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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to Make "Me Time" When You Have a Busy Schedule

How to Make Me Time When You Have a Busy Schedule or Life

So, remember when a few weeks ago I told you that May was going to be Not Cray May? Well, that totally didn't happen because my schedule is never anything other than busy.  

In fact, we all lead pretty busy lives - whether you're chasing around kids, rocking the 9-5 or owning your own business, life can get seriously hectic - and if you're not careful, it's easy to forget to look after yourself!

"Me Time" is seriously important. Why? Everyone needs time to unwind and relax - especially if you want to do life at your best. "Me time" looks different for everyone - but it's all about self-love and looking after yourself. 

Lately I've been hearing too many friends tell me that they just don't have time to look after themselves or don't have a chance to relax even for five minutes - so I thought I'd share some of my favourite ways to squeeze a little me time into even the busiest of schedules! 

How to Make Me Time When You Have a Busy Schedule or Life

If you're someone who loves schedules, be intentional. 
If you're like me and tend to perform your best when you've got even a vague schedule in mind, be intentional about making your me time! Schedule something specific that will help you to unwind each and every day.

How to Make Me Time When You Have a Busy Schedule or Life

Think about the things you really want to make time for.
Do you want to fit in exercise? Are you desperate to read more? Are you in need of more sleep? Would you love a nice warm bubble bath or would you prefer to catch up on your favourite tv shows.

"Me time" looks different for everyone. It's all about finding things that make you happy and things that are really going to improve your mood and wellbeing!

How to Make Me Time When You Have a Busy Schedule or Life

Realise that it doesn't have to take hours
Your "me time" could just be five or ten minutes - it doesn't have to take up hours of your time. Sometimes the tiniest little thing is all it takes to totally change your mood and mind!

Be realistic.
You can have all the plans in the world, but your "me time" really needs to be something you can do and continue to do. If you want to exercise more but going to the gym is a three hour process, the gym isn't going to work for you - instead try a quick at home workout (there's plenty on youtube) or go for a walk or run in your neighbourhood instead.

How to Make Me Time When You Have a Busy Schedule or Life

Work your "me time" into your schedule?
Think about the times you have to yourself - your lunch break, before you head to work, once you get home? What time do you have free that you usually fill with "stuff". 

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, why not use your lunch break to take a walk in the fresh air or read a book or use your evenings to catch up on your favourite tv shows with a hot cup of tea and snuggly pajamas. Maybe you can use your mornings to fit in a quick workout by waking up half an hour earlier or instead of watching youtube videos you can use your mornings to do a mini bible study or paint your nails. 

Make it a habit - but one you'll really enjoy!

Figure out what you waste time on.
The more time you waste, the less time you have to spend on yourself! If you're spending hours of time scrolling facebook/instagram or spend all your free time browsing various online stores, maybe you could be better using that time. 

The internet and so many other activities in are life can be serious time sucks. You just open up Facebook to see one thing and an hour later you've read 3 different buzzfeed posts, found out that your aunt Edna has yet another new cat and congratulated 3 friends you haven't seen since high school on their impending marriage or new arrival.

Be mindful of how you spend your time and try and reduce those time wasters!

How to Make Me Time When You Have a Busy Schedule or Life

Remember it's okay to say NO! 
One of my biggest problems is not being able to say no. I tend to fill up free time with things other people have asked me to do - simply because I'm not all too great at the NO word. 

Whilst I certainly encourage you to help others, you can't do it all - and if you're like me, NO is a word you've really got to learn to say.

If you decide to commit to something new, you really need to think about what that is taking away from. If you're absolutely exhausted from trying to juggle everything, chances are you're not going to do that great of a job at what you said yes to anyway.

But tell me, how do you make time for yourself?
And what's your favourite way to spend a bit of "me time"?


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