

18. Jumping in puddles
When you're a kid, you can jump in all the puddles you like on a rainy day. 

As an adult? Well, even though I would in my backyard, I'm pretty sure I'd get some weird looks if I went out and did it in the middle of the street. 

19. Talking to yourself 
When you're a kid, you can talk to yourself all day long and adults say "oh look how creative Sally Anne is, using her imagination".  Heck, you can even invent your friends! 

As an adult? If I'm out in public talking to myself I'm pretty sure everyone else is thinking "schizophrenic in aisle nine... stay away... stay far far away". 

20. Decide you're done with a conversation when someone is mid-sentence
Have you ever spoken to a child and had them walk away from you when you're in the middle of talking? Or had them just walk away/zone out when you're not yet finished?

Yep, kids do what we all wish we could do when talking to someone really boring - they just quit the conversation right there and then :P 

But tell me, what's something you did as a kid that you wish you could do now?
And do you have a funny childhood memory?


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  1. I’m not an adult but I’m not a complete child I wish I could still jump on beds xd


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